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Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine - Le Mans 22-08-20

The second race for the Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR combine to report on was being flown from Le Mans in France, famous for its F1 racing track and now for the wheels of Teasdale pigeon transporters cruising around the cities streets with their lorries neon lights and alloy wheels on the transporters annually for this now annual race point event with the Leeds Mafia gang on board it was time to get this show underway once on site the regular bird duty of care was carried out by on board pigeon fanciers caring for the birds with regular fresh water changes and the supreme countrywide corns being fed to the birds but unfortunately on the day of the scheduled race day the Uk forecast of weather was poor for most of the day so a holdover was called and no birds were lost and all safe for a better prospecting day that was forecasted for the Sunday.

On the Sunday morning the liberation site was covered in glorious summer sunshine and the channel and coastline checks were made with also a full uk line of flight coming back clear it was time to liberate the race so at 07.15am on Sunday the 26th of July into a light west wind 3,594 birds sent by 13 south road organisations were liberated and drifted over the city for their flight home so let’s look at the top twenty lofts for this one starting with the combine winner this was Ian Brown of South Kirby near Wakefield we’re duplicating his winning bird he also achieved 1st open in the Northern Classic Specialist Club 1st Normanton South Road Federation and 1st South Kirby Miners Welfare Flying Club the winning bird is a 2y chequer widowhood cock this season already this cock has achieved 3 x 1st cards in his local club prior to being sent to this race and in his flying career he’s now flew the channel three times and scoring a 7th open and a 16th open in the Northern Classic Specialist Club this cock is also a full brother to Ian’s 2018 Normanton Gold ring race winner from the young bird Carentan race that bagged Ian £1600 in prize money this cocks breeding is of Jan Hoyman X a Leech Brothers bird of Hebden Bridge near Halifax the bird was fed on the Beyers corn of a widowhood mix prior to being sent to this race and Ian has called this cock Edgar for one of his flying  partners who sadly passed away this year before the season started Ian is a full time working builder so has limited time with the birds so Edgar helped Ian out with the birds and played a big help in their maintenance and up keep but sadly due to health and age Edgar had to take a back seat but was always there to watch the birds on race days return home but now for three years Ian has had Dennis Hames help out with the birds as if it was not for Dennis Ian admits with work keeping and racing pigeons would be a problem Ian and Dennis would like to thank John Crehan of Manchester and Adrian Leech of the Leech Brothers partnership for their quality of birds and advice.

The combine winners

The combine winners

Also congratulations to Ian on your win the bird flew 381 miles doing 1427.51.

Edgar 1st Combine 22 08 20

Edgar 1st Combine 

2nd combine was the partnership of Higgs & Crossland flying 390 miles doing 1415.12

3rd combine was H W Firth & Son who flew 400 miles doing a velocity of 1409.33.

4th combine was Ashley Millthorpe flying 390 miles with a velocity of 1408.35

5th combine was Noel & Adam Gaunt of Rothwell Leeds were they also achieved 1st Mid Yorkshire Combine 1st Leeds Amalgamation and 1st Stourton Flying Club. The bird a 4y pencil Blue cock already this season has achieved 5th Leeds Amalgamation 33rd Mid Yorkshire Combine from the Combines first Falaise race two weeks prior this cock in his flying career has previously topped the Leeds Amalgamation and the Heavy Woollen Federation from inland races as well as numerous club wins and other federation positions. He is bred from out the partnerships number one stock pair his mother in 2011 won Noel & Adam the RPRA north east middle distance award that also topped the Heavy Woollen Federation in the process plus many other achievements his father is a double direct grandson of Hardy Kruger’s Black Pearl. This pencil cock started this 2020 season flying on the widowhood system and was then paired up on the natural system and sent to this Le Mans race with a youngster in the nest bowl he flew 403 miles doing a velocity of 1406.64. This season for 2020 has been a cracking season for Noel and Adam when you see the results come in with them entering many events.

Noel Adam Gaunt

Noel & Adam Gaunt

6th combine was G Metcalfe & Son of Staincroft Barnsley where the bird duplicated also achieved 1st Barnsley South Road Federation ( little Barnsley Fed) the bird a 2y chequer widowhood hen was only entered In the combine and federation this hen has already this season achieved 10th Barnsley South road federation from the Falaise race two weeks prior to this race and as a young bird topped the little Barnsley federation from the Carentan young bird final 2018 plus many other federation positions she has achieved she is of a Herman Ceusters breed were her mother originates from Ernie Goodyear breeding lofts of Barnsley and her father a Luis Thijs Herman Ceusters she was raced fed on a basic widowhood mix with no preference in brands only with what is the best offer and available at the local corn shop she flew 392 miles doing a velocity of 1399.85.

7th combine was Albert & Mark Bainbridge of Knottingley they also achieved 2nd open Northern Classic Specialist Club 1st Central Yorkshire South Road Federation and 1st Knottingley Flying Club. Their bird being a 1y Dark White flight hen being sent on the Natural system feeding a youngster in the nest bowl. She this season has already achieved a 2nd club and 2nd fed Inland before being sent to this race. Her breeding is of the Padfield Jan Arden family crossed with an old Westcotes distance strain family and both parents were sourced by Dave Valentine for Mark & Albert she was sent fed on Vanrobeys corn she flew 398 miles doing a velocity of 1394.34.

