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Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine - 19-10-20

Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine

The combines last race of the 2020 season was with the young birds from over the channel from Carentan in North West France this was scheduled to be flown on the 19/9/20 but after the transporters arrived on the 18/8/20 there were greeted with constant showers on and off occurring on the day prior to the liberation and on the day of the liberation there was heavy rain fall in the channel crossing and at the race point the wind was also a strong North East wind blowing the rain spray everywhere it was a no brainier to call a holdover and postpone the race. 

The birds were in good hands with the convoyer already tending to the birds needs of regular fresh clean water application to the drinkers and their daily feed of countrywide corn of their premium mix the birds were comfortable and awaiting what the next day would bring.

On Sunday the 20/9/20 the morning at the liberation site was dry and sunny with clear visibility and all the line of flight checks were busy being conducted from early doors of the morning once these came back all clear it was time to get the race on its way so at 08.00 hrs the 1,999 birds for the Carentan young bird final were released into sunshine the only factor that was in place was a North head wind for the birds from start to finish and this would become a stronger North wind the further the birds flew North to home including on the channel and in the UK so a tough challenge was in store, I guess you can’t pick the winds or have blown home paper bag racing all the time this was going to show some special pigeons and fanciers their credit so let’s take a look at the top 21 lofts in this race of the top 21 positions achieved.

carantan liberation site Sunday morning 19 10 20

Carantan liberation site - Sunday morning

Winning the combine was the partnership of Alan Atkinson and Scott Grayson of East Herringthorpe Rotherham of the Atkinson & Grayson flying Partnership where they also achieved 1st Big Barnsley South Road Federation and 1st club Tryburge SRHS they flew a distance of 284 miles with a velocity of 1068.11 the pigeon is a smoky Blue cock Alan informs us he has been coming consistent from the prior young bird races and was sent to every young bird race in the Barnsley Fed bar the first young bird race the cock was flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together flying back to the perch or each other this cock prior to this race was taking a liking to a young hen and was playing Alan up around the garden in not wanting to go back into the loft and being very excited when inside the loft.  His breeding is of Lambrecht X Van De Meir the Lambrecht’s side comes from Mark Farmer of Park Gate Homing Society Rotherham and the Van De Meir from the partnerships very close friend that was of the late Lenny Frail the bird was sent fed on the BJF farm corns of Sheffield of their own brand basic young bird corn mixed together with a Bamfords Young bird mix.

the combine winners left to right Alan Lenny Scott 19 10 20

The combine winners left to right Alan, Lenny & Scott

2nd, 3rd, and 10th combine plus 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Big Barnsley Fed was Mark and John Robinson of Normanton were they also achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd club at their local club Kingsley Homing Society they flew 303 miles with their three scoring birds flown on the celibacy darkness system. Their first bird a chequer hen of Van Loon X Herman Cuesters this hen the week previously achieved 1st club 4th Big Barnsley Fed from Newbury their second bird a chequer Van Loon X Herman Cuesters hen and their third bird a Dark pied Luis Coreman X Karl Herman Hen their velocities were 1067.08, 1058.48 and 1008.42 Mark and John would like to thank Steve Goulding of Liverpool for the Van Loons of quality and Trevor Taylor of the North East for the Herman Cuesters supplied to them as they are shining through for them especially when blended together.

John Mark Robinson 19 10 20

John & Mark Robinson

4th, 15th and 18th combine was Robert Barraclough & Son of Thurlstone they also achieved duplicated back 1st Mid Yorkshire combine.  1st, 4th and 5th Stocksbridge South Road Federation plus 1st at their local club of Penistone SRFC they flew a distance of 291 miles all three of their scoring birds are of their Hartog strain from John Gerard’s famous lines which they have crossed into their successful De Klacks that originate from Germany were they purchased them from their close late friend Peter Ankersmitz their young bird team are flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together just flying back to the perch these young birds received every federation race in the young bird program prior to being sent to this race and they were fed on Roberts own mix with plenty of his own grown wheat which is grown on the family farm this is added to the Marimans young bird mix and a Versele Laga young bird mix all blended together Robert also insists with Johnson’s Pigeon Tonic constantly in the drinking fountains in the loft their velocities were 1056.36, 987.20 and 979.86.

5th and 19th combine was the Millthorpe Brothers also taking 4th and 11th Big Barnsley Fed flying 294 miles with velocities of 1029.26 and 979.84.

6th Combine was Dave Ibbotson of Gunthwaite were he also achieved duplicated back 2nd Stocksbridge Federation 2nd Mid Yorkshire Combine and 2nd Penistone SRFC in his local club Dave flew 293 miles with a blue hen flown on the Darkness system flying back to Just the perch and has received every young bird race with the Stocksbridge Fed her breeding is her father is a Herman Cuesters cock from Central Lofts in Essex paired to one of Dave’s Gus Jansen hen’s from the 003 lines she was sent on Dave’s own mix of straight cereal grains mixed together of wheat, peas, Beans, Barley and Red and White Dari seed her velocity was 1023.77.

