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The Nottingham North Road Federation - Alnwick

The Nottingham NR feds last old bird race for the 2020 season was being flown from Alnwick in north Northumberland at around the 160/170 mile point for most lofts in the organisation so on the 26/7/20 after marking was put back 24 hours due to a poor weather day Saturday.

The race finally took place on a clear sunny Sunday convoyer Ian Daikin released the birds at 07.30 am into a South West wind.

Topping the federation and also achieving 2nd, 4th & 9th federation was the Walton Brothers of Ollerton with their winner a 2y blue widowhood cock that was bred by fellow club mate Kevin Lawson for them he is a pure Lambrecht’s and is bred from out of Kevin’s number1 stock pair he has of his Lambrecht’s.  Their 2nd bird was a 1y pencil blue widowhood cock followed by a 2y chequer widowhood cock then a 1y blue widowhood cock flying 154 miles with velocities of 1374.572, 1374.225 , 1342.813 & 1336.331.

Rob Walton fed winner

Rob Walton fed winner

3rd & 6th federation was the previous federation winners of Riggott & Richardson with their Lambrecht’s & Wildesmersch widowhood cocks flying also 154 miles doing 1344.981 & 1340.444.

5th federation was Mr & Mrs Rowlands & Son of Blidworth with a 1y chequer cock flying 159 miles doing 1341.316.

7th federation was Kevin Lawson of Ollerton flying 154 miles with a 3y blue Lambrecht’s widowhood cock doing 1340.366.

Kevin Lawson breeder of the Fed topper

Kevin Lawson breeder of the Fed topper

8th federation was R Pacey of a Newark flying 166 miles with a 2y blue cock doing 1337.179.

10th federation flying 169 miles was Billy Bearder & Sons of Ruddington with a 2y blue cock doing 1334.475.

right Billy Bearder junior

right Billy Bearder junior

11th Fed was Andy Kemp & Son at Calverton flying 169 miles with a 2y widowhood pencil blue cock he is a Louella stud bird X Fellow club mate bird of Phil Cresswell bird his mother a pure white hen won the NRCC yearling Fraserburgh race for Andy his velocity doing 1332.958.

Andy Kemp

Andy Kemp

12th Federation was Andrew Szuchnicki of Ruddington  with his polish birds crossed some local English birds flying 169 miles with a 1y mealy cock doing 1330.310.

At the clubs Blidworth FC 1st Mr/Mrs Rowlands & Son 1341.316. 2nd Mr/Mrs Barbra Knowles 1296.599

Calverton FC 1st Andy Kemp & Son 1332.958. 2nd Mr/Mrs Kirkpatrick 1319.745

Cotgrave FC 1st & 2nd Dougie & Tom Fisher 1316.153 & 1246.974.

Syston FC 1st Geoff Myring 1303.902 2nd Brian Manning 1246.974

Ruddington FC 1st Billy Bearder & sons 1334.475 2nd Andrew Szuchnicki 1330.310

Eastwood FC  1st J Parker 1304.265 2nd Ernie Gregory 1195.794

Newark FC 1st & 2nd R Pacey 1337.179 & 1308.341

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Walton Brothers 1374.572 & 1374.225.

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