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East Midlands & Yorkshire Round up - 04-12-20

East Midlands & Yorkshire Round up...

Well a late article now as I have been very busy at work and we have some very last 2020 results now so on the North Road route At Chesterfield Doe Lea NRFC at Berwick Upon Tweed taking 1,2,3,4 was Kevin Ward with two Staff Van Reets and Two Felix Pouwell’s flying 177 miles with velocities of 1443, 1431, 1426 & 1422.

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward

Pinxton NRFC at Berwick Upon Tweed 1st & 4th was Roger Hallsworth flying 187 miles his first a Belgium rung Bevel football club young bird sale purchased bird with velocities of 1571 & 1528

2nd was Derek & Ryan Nutthall with a Kevin & Donna Spiers gift bred bird doing 1554

3rd was Richard Oldham & Daughter with a Wildesmersch x a Karl Boeck bird doing 1543.

Cotgrave NRFC at Berwick Upon Tweed now the club has had some sad news with the passing away suddenly of one of its members at sadly no big age of Mr Alex Parker so as respect and continued remembrance of Alex the club purchased a trophy which will now be the Alex Parker trophy which will now be flown on the clubs last furthest young bird race yearly the clubs condolences are to Alex’s family the race and trophy was won by Ian Thompson with a Herman Cuester flying 199 miles doing 2205

2nd was Ken Ferns doing 2107 & 3rd & 4th with two Heremans Ceusters was J & A Cole doing 1933 & 1910.

Thornbury NRFC at Ripon 1st flying 181 miles was Dave Smith with a blue Soontjen Hen doing 1051

2nd & 3rd was Szmaglik & Humphries, their first a Desmett Mathers x a Steve Bennett of Bristol bird their second a Jan Arden with velocities of 945 & 925

4th was Rob Organ with a Bushart doing 924.

Oldland NRFC at Ripon 1st & 3rd was Steve Robbins flying 188 with two grizzle  van Loons with velocities of 980 & 940

2nd was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins with a Brian Milkins Jansen based blue hen doing 950

4th was P Allen with a blue hen doing 825.

On the South Road route Leeds York Road SRFC at Bovingdon 1st flying 149 miles was K Bryan & Son with a blue hen doing 1299

2nd & 3rd was Chudasama & Beecheer on 1290 & 1276

4th was Mr & Mrs Llewellyn on 1230 Stourton SRFC at Bovingdon 1st & 2nd was Dave Broxup flying 144 miles doing 2 x 1357.

3rd & 4th was Dave Crowther on 1353 & 1352.

Skipton SRFC at Bovingdon 1st,2nd & 4th was A Evans flying 168 miles doing 2 x 1247 & 1169

3rd was the Beck Brothers on 1181.

Horsforth SRFC at Bovingdon 1st & 2nd was the Harding Brothers flying 151 miles doing 2 x 1362.

3rd was Mason & Son on 1333.

4th was Danny Todd on 1317.

Harehills SRFC at Bovingdon taking 1,2,3,4 in the club plus 1,2,3,4 in the Leeds Amalgamation was McCormick & Simon Scholfield flying 152 miles with 4 x young cocks with a velocity of 3 x 1367 & 1365.

Leeds Altofts Lee Brig SRFC at Bovingdon 1,2,3,4 flying 142 miles was Mr & Mrs Cox doing 1355, 1354, 1300 & 1289.

Well that’s everything I believe done now for 2020 racing during the long winter dark boring nights and with the Covid restrictions Cotgrave NRFC held an online show were the members sent Danny Bright some of their taken Photographs of their birds on a WhatsApp group and Danny sent the judge which he asked myself to judge the top 4 birds this broke the long evening up for its members and a small prize was on offer so the result was with the attached photographs included 1st & 3rd Perkins & Raynor

1st Cotgrave show    3rd Cotgrave show

1st Cotgrave Show                                                                    3rd Cotgrave Show

2nd was J & A Cole & 4th Dougie & Tom Fisher

2nd Cotgrave show    4th Cotgrave show

2nd Cotgrave Show                                                                    4th Cotgrave Show

Onto some congratulations to some of our local fanciers who took part in the 2020 Mira Portuguese world championship one loft race to represent the UK and they achieved some very impressive results testing their birds against some top fanciers birds from Europe and flying the flag for the UK so congratulations to John Wheatcroft of Pinxton Derbyshire, Kevin & Donna Spires of Wollaton Nottingham and to Matthew  of Codnor Derbyshire. 

Matt Cotton

Matt Cotton

I must say Matthew always sends his birds to these events and regular breeder buyers and Futurity race events to test his birds and he has won and achieved some great success over the years as Matt works away and long hours with also two children pigeons can become a chore and hard work so it’s hard sometimes to regularly complete at local clubs so this is a great way to test your birds in what you have well done Gents.

The Rat Man