Dave Ibbotson 19 10 20

Dave Ibbotson

7th combine was Steve Garbett & Daughter of Featherstone, Wakefield flying 301 miles where they also achieved 5th Big Barnsley Fed and 1st Girnall Lane SRFC in their local club the bird was bred by Ian Brown of South Kirby and is bred from a Herman Cuesters cock crossed with a full sister to Ian’s 2015 Olympiad Uk team young bird winning hen and this is of a Karl Herman crossed to a Shane Langton of Pinxton bird.  Their velocity was 1014.18.

8th combine and 6th big Barnsley Fed was W Robinson & Son flying 303 miles doing 1010.15.

9th Combine was Kevin Palfreyman of Lofthouse Wakefield were he also achieved duplicated back 1st Heavey Woolen Fed and 7th Big Barnsley Fed flying 305 miles Kevin’s bird was a blue hen flown on the Darkness system and also being on the sliding door system this hen this season prior to being sent to this race point received every race in the young bird programme and raced very consistent her breeding is of a Richard Turner of Worksop bird crossed with a John Woods of Royston bird she was raced on the Versele Laga Gerry plus corn mixed with a Bamfords young bird mix combined together her velocity was 1008.80.

Kevin Palfreyman 19 10 20

Kevin Palfreyman

11th combine was Peter Binkiewicz of Hillsborough Sheffield flying 283 miles duplicating back Peter also achieved 3rd Stocksbridge Fed 3rd Mid Yorkshire combine and 1st Oughtbridge FC at his local club the bird a chequer pied hen was sent flying on the Darkness system flying back to just the perch her breeding is of a Wildemeersch cock from Richard Hodkinson of Stocksbridge paired to a own bred hen of Peter’s Herman Cuesters her full nest mate this season achieved a 1st club and 14th Stocksbridge Fed from Newbury for Peter she was sent fed on three brands of young bird corn all mixed together of Beyers Versele Laga and Vanrobeys corn her velocity was 1007.88.

Peter Binkiewicz 19 10 20

Peter Blendowski 

12th combine was Geoff Brown of Crofton Wakefield were he also achieved duplicated back 1st Northern Classic Specialist Club flying 300 miles his bird a blue cock flown on the darkness sent sitting 8 day old nest eggs paired to a young hen the cock Geoff informs me has been sent to every young bird race in the 2020 young bird program his breeding is of a Ivan Sterling of Featherstone Franz Zwols crossed with a Van Loon from Carl Hardwick also of Crofton just up the road from Geoff the cock was sent fed on Versele Laga Gerry Plus mixed with Geoff’s own mix of grains his velocity was 1005.19.

13th combine was M G Trench of Conisbrough Doncaster were duplicated back achieved 1st North East Provincial Club 9th big Barnsley Fed and 1st Bramley HS in the local club. The bird a blue hen flown on the Darkness system was paired up to a young cock when sent to this race she has already achieved a 1st club 5th big Barnsley Fed from Kettering this season she is a Dirk Van Den Bulk she was sent fed on the Bamfords jet stream mix of corn she flew 287 miles doing 989.37.

14th combine and 1st Little Barnsley & District Federation duplicating back was Higgs & Crossland flying 294 miles doing 988.42.

16th combine was H W Firth & Son flying 304 miles doing 986.76. 17th combine was D Field flying 301 miles doing 980.03.

20th combine was Rob Richmond and Lee Beaumont of Munkbretton Barnsley also duplicating back they achieved 2nd Little Barnsley & District Federation 7th Mid Yorkshire Combine and 1st MonkBretton SRFC at their local club plus this young hen also won the federation gold ring race scheme and was pooled so bagged them some Christmas spending money the bird a blue hen flown on darkness and widowhood is a Herman Cuesters crossed Jos Van Olman her father last year in this same race achieved 2nd fed 6th combine Rob and Lee flew 293 miles doing 976.03.

Rob Richmond Lee Beaumont 19 10 20

Rob Richmond & Lee Beaumont

21st combine was Tony Halloways & Son of Clifford near Wetherby they also duplicated back achieved 1st Central Yorkshire South Road Federation and 1st Brotherton SRFC at their local club their bird a blue cock was flown on the Darkness system sent paired up to an old hen sitting 12 day old nest eggs. The week previously to being sent to this race he achieved 4th club from Brighton at the coast.  His breeding is of a Franz Zwols hen from Kevin Robinson of Castleford paired to one of Tony’s own bred cocks of Peter Hagland and Jim Emerton line bred bird. He was sent fed on Bamfords Young Bird mix blended with a Bamfords young bird popcorn mix they flew 315 miles doing a velocity of 974.17.

Tony Halloways 19 10 20

Tony Halloways

That’s the 2020 flying season over for the YND SR combine let’s hope 2021 can get off to a flying start.

The Rat Man.