Mark Albert Bainbridge

 Mark & Albert Bainbridge

8th combine was H Burrows & Son of Hemingfield Barnsley Kevin Burrows of the partnerships bird duplicated also achieved 2nd Barnsley South Road Fed ( little Barnsley fed) 1st Jump flying club and 3rd Mid Yorkshire Combine. The bird a 3y blue widowhood cock last season in 2019 achieved 19th Barnsley South Road Federation Falaise plus many other Fed and club cards he has achieved his breeding is of the Cattrysse family in which Kevin has kept for years and they originate from the late Colin Lloyd of Cannock from his famous King Arthur lines. This cock was fed on Bamfords Red Rosette mix blended with Bamfords Super flight mix the cock flew 386 miles doing 1393.34.

Kevin Burrows

 Kevin Burrows

9th combine was Julian Shaw of Horbury near Wakefield were he also achieved 1st Dewsbury South Road Federation and 1st Gawthorpe Flying Club his bird being a 1y blue cock flown on the widowhood system he previously as a young bird has achieved club cards for Julian his breeding is of the Franz Zwols which originates from Ivan Sterling of Featherstone he was fed on Versele Laga super widowhood corn mixed with plenty of conditioner seed Julian flew 397 miles doing 1390.96.

Julian Shaw

Julian Shaw

10th combine was Pat Helliwell of Sheffield were Pat also achieved 1st Stocksbridge south Road Federation and 1st Whadsley Bridge flying club this was achieved with a 2y chequer pied hen flown on widowhood she has previously this year topped the Stocksbridge federation from Newbury plus 18th Stocksbridge federation from the first Falaise race this season and as a young bird achieved 2nd club 2nd federation from Lyndhurst and has achieved many other club and federation prizes for Pat her breeding is of a Direct Lambrecht in which Pat Purchased crossed with a Herman Cuesters from Pats friend Gary Crowder of Sheffield she was sent fed on Versele Laga widowhood mixes blended together she flew 381 miles doing 1388.51.

Pat Helliwell

Pat Helliwell

11th combine is Harry Jackson of Selby were he also achieved 1st North East Provisional Club 2nd Central Yorkshire South Road federation 3rd Northern Classic Specialist Club and 1st Selby Unicorn Flying club duplicating back the bird being a 1y chequer hen flown on the roundabout system this was her third channel race of the season her breeding is of her mother a Wynard strain crossed with a Paul Woolis of Grimsby Distance strain cock. She was sent fed on farm straight corn of Barley Tic Beans with a few green peas and Wheat Harry stipulates no fancy mixes are given to my birds only good farm corn with as much Barley as possible he flew 398 miles doing 1388.34.

Harry Jackson

Harry Jackson

12th combine is Alywne Paddey flying 383 miles doing 1387.89.

13th combine was H W Firth & Son flying 400 miles doing 1387.79.

14th combine is Robert Barraclough & Son flying 389 miles doing 1385.30.

15th combine is Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood of Castleford were they also achieved 2nd Normanton South Road Federation 4th Northern Classic Specialist Club and 1st Pontefract flying club. Their bird being a 4y blue widowhood hen now this hen has achieved a chest full of prize cards for the partnership including federation and club plus 3rd Normanton feds gold ring young bird race from Carentan 2016 winning £1000 for the partnership she is bred from a pair of stock birds purchased from one of the north east stars of Ronnie Evans of Sunderland. She was fed on Marimans super widowhood corn mixed with versele Laga Super Star plus she flew 399 miles doing 1383.58.

Dennis Underwood

Dennis Underwood

16th combine was Clarkson Brothers flying 392 miles doing 1382.71.

17th combine is Peter catherwood of Hollingwood Chesterfield were he also achieved 1st North Derbyshire South Road Federation and 1st Spire Flying Club the bird a 3y blue hen that flew widowhood but paired to a young bird cock in the young bird section being played with and had previously achieved club prizes on land and over the channel at the Chesterfield flying Club for Peter her breeding she is a pure Gabby Vandenbeale from the legend of Mark Evans and is a direct grandchild bred from the Preolymipic and the famous Cruise Missile she was sent fed on the BJF Young bird mix she flew 369 miles doing 1382.68.

Peter Catherwood

Peter Catherwood

18th combine was Steve Hallam of Sutton in Ashfield Mansfield were he also achieved 1st Central Derbyshire South Road federation 5th Northern Classic Specialist Club and 1st Sutton Colliery Flying club the bird a 2y chequer pied widowhood hen has scored twice before for Steve with a 3rd club Newbury and a 1st club Bedhampton as a young bird her breeding is a combination of Steve’s her sire is a Jos Thone from JPS lofts stock crossed with a Stuart Knowles of Widnes bird of the Linderlouf Jansen strain and this cock raced for Steve and is now in the stock loft he has achieved over 15 channel and inland prizes for Steve. Her mother is a Jos Thone from the House of Arden Stud crossed with a Geoff and Catherine Cooper bird this hen has been Steve’s best channel flying hen with many firsts achieved she is now in the Stock loft this hen was fed on a BJF corn combination mix combined with a Vanrobeys widowhood mix she flew 359 miles doing 1380.85.

19th combine was G & D Aimson flying 383 miles on 1380.45

20th combine was Tim Hancock & Irons of Cresswell North Mansfield were they also achieved 2nd Central Derbyshire South Road Federation and 1st Langworth Gate Flying Club their bird is a 2y Dark White flight hen flown on the roundabout system and this now being her 5th channel race picking up club prize cards on frequent occasions for the partnership inland and channel her breeding is bred off a stray which is her mother but this was no standard random lost stray but this was a ER rung stray from the Queens loft lost on a hard NRCC north road race and the red chequer hen a 1y old at the time called in at the Cresswell lofts so she was reported and was kindly gifted to the partnership so as honourable respect they kept her and paired her to a Karl Herman cock in which Tim had purchased and they are the parents to this hen she flew 367 miles doing 1380.44. Well done to the top twenty and to all who supported the race.

Hancock Irons

Hancock & Irons

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