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East Midlands & Yorkshire Races

East Midlands & Yorkshire Races

Well were in the flow of the racing scene now so let’s get some of our regions club results and details in for you starting on the south road route first up at Brotherton HS at Buckingham (7/192) 1st & 3rd was Mick Simpson with his Lambrechts his first a 1y chequer hen his second a 3y blue cock that is a multiple prize winner velocities of 1476 & 1427 2nd & 4th was John Booth his first a 1y blue pied Dutch Andre De Jong cock bred out a new Dutch pair he is trying out his second a 1y chequer cock bred out his multiple Messac winning hen velocities of 1469 & 1423.

shirebrook winner

Shirebrook winner

Shirebrook miners Social FC at Buckingham (5/87) 1,2,3,4 was Eric & Ashley Burdett their winner a 1y chequer Dean Pallatt Van Lint hen flown on the jealousy system she is already a multiple fed and club prize winner and has won the partnership over £2000 in breeder buyers and open races the second a 2y chequer White flight widowhood cock bred out their North Midlands Continental club winner the other two birds were Jealousy flown hens velocities of 1703,1701,1694 & 1693. Selby Unicorn FC at Buckingham (10/266) 1st was Gary Hill again with a widowhood 1y blue cock that is a Kevin Lawson Lambrechts doing 1464 2nd 3rd & 4th was P Summers & Partner on 1443,1424 & 1415. Oughtbridge FC at Upper Hayford (8/197) 1st & 4th flying 101 miles was M Lake on 1350 & 1340 2nd was D Peacock on 1344 3rd P Halliwell on 1343. Gleadless HS at Upper Hayford (12/260) 1st was R Read flying 99 miles with a 2y blue hen doing 1394 2nd S Monks with a 3y blue hen on 1389 3rd was Vardy & Murphy on 1376 4th was J Broadhead with a 1y mealy cock doing 1362. Knottingley FC at Leicester (6/91) 1st,2nd & 4th was Derek Taylor flying 76 miles with his Ian Stafford and Kevin Lawson consisting family of birds doing 1403,1401 and 1393 3rd is Mark & Albert Bainbridge with a 1y chequer hen doing 1397 Knottingley FC at Buckingham (6/96) 1,2,3 was Derek Taylor flying 119 miles doing 1497,1495 & 1485.909 4th was D Wright with a 2y blue cock doing 1485. Pontefract SRFC at Leicester (6/148) 1st,3rd & 4th was Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood with their first two birds being bred and purchased from Kevin Lawson of Ollerton as young birds to race their third a very old strain of Le Fabry X Busschaert in which they have kept for years velocities of 1360,1356 & 1349 2nd was J & S Toon this has already won a breeder buyer and was the bird of the year and is bred from birds from Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood velocity of 1357. Pontefract SRFC at Buckingham (6/148) 1st & 4th was J & S Toon their winner was a young bird bred by Derek Taylor of Knottingley their second a Martyn Carlton of Featherstone line bred bird these are both also precious federation toppers velocities of 1497 & 1447 2nd & 3rd were Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood with Kevin Lawson line bred birds on 1473 & 1469.Knottingley HS at Leicester (7/100) 1st was Rob Bedford flying 76 miles with a 2y blue cock doing 1358 2nd was Tunningley Bros with a 1y blue cock on 1333. Knottingley HS at Buckingham (8/131) 1st A Bainbridge & son flying 119 miles with a 1y blue cock on 1439 2nd was Mr/Mrs Marsh with a 1y blue hen on 1434.

the cotgrave winner

The Cotgrave winner

On the North road now Cotgrave NRFC at Ripon (6/44) 1,2,3,4 was Perkins & Raynor flying 83 miles his first four birds are bred from an old Belgium rung Black cock paired to their Rapido Busschaert family of birds kept velocities of 1381,1380,1378 & 1356. Long Eaton NRFC at Wetherby (7/89) 1st was Mr/Mrs Dave Lee with their sprint family of birds on widowhood on 1492 2nd 3rd & 4th was Mr/Mrs Brian Guilford on 1480 & 2 x 1479. Braunston Premier NRFC at Wetherby (11/230) 1,2,3,4 was Mark Smith with his Jansen based sprint family flying 90 miles doing 1465 2 x 1464 & 1463 Pinxton NRFC at Wetherby (11/240) 1,2,3,4 is Ryan & Derek Nuttall their winner was a 4y blue widowhood cock from Cock Crow stud Ireland bred stock flying 60 miles doing 1501,1500,1496 & 1493.

ryan nutthall Pinxton win

Ryan Nuttall

Thornbury NRFC at Ilkeston (8/184) 1,2,3,4 flying 108 miles is Dave Smith with his Paul Stobbs Soontjens and a Wesley Sellway Gabby Vandenabeele also in the shakeup velocities of 2 x 1491, 1473 & 1471. Brixworth NRFC at Wetherby 1,2,3 was Stewart Wisken with two birds together on 1357 & 1355 4th A Barritt on 1351. Ollerton NRFC at Ripon (6/108) 1,3,4 was Riggott & Richardson with their widowhood Wildesmersch cocks flying 66 miles doing 1418,1374 & 1371 2nd was Rob Walton with a 1y chequer widowhood cock on 1375. Corby NRFC at Wetherby (8/92) 1st & 2nd Murphy Bros flying 103 miles on 1336 & 1335 3rd & 4th Ron Buttery on 1288 & 1286. Chesterfield Doe Lea NRFC at Wetherby (3/36) 1st & 2nd Aspley & Wragsdale their winner is a 2 y blue cock which is a full brother to their 2019 Derbyshire NR fed & New North Road Amalgamation Gold medal winner from Perth doing 1485 & 1399 3rd was R & T Burkett & Kirby with a 2y blue cock on 1391 4th Kevin Ward with a Staff Van Reet blue pied hen on 1390. Syston NRFC at Ripon (15/188) 1st was Mick Thorpe with a 2y blue widowhood cock he is bred from birds from the famous brothers of Leicester the Dalby Brothers doing 1412 2nd ,3rd & 4th is Geoff Myring with his family of Houbens doing 1398,1394 & 1393. Eastwood NRFC at Ripon (6/145) 1st Dennis Taylor with a Ceth Allwright of Kent Gabby Vandenabeele widowhood cock doing 1407 2nd John Parker with a natural flown Peter Obertelli bird on 1406 3rd & 4th was Ernie Gregory with two birds together on 1405.Grantham NRFC at Ripon (8/100) 1st , 3rd & 4th is John Norris his first with a 1y Jan Polder widowhood cock bred by fellow club mate Barry Baker his second a John Gerard Manderlartz widowhood cock on 1327 ,2 x 1307 2nd is Barry Baker on 1314 with a grandson bred from Black magic woman and Paddies invincible paired together. Ruddington NRFC at Ripon (7/216) 1,2,3,4 was the Ace Paul Crooks with his team of Herman Cuesters on 1437 2 x 1436 & 1434.Blidworth NRFC at Ripon (3/41) 1st Mr/Mrs Rowland & son with a 2y blue cock on 1364 2nd Mr/Mrs Barbra Knowles with her own family of natural flown birds on 1348. Well there another week done on a finishing Note all members of Hucknall Premier FC  and friends in the sport would like to congratulate Lucas Mirslaw Chwedoruk and his wife Anna and family of Nottingham on the birth of their new Daughter named Nina .

lukas baby nina

Lucas and baby Nina

Take care everyone.
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