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The New North Road Amalgamation - 18-01-21

The New North Road Amalgamation

The second of the weekly online evening breaker online show was held with any hen, to send in of two pictures per member to the group with a good turnout and £30 for free on the table again for the members to have some fun.

The judge for this event was John Humphries of South Wales.  John is the secretary of the Welsh North Road Federation and has obtained this role for above 20 years with the organisation flying the south and north route over these years.  John said how he could remember when 25,000 birds were sent to one young bird race from Shrewsbury with 5 transporters full of pigeons there in its hay day and 1,500 birds even being sent to Lerwick but as time goes on things change but hopefully one day them days may return back for us all in this sport of ours we treasure. 

John, in his flying career, has achieved some good performances from flying on the grand old north road he has achieved 1st Welsh Grand National from Stormness on the Orkney Islands, a small island out at sea above Thurso flying 508 miles.  On the south road route he has achieved 1st federation 3rd Welsh National From Tarbes 611 miles and 1st and 2nd Welsh National and federation from Bergerac 507 miles plus other high scored positions in his career.  So over to the result of the show and thanks to john for being our judge for this fun event.

Winning the show was John Parker of Eastwood NRFC with a Chequer pied hen, winning £12

First 18 01 21

2nd was Dave Smith of Thornbury NRFC with a blue pied hen winning £8

Second 18 01 21

3rd was Shaun Pilgrim of Hucknall Premier FC with a red chequer hen winning £5

Third 18 01 21

4th was Steve Gammon of Hucknall Premier FC with a blue hen winning £5

Fourth 18 01 21

Reserve was Tony Henessey of Hucknall Premier FC with a chequer hen

Reserve 18 01 21

Very Highly commended was Perkins & Raynor of Cotgrave NRFC with a black hen

V Highly Com 18 01 21

Highly Commended was Andy Kemp of Calverton HS with a chequer hen and

Highly Comm 18 01 21

Commended was Graham Watkins of Oldland NRFC with a blue pied hen.

Comm 18 01 21

Well that’s another show done and apart from that that’s another week over, take care everyone.

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