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East Midlands & Yorkshire Round Up - 28-08-20

Hi everyone I would just like to share some enlightening news in the young bird racing scene with some cracking results for some certain people in our area that this season is their first ever season in keeping and racing pigeons for some of them or have returned to the sport and some keen determined fanciers that have also broken their novice status with some whopping results with not keeping pigeons long.

So let’s get started in introducing the new faces in the spotlight, first up is Kenny Ferns of the Cotgrave North Road flying Club this is Ken’s first ever season in keeping racing pigeons and this race in reporting on in his club was his first ever flown race all the members of Cotgrave have welcomed ken and given help and advice were needed to him and with Ken’s determination and keenness he’s got his birds geared up and ready for his first race and boy did it work his first race was being flown from Ripon a distance of 86 miles to Ken’s loft where he was flying with the Nottingham north road federation so let’s take a look at the Cotgrave NRFC result from Ripon 1st & 2nd Was Kenny Ferns with two birds finishing together doing 1648.545 & 1648.247 and he also achieved 23rd & 24th Nottingham NR Fed his birds were two chequers the first a hen then a  cock his winner is bred from a cock bird from Rob Holt of Derby paired to a fellow club members hen from Danny Brights Cracker Jack Stock Kenny has proudly called his first winner Betties Star well done Kenny.

Kenny Ferns

Kenny Ferns

3rd & 4th in the club was J & A Cole flying 83 miles doing 1619.273 & 1616.606.

Our next Star is Lukasz Urbaniak of Bestwood Nottingham Lukasz is originally from Poland were he now lives in the UK with his wife and young family.  Lukasz is a lot like myself he works very long hours at work and also having a young family so time is very short to spend with the birds especially as Lukasz is a long distance lorry driver but with his determination, dedication and Keene’s he’s stuck at it and kept going. Lukasz has only kept and raced pigeons in the UK for two years and in his first season he flew his young birds on the south road route with some minor club positions coming through but in this season his local club of Hucknall premier flying club decided to break the mould and try something new by flying the north road route Lukasz’s birds are of 90% polish origins and are mostly from his close friend of Mirek Chwedoruk who lives and races in Glastonbury in the UK though this season Lukasz was gifted five English young birds and lent a few pair of stock birds to breed off from the clubs secretary Shaun Pilgrim Lukasz’s young bird team this year have been on the darkness system flying back to V Perches and have received about 10 training flights before the first race of Harrogate owing to time commitments Lukasz informs me he has to keep this as simple as he can as time is very short and precious with work and a young baby daughter the birds probably receive an hours time in the morning before work and if possible the same at evening and obviously more time spent with them at the weekends when not working.  Lukasz flies as the partnership of Team UK which is easy for English folk to pronounce and is a family initials of names of U & K as Lukasz’s wife and children help out where they can also so it’s a team effort hence the team name.

Lukasz Urbaniak

Lukasz Urbaniak

Lukasz’s second young bird race of the season was being flown from Ripon with the Nottingham north road federation and his achievement was a belter so let’s see in the Nottingham federation he achieved 1st federation plus 2nd,3rd,9th,10th,11th,12th & 13th federation flying 79 miles in the Hucknall premier Flying club he achieved 1st & 2nd his first two winning birds in the Fed & club were two of the gift birds bred by club secretary Shaun Pilgrim with the first two velocities of 1779.927 with them both landing of the ETS pad together not bad for breaking your Uk novice status is it!! Lukasz told me he would just like to say thank you to Shaun Pilgrim and Mirek Chwedoruk for their support advice and birds.

3rd & 4th Hucknall premier Flying club plus 4th & 5th federation was Shaun pilgrim with two Kevin Lawson Lambrecht’s of Ollerton crossed with Robby Hortons Lambrecht’s of Tamworth flown on the sliding door system on the Darkness doing 1709.461 & 1708.739.

Over at LongEaton North Road Flying club where we have another new starter partnership to report on in breaking their novice status is the partnership of Mr & Mrs Preston in their first race flown. When the partnership approached the clubs secretary of Dennis Wheatcroft in joining the club and gaining some information on the subject of the club and pigeons Dennis kindly offered to breed them some young birds to help get them started out so he kindly bred and gave them 16 young birds from out his birds plus also a local friend on the Nottingham allotments kindly gave Dennis 4 young birds also for the new starters to make their team of birds up to 20 on after hearing of them starting out in the sport.

Now a wonderful story leading up to their first race to report on now is of their only 20 birds they have and on starting to train the birds up and on getting them up to the 30 mile mark and the birds receiving quite a few of these flights they still had the 20 original young birds but I believe two came back late from a training flight so on the night of their first race which was being flown from Wetherby with the Derbyshire North Road Federation they entered 18 young birds to the race. and even better all 18 returned home from Wetherby absolutely brilliant they are certainly doing something right!!

