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East Midlands & Yorkshire round up - 10-11-20

East Midlands & Yorkshire round up.

Hi folks some of last federation’s young bird championship races at the coastline on the south road route and the Scottish Borders on the north road route so let’s take a look at the top twelve positions in each feds championship races.

On the south road, first The Leeds South Road Amalgamation was flying from Chichester for their young bird championship inland race were the winners were Mason & Son who also achieved 2nd & 9th federation flying 215 miles.  Their winner a chequer Dirk Van Den Bulk X Herman Ceusters, the birds father was a gift late bred Dirk Van Den Bulk from Andy & Dave Swift of the Dragon fly lofts stud of Heage in Derbyshire.  The mother a home bred Herman Ceusters hen.  Their second bird a blue hen which is a pure Herman Ceusters hen which is bred out of obtained stock birds from Gary Cox of Hull.  Their third bird a chequer hen is a Gary Cox Herman Ceusters X a home bred Coopman bird with velocities of the first two birds coming together on 1318 then 1314 the partnership only entered 6 birds into this race and their young bird team has flown very well this season in the strong Horsforth club where they also achieved 1st & 2nd in this club.  The young birds were flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together to pair up to each other as natural motivation.

Mason Son 10 11 20

Mason & Son


3rd & 4th fed flying 207 miles was David Crowther doing 1316 with two birds dropping together for him.

5th, 6th, 7th & 12th Fed was the Harding Brothers flying 214 miles doing 3 x 1315 then 1275.

8th & 10th Fed was Dave Broxup (Dart Player) with two Young Herman Ceusters flying 207 miles doing 1314 & 1278.

Dave Broxup 10 11 20

Dave Broxup

11th Fed was Dave Ormondroyd flying 208 miles with a blue pied hen doing 1276.

The Central Yorkshire South Road federation was at Brighton for their young bird championship race and winning this race plus 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th ,11th & 12th federation was Albert & Mark Bainbridge flying 205 miles plus 1-4 in their Knottingley SRFC club.  Their winner and also 3rd, 4th, 6th & 8th birds are all Belgium rung birds bred by Chris Raes of Belgium where Mark purchased these this year as youngsters out the nest from his regular Belgian pigeon trips. Their third bird was a Freddy Heeder bird the rest were of their Herman Ceusters family their team of young birds were flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together their velocities were 2 x 1477, 1476, 1475, 1474, 1460, 2 x 1452 & 2 x 1444.

Albert Mark Bainbridge 10 11 20

Albert & Mark Bainbridge

9th & 10th Fed was Derek Taylor flying 205 miles doing 1446 & 1445.

13th Fed was J Fielden & Son who are Knottingley FC’s hard working club Secretaries their bird a blue Gabby Vandenbeale cock flying 204 miles doing 1438.

The Normanton South Road Federation was also at Brighton for their inland young bird championship race winning the federation plus 3rd & 5th federation plus 1-3 in his local club Upton SRFC was Alan Thompson his winning bird a blue Herman Vander Weyer cock his second a Jones & Proctor of Sheffield bird X a Herman Vander Weyer Dark cock followed by a Blue Herman Vander Weyer cock these were sent on the sliding door system flown on the Darkness system Alan’s velocities were 1467, 1458 & 1445.

Alan Thompson 10 11 20

Alan Thompson

2nd & 4th Fed was N Barnes & Son plus 1st at their local clue Roundhill SRFC their first bird a blue Soojen hen that has previously won this season from Ilkeston their second bird also a Soojen hen which is bred from out one of their best pairs that have produced them 3 X Carentan young bird winners for them their young bird team is raced on the Darkness system with both sexes left together their velocities were 1460 & 1456.

6th & 8th Fed was J & N Beal their first bird a blue white flight Herman Ceusters through Brian Johnson lines their second a Leo Van Rijn blue hen with velocities of 1443 & 1439

7th & 12th Fed was John Booth his first bird a direct Belgian rung Platueew bred dark cock followed by a own bred Jansen chequer cock doing 1440 & 1430.

9th Fed was J & S Toon with a chequer Herman Ceusters cock that was bred by Martyn Carlton and this topped the federation the week previously from Bovingdon their velocity was 1436.

10th Fed was Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood with a Kevin Lawson Lambrecht’s blue pied hen doing 1433.

11th fed was R Southern with a blue hen doing 1431.

The Stocksbridge South Road Federation was at Lyndhurst winning the federation plus 2nd & 7th federation plus 1st & 2nd at Wadsley Bridge SRFC in his local club was Pat Helliwell who I must say has had a Devine young bird season with plenty of wins Pat flew 175 miles his winner and 2nd bird are both nest mates and were bred by Brendon Broughton of Sheffield who has achieved some great performances in the North Midlands Continental Specialist Flying Club this season Pat did a swap with Brendon with him breeding him some youngsters for a straight swap to try Pat’s birds Pat’s third bird was a JP Macaloney line bred bird his velocities were 2 x 1535 with the nest mates landing together then 1511.

Pat Helliwell 10 11 20

Pat Helliwell

3rd & 4th Fed was Peter Blinkiewicz flying 173 miles with 2 x Eric Cueleman’s that originate from Alan Pears of Stocksbridge stock birds these two birds were brother and Sisters were their velocities were 1526 & 1525.

5th Fed was a Keith Staniland flying 173 miles doing 1513.

6th, 8th & 9th Fed was Dave Ibbotson flying 183 miles doing 1512, 1511 & 1509.

10th Fed was Phil Helliwell with a Gabby Vandenbeale flying 172 miles doing 1508. 11th Fed was R & J Hardy flying 185 miles doing 1507.

Philip Halliwell 10 11 20

Phil Helliwell

12th Fed was Terry Hague flying 175 miles doing 1503.

On the North Road Route The Derbyshire North Road Federation was at Berwick Upon Tweed on the Scottish Borders for their Young bird Championship race winning the race plus 4th, 5th & 8th Fed plus 1st Pinxton NRFC was Roger Hallsworth flying 187 miles his winner a Belgian rung Blue Hen that was purchased at the Bevel Belgian football club pigeon sale on the john Wheatcroft pigeon tours this year his other birds are of his own created family of birds his velocities were 1571, 2 x 1528 & 1507.

2nd & 9th federation was Derek & Ryan Nutthall flying 188 miles their first with a gift bird blue cock bred by their close friends Kevin & Donna Spiers of Nottingham which is a Danny Van Dyke X Syndicate lofts bird their second a Syndicate loft line bred blue cock velocities of 1554 & 1496.

3rd & 11th Fed was Richard Oldham & Daughter flying 190 miles their first bird a chequer Wildesmersch X Karl Boex cock their second bird a Leen Boers blue cock with velocities of 1543 & 1468.

Richard Oldham Daughter 10 11 20

Richard Oldham

6th Fed flying 184 miles was Mr & Mrs Murray with a home created strain blue cock doing 1518.

7th & 10th Fed was Wayne Knobbs flying 187 miles his first bird a Grizzle Rowland Jansen cock followed by a red Rose & Ray Lander Bushart cock with velocities of 1513 & 1476.

12th Fed was John Hendy flying 184 miles with a blue white flight hen doing 1450.

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The Rat Man.