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Federations 2nd race with Gregg Johnson

paul crooks winner

Paul Crooks winner

The federations second race held to report on was flown on Monday the 13th of June from Ripon as once again a wash out slugs weather forecast was in place for the Saturday and occasionally forecasted for the Sunday and with Monday predicted a dry sunny day it was planned to mark the birds on a Sunday evening for a Monday race at the Ripon North Yorkshire at the race course site so on Monday 66 members sent 1,106 birds that were liberated by Ian Daikin at 1400pm into full sunshine and blue skies into a light East wind. Having a fantastic day at the races and taking up all the space in the winners enclosure is Paul Crooks of Nottingham in the Ruddington NRFC Paul took the first ten positions in the federation flying 84 miles from Ripon Paul’s federation topper is a Herman Cuesters  1y chequer White flight hen her sire was previously 2nd federation from Berwick 200 plus miles as a young bird all of Paul’s top ten birds are his family of Herman Cuesters apart from the 4th federation bird this is a 1y blue hen which is a Kevin Lawson based Soontjen bred from obtained stock and herself has previously topped the federation as a young bird. Paul’s old birds are raced on the Chaos system and boy is it causing Chaos in the skies with burning the clouds out his velocities are 1437, 2x 1436,1434,1432,5 x 1431. 11th federation was Riggott & Richardson flying 66 miles with a 1y chequer White flight Wildesmersch widowhood cock doing 1418 12th federation was Mick Thorpe of the Syston NRFC who is one of the federations furthest flyer flying 104 miles Mick’s bird is a 2y blue widowhood cock that is bred off obtained birds from the Dalby Brothers of Leicester that are good persistently performing flyers their birds are Jansen and Soontjen based Mick’s velocity was 1412. To the clubs now Newark FC (4/92) 1st & 2nd Mr & Mrs Mick Cross on 1326 & 1322 Ollerton FC (6/108) 1st Riggott & Richardson 1418 2nd Walton Bros 1375 Grantham FC (10/137) 1st John Norris 1327 2nd Barry Baker 1314 Eastwood FC (6/145) 1st Dennis Taylor 1407 2nd john Parker 1406 Ruddington FC (8/215) 1st & 2nd Paul Crooks 1437 & 1436 Syston FC (15/188) 1st Mick Thorpe 1412 2nd Geoff Myring 1398 Cotgrave FC (6/69) 1st & 2nd Perkins & Raynor 1381 & 1380 Calverton FC (8/111) 1st & 2nd Simon Brooks 1357 & 1356 Blidworth FC ( 3/41) 1st Mr & Mrs Rowlands & son 1364 2nd Mr & Mrs Barbra Knowles 1348. Okay folks stay happy and safe.

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