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New North Road Amalgamation Crieff

New North Road Amalgamation Crieff


The New North Road Amalgamation held its second old bird race of the season from Crieff in Perthshire and Kinross the liberation site is at the Crieff rugby clubs ground the liberation day was warm sunny and clear though a tough strong south west head and side wind for the birds was present plus with the heat sweltering sunshine heat throughout the day flight home so a tough hard race was on the cards especially for the furthest flyers in the far south end of Somerset but apart from those aspects is was a fine beautiful morning so on the 12/7/20 at 6am into a south west wind with glorious sunshine convoyer Peter released the birds on their way from Crieff.

ryan nutthall creiff amal winn

Ryam Nutthall

To the result report of sections and opens winning the Amal race and also taking 2nd, 4th & 7th open and 1st ,2nd,4th & 7th north section was Derek & Ryan Nutthall of Newstead flying 251 miles their winner being a 2y chequer cock widowhood cock which this win makes it his 5th win in his flying career he in this season previously he won a hard tough 200 mile Berwick race he is a full syndicate loft bird originating from the Drum lines. Their next bird was a 3y blue widowhood cock he is a syndicate loft bird X a Danny Van Dyke followed by a Rick Heremans X Syndicate loft 4y blue roundabout flown hen then a 2y chequer Syndicate loft roundabout flown hen with velocities of 1328.989, 1328.790, 1307.057 & 1290.088 plus they won £98.20p taking 3rd,6th & 10th open plus 3rd,6th & 10th north section was Roger Hallsworth of Selston flying 249 miles his first bird is a Belgium rung 1y blue cock which was bred by successful Belgium fancier of Joran Gabriel, Joran is a young up and coming high performing Belgian fancier that also helps arrange this annual sale for all to enjoy he was purchased as a youngster at the annual Bevel football club pigeon sale in which John Wheatcroft of Pinxton a well know pigeon agent organises a trip for local UK fanciers to attend this sale in were Roger attends this trip to Belgium annually.

 john wheatcroft pigeons

John Wheatcroft

His second bird was also a Belgium rung Bevel football club sale previously purchased young bird of a 3y blue widowhood cock and his third bird a 1y blue widowhood flown hen of Rogers own created family Roger also won £25 with velocities of 1307.300, 1298.985 & 1275.523. 5th open and 5th north section was Dougie & Tom Fisher of Bingham flying 263 miles with a 4y blue hen which is a Smitz Van Winkle X Herman Ceusters she is already a previous winner and they also won £10 doing 1305.473

brian bennett edgar murray

Brian Bennett & Edgar Murray

8th & 9th open & 8th & 9th section was Mr & Mrs Murray & Brian Bennett of Blackwell flying 246 miles their first bird was a 1y blue Belgium rung cock that was purchased and brought back from the Bevel Belgium football club sale by John Wheatcroft as the partnership asked John if he could purchase and bring a kit of 6 youngsters back for them to try this cock was bred by the Belgium fancier of  Eddy Belmans who is becoming a big name in The Belgium region their second bird was a 1y chequer White flight hen with velocities of 1283.217 & 1278.106. 11th open & 11th north section was Mr & Mrs Dave Lee of Long Eaton with their sprint family which they have consisted and created over the years with good success this was with a 2y dark cock flying 261 miles doing 1274.855.

chris adams

Chris Adams

The west section taking 1st & 2nd west section & 29th & 30th open was Chris & John Adams of Bristol winning £103.18p flying 339 miles their winner is a 2y blue widowhood hen which is a Hardy Kruger X a Joe Thompson bird in which Joe is a good local Bristol flyer on the south route and a friend to the Adams Brothers. Their second bird is a 2y blue widowhood cock that is a Wall Lunt & Green line bred bird and he is already a multiple first prize winner velocities of 1153.446 & 1150.989

graham watkins first bird

Graham Watkins first bird

3rd, 4th & 8th west section & 32nd , 33rd & 38th open was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins of Bristol flying 343 miles and winning £46 their first bird being a 3y blue pied roundabout flown hen and she is a precious first prize winner winning the local clubs Hexham race the week prior to this race at 250 plus miles she is a Staff Van Reet that was bred by Adrian Bishop of Bristol their second bird being a 4y blue widowhood cock which has previously won and scored for the partnership in his career he is of the Brian Milkins famous Bristol blues family in which Brian has achieved great success and has created over the years. The third bird for the partnership was a 2y chequer pied widowed cock that is of the La Frheat Dhenians strain originating from Keith Johnson’s family of Bristol velocities of 1136.148, 1088.905 & 1047.368 5th & 7th section and 35th & 37th open was Dave Smith of Thornbury flying 336 miles plus winning £54 both Dave’s birds were yearlings of his Paul Stobbs Soontjen based family flown on the roundabout system his first a blue hen followed by a blue cock velocities of 1068.596 & 1048.917

darren and alfie palmer

Darren & Alfie Palmer

6th section & 36th open and winning £11.08p was Darren & Alfie Palmer of Bristol flying 343 miles with a 3y blue natural flown cock sent sitting a five day old chick in the nest he is a home bred Staff Van Reet strain that originates from stock birds from Dave Lucas of Leeds velocity of 1057..610 9th section & 39th open was J Cole flying 339 miles winning £1 with a 1y chequer hen doing 1046.474 10th section 40th open was Roger Flow of Downing Bristol flying 341 miles with one of his own created family of birds created over many years of racing he is a 3y blue cock flown on the natural system he was sent sitting nest eggs with a velocity of 1037.406 11th section & 41st open was Robert Organ of Thornbury flying 333 miles with a natural flown 2y dark chequer Busschaert cock doing 1007.386. All the best .
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