The LongEaton NRFC result from Wetherby 1st & 2nd was Mr & Mrs Preston were they also achieved 4th & 8th Derbyshire NR Federation flying 72 miles with a dark pied hen & a chequer hen both from Dennis Wheatcroft Velocities of 1511.501 & 1496.935 congratulations to you both a marvellous first race performance taking 3rd & 4th at LongEaton was Mr & Mrs Brian Guilford doing 1493.104 & 1492.245.

Over at Pinxton NRFC we had a new fancier having his first race for 28 years after returning to the sport of keeping racing pigeons again in the name of Steve Devine ,Steve used to race pigeons many moons ago but has since and still presently keeps Birmingham Rollers but has decided to return to the sport again and has joined Pinxton NRFC and Wetherby was his first race were he achieved 4th club and 5th Derbyshire NR Fed with a blue White flight darkness flown cock with the young birds both sexes left natural still together in the loft the cock is a Dean Skuse pigeon crossed with a direct granddaughter of Decaprio Steve would like to thank Dean for the help & advice and birds he has provided him on his new venture.

The Pinxton result of Wetherby 1st , 2nd & 3rd club & 1,2,3 in the Derbyshire NR Fed was Wayne Knobbs with birds originating from Rose & Ray Lander velocities of 1519.198 & two birds together on 1518.776 flying 58 miles 4th was Steve Devine flying 63 miles doing 1498.965.

Next up and being new to racing pigeons for this year is Kirk Farndale of Carr Vale near Bolsover who has just joined the Chesterfield Doe Lea North Road flying club and on his first race he achieved 3rd and 4th club from Wetherby fellow club mate of Rob wragsdale bred him some young birds which he bred off Terry Mitchell’s stock birds which were Leo Van Rijns purchased from Adrian Duggins of Darley Dale Matlock and Rob bred a full round of young birds off these for him Kirk has his racing loft on his grandmothers back garden and is full of keenness and enthusiastic and club secretary Lisa Aspley informs us he could be the one to watch and we wish him all the best.

new starter Kirk Farndale

new starter Kirk Farndale

So some great new faces and achievements congratulations to you all.

A few other results to publish Corby NRFC was at Wakefield and taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd club with the YBs was eighty year old Harry Davidson his winner was bred by fellow club mates of Paul & Ryan Phoenix and his from their Gabby Vandenbeale stock 4th club was Paul & Ryan Phoenix. Corby NRFC at Wetherby the week after and Harry Davidson dose it again claiming the first Three positions and cards. Chesterfield Doe Lea at Wetherby (6/100) 1st Aspley & Wragsdale with a young bird bred off birds bred by Paul crooks placed into the East Midlands pen sale auction event held last year at Pinxton velocity of 1260.292

Harry Davidson

Harry Davidson

2nd was Kev Ward with a cheqer hen doing 1220.826.

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward

3rd & 4th was Kirk Farndale starting his new north road flying off to a good start doing 1205.207 & 1145.303. Chesterfield Doe Lea at Wetherby 2 (6/90) 1,2,3 was Kevin Ward with his Felix Powell’s and Staff Van Reets doing 1447.143, 1444.331,& 1338.75.

Syston NRFC at Harrogate (17/200) 1st was Mr & Mrs Cole and congratulations to Mrs Cole on now taking on the pigeons and continuing to race pigeons with a great win with a blue hen flying 94 miles doing 1262.013.

2nd was Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son on 1208.560

3rd was Steve Dewick on 1201.426

4th was Brian Manning on 1184.752.

Syston NRFC at Ripon (9/105) 1st & 3rd flying 100 miles was S Lansdowne doing 1563.846 & 1513.020

2nd was Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son on 1528.096

4th was Steve Dewick on 1489.616

Oldland NRFC at Stratford 1st was Rob light who also tops the Fed doing 1293.228

2nd was Steve Robins doing 1250.868

3rd is P Allen on 1218.811 & 4th was R Filer doing 1186.413 at Thornbury NRFC at Stratford 1 a clean sweep for Dave Smith taking 1,2,3,4 with his natural flown Young bird team of Soojens Gabby Vandenbeale and now a few Busharts to try doing 1276.537, 1272.516 , 1270.514 & 1265.397 Thornbury NRFC Stratford 2

1st , 3rd & 4th was Peter Harkness flying 62 miles doing 1629.759, 1628.599 & 1628.359

Peter Harkness

Peter Harkness

2nd was ken Whittingham doing 1629.292. Thornbury NRFC at Coventry 1st was Peter Harkness flying 85 miles doing 1559.408

2nd was Peter Keedwell on 1528.530

3rd was Ken Whittingham on 1511.145

4th was Dave Smith doing 1509.602.

