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The Welsh North Road Federation - 16-11-20

The Welsh North Road Federation

The Welsh North Road Federation are Zipping up their boots and going back to their Roots to the place of their birth of when they first started out.  After 21 years of flying the east to west route for the 2021 season they are returning back to flying the grand old North Road Route hence their original name and as the R & B singer Mark Morrison sang “ Return Of The Mack”.

The organisation have two beautiful state of the art Geraldy Transporter lorries that will now be traveling up the M6 North regularly with visiting proposed race points of Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Nantwich, Appleton and Lancaster and in conjunction with the proposed of joining forces and liberation with the New North Road Amalgamation of Hexham, Berwick Upon Tweed, Thornton Park, Creiff, Elgin City and Thurso. 

The two welsh NR Feds Quality Transporters

The two welsh NR Feds Quality Transporters

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The federation will operate their own federation race and result for its members and when visiting the amalgamation race points the members have the option if they want to duplicate and race against other organisations from these points. 

The section the federation would be in would be the west section ,flying and competing with the South West Of England Lerwick Club members and clubs where all the Federations entry fees with the Lerwick club’s entry fees would be paid out in prize money only to them plus the open combined result of organisations in the central Midlands or if your even more keen you can take part in the Amalgamation’s two bird race from these points, where only two birds can take part and everyone’s entered two birds will be liberated on their own 15 minutes after the main liberation. 

This is two on two for all who wants to have a go, again with prize money and entry money paid out to the sections and a joint open result creating two goes at these races the choice is yours on the table if you want a go or not.

This will hopefully create some good strong competition as there are certainly some class fliers within Wales and some of these hold some historical north road titles with Jim Purcell of Wales winning the Faroe Islands historical race beating all the shorter flying members. 

The class partnership of Comperat & Holmes who achieved some class north road results with 3 national wins that I know of this maybe more? this partnership lived and breathed the North Road distance races and won the Queens cup plus Ken Darlington famously known for some outstanding performances in any direction he flew including the north road route.. Of Ken Darlington, when he flew the north road route as the Welsh wizard some great flyers there and plus many more I’m sure I’d fill a page with them all but just a few from off the top of my head there. 

It can be done flying north and it seems to have fallen out of fashion just like strains of pigeons do on flying the north road route yet there is so much open distance at such a low price and so easy to access and like we say good pigeons win from anywhere so if you have good pigeons what have you to fear on trying something fresh yet original.

Benefits of joining forces at longer races means more birds liberated together drifting down the central and western part plus cheaper birdage prices and hopefully more prize money paid back as no greedy commission or overhead monies are kept back to sit in the bank for no members benefits, let’s make it sit in the winners pockets.

If anyone would like to discuss any information or any organisation interested in joining a new venture with the Welsh North Road Federation please contact the federation secretary of John Humphries on 01495 305379 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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