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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 23-11-20

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The last two young bird races of the 2020 race programme now to report on for the organisation now the 7th young bird race of the programme was being flown from Newton Aycliffe at the 100 mile mark race point.  For most members the birds were liberated at 11am on the 19/9/20 into a North East wind with the top twelve positions as follows; taking first federation and 4th federation was Graham Ricks of Rick & Spiers flying 113 miles both Graham’s birds were Wildemeersch young cocks in which they are of Graham’s old strain of Wildemeersch he has kept for years crossed with some Wildemeersch obtained from the partnership of Riggott & Richardson also of this federation Graham would like to thank John Richardson who kindly gave Graham a few Wildemeersch to blend into his family of birds when Graham enquired on obtaining some from the partnership Graham’s velocities were 1710 & 1702.

Graham Ricks

Graham Ricks

Taking 2nd,3rd & 10th federation was Paul Crooks flying 115 miles with 3 x Herman Ceusters doing 2 x 1703 & 1694.

5th, 6th, 7th & 8th federation was Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 113 miles their first bird a John Wheatcroft bird X a Micky Lennon of Nuneaton Patrick Boeck X Van Den Bulk blue cock their 2nd a Derek & Ryan Nutthall bred Van Den Bulk X Syndicate lofts Drum blue cock their next two birds were Julta Brothers Van Den Bulks with velocities of 3 x 1700 & 1698.

Donna Kevin Spiers

Donna & Kevin Spiers

9th federation was Ernie Gregory flying 108 miles with a chequer hen doing 1695.

11th & 12th federation flying 108 miles was Shaun Pilgrim with his first a Jan Grondelier X Van Loon chequer cock his second a Rob Horton Lambrecht chequer cock with velocities of 2 x 1685

at the clubs

Blidworth FC 1st Mr & Mrs Barbra Knowles 1622 2nd John Swinn 1621

Hucknall FC 1st & 2nd Shaun Pilgrim 2 x 1685

Calverton FC 1st & 2nd Phil Cresswell & Family 1668 & 1624

Cotgrave FC 1st j & A Cole 1598 2nd Ian Thompson 1596.

Ruddington FC 1st Rick & Spires 1710 2nd Paul Crooks 1703.

Eastwood FC 1st Ernie Gregory 1695 2nd John Parker 1647

Newark FC 1st & 2nd R Pacey 1489 & 1401

Ollerton FC 1st Neil Pickering & Son 1545 2nd Riggott & Richardson 1527.

Riggott Richardson

Riggott & Richardson

The federations last 8th race for 2020 was being flown from Berwick Upon Tweed on the Scottish Borders at the 190 mile mark for most members and this was to be the federations young bird championship race and this was held on the 26/8/20 were the birds were liberated at 8am into a north, north west strong wind.

The top twelve now and winning the federation plus 8th & 9th federation and winning the federations gold medal was the partnership of Riggott & Richardson were their first bird did a speed of 81 mph were I have kept pigeon’s all my life and this is one of the fastest speeds I have ever seen their velocity was 2394.997 now that bird motored flying 181 miles in 2 hours 13 minutes and 2 seconds remarkable their winner was a Chequer Wildemeersch hen their other velocities were 2190 & 2142.

2nd federation and winning the silver medal was Kevin & Donna Spires flying 196 miles their bird was their last weeks race first bird which is a john Wheatcroft X Micky Lennon blue cock doing 2279.

3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th & 12th federation was Paul Crooks flying 199 miles with his team of Herman Ceusters with all cocks coming doing 2 x 2239 & 3 x 2140.

5th federation was Ian Thompson with a Jonathan Cole bred Herman Ceusters blue hen flying 199 miles doing 2206.

Ian Thompson family

Ian Thompson & family

6th & 7th federation was Kevin Lawson flying 181 miles with a Lambrecht’s and a Herman Ceusters coming doing 2201 & 2200.

At the Clubs Grantham FC 1st Andy Tudor 1686

Eastwood FC 1st John Parker 1839 2nd Gregg Johnson 1831

Ollerton FC 1st Riggott & Richardson 2394. 2nd Kevin Lawson 2201.

Blidworth FC 1st Mr & Mrs Tom Mounsey 2008 2nd Mr & Mrs Barbra Knowles 1950

Calverton FC 1st Cliff Gregory 2056 2nd Phil Cresswell & Family 1789

Cotgrave FC 1st Ian Thompson 2206 2nd Ken Ferns 2107

Ruddington FC 1st K&D Spires 2279 2nd Paul Crooks 2239.

Well that’s 2020 finished on a ending note the Nottingham fed’s joint Amalgamation Futurity bank holiday Monday 2021 Saint Boswells race rings are now for sale with a limited number now just left to ensure  you obtain your rings please contact Shaun Pilgrim on 07399499225.

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