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Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine - 05-11-20

Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine.

Hi everyone, just some updates to keep members and spectators in the know as at present now no meetings can take place only over the internet or by a conference call. The organisations pay out night has obviously bean cancelled, hopefully this can be a joint affair with the 2021 prize presentation evening taking place all together but only time will tell on this. 

The event will be held with the central Yorkshire federation headquarters as planned for this year’s venue when this can take place. The prize cards and cheques won by members are going to be posted out by the secretary Adam Gaunt.

For each combine winner there is a framed photograph and a trophy which has been paid for by the combine and again these will somehow be sent out to the well deserving winners. Secretary Adam will be purchasing some high decent quality trophies from a professional supplier and the pigeon photography will be done by Gregg Marshall and arranged by Richard Turner obviously after the ace pigeons are through their annual Moult, where contact will be made to the combine winners.

A reflect of the 2020 season where this season the big Barnsley federation joined the combine and raced with every race, this really boosted birdage numbers and with the professional flyers in this organisation they held their own in a very competitive organisation with some class performances by their members, especially with the young birds at Carentan.  Almost all the top twenty positions were of big Barnsley federation members.

The combine operated four races instead of the five due to the shortage time frame of the season obviously Poitiers the blue ribbon race was missed out due to timing and this upset some members but least some racing took place with some high figures of birdage with the largest send of 6,024 birds were this is of great support and should help aide winning the top flight fanciers in winning their well-deserved RPRA regional awards on some of their performances and a encouragement for fanciers to apply for the Honourable RPRA region awards.  This has been a strange but historical inclement year with the Covid and was the only reason Poitiers was missed out, nobody wants this to happen again but let’s think we were just lucky to get started and racing again.

A proposed provisional race programme is as follows for the 2021 season with the old birds at Falaise on the 29/5/21 then Le Mans on the 12/6/21 then Poitiers on the 26/6/21 then back at Falaise on the 10/7/21 then the young bird final from Falaise on the 11/9/21 as rumours of building projects are occurring on the Carentan liberation site and Falaise is probably one of the best French liberation sites and it allows the young birds a land mileage run up before the channel crossing this again is a provisional programme and all federations are required for their opinion in were the Teasdale Fleet attend the organisations involved have until the 31/12/20 to voice their opinions and feelings on the race programme they can do this by all the federations and organisations by emailing Adam their members preferred choice we understand these times are difficult but we must carry on and modernise were we can.

The AGM should now hopefully take place in the new year and this will be announced in the new year which is provisionally for being in February/March 2021 on seeing how this strange situation is resolving if any new organisations would like to join up forces please contact Adam before the AGM.

Race results being published quicker and widely with the modern technology we can do this so well but we need organisations help in this so results can be made available ASP all this can be done fantastically with the free RPRA TPRS pigeon software administration system which you can run alongside your current system for free so we Urge organisations that are not using this to use this free brilliantly designed system by the RPRA.

Charity fundraiser has been a growing successful aiding beneficial project year upon year and we hope Mr Steve Cooper who is a very passionate man in helping charities with his kindness and willingness can aide the combines Cancer charity race with his ideas and help to improve this more.

Also raised is of a points flying system scheme on flying members to achieve and publication of the first 100 has been raised and on a ending note yearly at the presentation Gala evening a young bird auction is held with young birds donated from the combines winners and top flight fanciers which gives fanciers a great opportunity to purchase some high quality decent honest birds from achieving flyers, the proceeds from this event goes to purchase the new trophies the engraving and the photographic images and frames obviously this event cannot take place due to covid so it’s proposed an advertisement sale /auction is to be displayed in the pigeon journal and press.

I hope this short update keeps the fancy updated as regular meetings and face to face meet ups cannot take place some useful contacts are of;

Secretary: Adam Gaunt 07496960447 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

President: Mick McGrath 07508589964 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The combine committee would like to thank Adam for his secretary role Countrywide pigeon feeds for their corn sponsorship, Steve Teasdale Pigeon Transport for their superb premier pigeon transportation services provided, Lee Turner combine race advisor, William Ward head convoyer, Richard Turner in arranging the pigeon photography and to Gregg Marshall pigeon photography.  Also to people who help out in our article write ups allowing myself to conduct your articles they are Steve Hallam, John Wheatcroft, Steve Cooper, John Booth, Dave Thompson, Simon Toon and Ian Brown and to Elimar Pigeon Services Ltd for the online articles and the professional job Les does on the site.

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