Braunston Premier NRFC at Wetherby (7/156) taking 1,2,3,4 and the first 10 positions in the club and the first ten positions in the Leicester NR Fed with his birds on fire with a pack of 10 young birds firing through the trap on the ETS pad together showing you how it’s done was the old Leicester Fox of Nigel Shepard and his wife Karen and their partner in crime Andy Northern they both work hard as a team and they now reclaim their reward well done to hard working folk behind the scenes as well as keeping the Leicester fed in toe they are a credit and it’s great to see them getting something back Congratulations flying 90 miles with velocities of 1359.600, 1359.454 , 1358.102 & 1358.101

The Leicester Foxes

The Leicester Foxes

Grantham NRFC at Ripon 1st was D & J Swift flying 91 miles doing 1185.199

2nd & 3rd is Andy Tudor on 1154.446 & 1112.536

4th was J Staley doing 1090.724. Ruddington NRFC at Harrogate taking 1,2,3,4 was Paul Crooks with his proved and tested Herman Cuesters now the young birds can do the same flying 74 miles doing 1394.165, 2 x 1393.668 then 1393.420 Ruddington NRFC at Ripon 1,2,3 rolling on again was Paul crooks on 1704.800, 1704.147 & 1695.060 flying 84 miles 4th was Billy Bearder & Sons doing 1694.260.

Ollerton NRHS at Ripon (6/150) 1st & 2nd was the Walton Brothers flying 67 miles doing 1475.863 & 1456.723

3rd was Neil Pickering with a young red cock doing 1384.497

4th was Kevin Lawson on 1343.825.

Bridgewater NRFC at Stratford 1st was Jody McKay flying 91 miles for his first young bird race some 40 plus miles further than most other fanciers in his specialist club / federation his local club fly with and they can keep up and win quite impressively at times can the Bridgewater boys a velocity of 1251.715

2nd is W Silk & Gay on 1193.861

3rd was S Stockham on 1136.233

4th was Steve Willis on 1146.366.  A late old bird result for the Midland North road two bird championship club Flown from Abroath were 1st & 2nd was achieved  by Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 254 miles with two of their roundabout flown hens doing 1438.775 & 1437.546

3rd was Derek & Ryan Nutthall with a 2y syndicate loft widowhood hen doing 1350.273

4th was Gregg Johnson with a 3y chequer hen bred from Chris Smith birds of Chesterfield doing 1107.922.

Selby Unicorn SRFC at Ilkeston 1st & 4th was C Burton flying 55 miles doing 1381.032 & 1334.276

2nd & 3rd was Darley & Aldred doing 1355.664 & 1350.741 Knottingley SRFC at Ilkeston 1,2,3 flying 50 miles for the first 2020 young bird race was D Wright doing 1544.747 , 1535.491 & 1533.304

4th is Albert & Mark Bainbridge on 1528.61 Oughtbridge SRFC at Kettering having. Three young birds finishing well to take 1st 3rd & 4th was Phil Helliwell flying 77 miles doing 1171.003, 1126.095  & 1125.629

2nd with a Belgium rung Special  import was G Crowder doing 1141.472. Horsforth SRFC at Ilkeston it was a clean sweep for the Harding Brothers for their team of young birds flying 59 miles they took The 1,2,3,4 cards doing 1619.283, 1618.836, 1618.443 & 1618.023

Stourton SRFC at Ilkeston 1st & 2nd was M Cawood his first a young chequer cock doing 1620.766 & 1618.011

3rd was Dave Crowther doing 1605.597 & 4th was Dave Ormondroyd doing 1589.059.

Leeds York Road SR FC at Ilkeston 1,2,3 was the McGrath Brothers flying 57 miles kicking the young bird season off in style with velocities of 1535.1056, 1533.934 & 1532.766

Leeds Amal at Ilkeston YB

Leeds Amal at Ilkeston YB

4th was Albert Brown with a young blue cock doing 1520.736.

Knottingley SRHS at Ilkeston 1st was Robert Bedford flying 58 miles with a young mealy hen doing 1523.987

2nd was R Anderson on 1516.761

3rd was M Smith with a young red cock doing 1515.862. Gleadless SRHS at Kettering 1st & 2nd flying 74 miles was Vardy & Murphy doing 1168.360 & 1166.443

3rd & 4th was R Read with two birds dropping together on 1163.975 & 1163.803.

Penistone SRFC at Kettering taking 1st club and first Stocksbridge federation was Robert Barraclough & Son flying 88 miles doing 1181.417

2nd 3rd & 4th club and federation was Dave Ibbotson doing 1180.799, 1180.653 & 1179.335.

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