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East Midlands & Yorkshire round up. 07-05-21

East Midlands & Yorkshire round up.

The first race results of the 2021 old bird season on the grand old beautiful North Road route. Now to report onto some of our local North Road local club results, now at Grantham NRFC at Wakefield 1st,2nd,3rd was John Norris flying 60 miles his first a Hermans Cuesters 3y cock, his 2nd a 7y Hartogg cock already a Lerwick section winner and his 3rd a PJ lofts Delbar cock with velocities of 1628, & 2 x 1512. 

4th was Andy Tudor with a Keith Hurworth Lambrecht’s 2y cock on 1506.

Cotgrave NRFC at Ripon 1st was Dougie & Tom Fishier with an already multiple winning roundabout flown 5y hen of Bob Fenick Coreman X Herman Cuesters bred as a baby by the A team of Wales syndicate she flew 84 miles doing 1747.  2nd was Ken Ferns with a gift bred baby bred by Dougie & Tom Fishier 2y doing 1642.  3rd was HT Farrelly on 1637. 4th was Perkins & Raynor with a Soojen X Jansen 2y widowhood cock doing 1629.

Dougie Tom Fisher Cotgrave winners 07 05 21
Dougie & Tom Fisher

Chesterfield Doe Lea NRFC at Wetherby 1st,2nd,3rd was Aspley & Wragsdale flying 51 miles with 3 x widowhood cocks their first a pied Herman Cuesters cock the next two both Van Loon X Van Lints with velocities of 1623, 1597 & 1587. 4th was Steve Giliver with a 1y mealy Bushart hen doing 1580.

Syston NRFC at Ripon 1st,2nd,3rd was Mick Thorpe flying 104 miles doing 1692, & 2 x 1654. 4th was Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son with a 1y Gert Heylen widowhood cock on 1610.

Bridgewater NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st & 2nd was Wesley Sellway flying 84 miles with two widowhood cocks his first a Van Loon bred by Bob Kirby of Devon his second a Herman Cuesters velocities of 1718 & 1708.  3rd & 4th was Tony Baker with two Lambrecht’s cocks doing 1703 & 1682.

Wesley Selway Bridgewater winner 07 05 21
Wesley Sellway

Eastwood NRFC at Ripon 1st was Roger Hallsworth on 1709. 2nd,3rd & 4th was John Parker flying 77 miles doing 1707, 1706 & 1704 his first his own created distance family the second a Bill Bearder X Eddie Ebblett bird the third a Shaun Pilgrim x Peter Obertelli bird all flown on natural.

Bristol South NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st & 3rd was Steve Mosley flying 65 Miles his first a 2y blue Franz Zwols X Wildesmersch hen doing 1737 & 1716.489.  2nd & 4th was Jim Monks his first a Bushart x Manderlartz on 1721 & 1716.137.

Thornbury NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st was Peter Keedwell flying 52 miles with his own strain 2y blue chequer cock doing 1723.152. 2nd 3rd & 4th was Dave Smith his first a Irish gift cock from fellow club mate Ken Whittingham x Paul Stobbs Soojen the next two Soojens doing 1723, 1704,& 1703.

Ruddington NRFC at Ripon 1st & 4th was Paul Crooks flying 84 miles his first a previous winner that has just finished rearing a baby and gone onto the roller coaster mayhem system 3y blue Herman Cuesters hen doing 1742 his second a 4y blue hen doing 1715. 3rd & 4th was Kevin & Donna Spiers their first a syndicate loft x Marcel Wouters 1y blue pied cock their second a 4y grizzle Ceuleman hen doing 2 x 1726.

Cheltenham NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st & 2nd was M & J Caudle with a 1y chequer pied hen doing 1505 and the next on 1504.

Braunston Premier NRFC at Wakefield 1st & 3rd was George Weston flying 73 miles with 2 x roundabout system flown Jansens doing 1741 & 1740.233. 2nd & 4th was Mr & Mrs Shepherd & Northern with two of their own breeding strain of bird doing 1740.227 & 1739.

right George weston Braunston winner 07 05 21
George Weston (R)

Long Eaton NRFC at Wetherby 1,2,3,4 flying 71 miles was Mr & Mrs Dave Lee with their sprint family doing 1692, 1690, 1688 & 1687.

Poolsbrook NRFC at Wetherby 1st was Kevin Ward with a 1y Jansen x staff van Reet roundabout flown cock that flew south road route as a young bird his velocity was 1551. 2nd was Mick Herbert on 1541 3rd was Zoe Bowler with a natural flown Grizzle hen that was bred by Anthony Moseley of Shirebrook doing 1427. 4th was Dennis Bailey with a Richard & Jone Hardy of the Pennine Marathon club establishment bred Brokamp cock on 1386.

kevin Ward Poolsbrook winner 07 05 21
Kevin Ward

Hucknall Premier FC at Ripon 1st, 2nd & 4th was Shaun Pilgrim flying 76 miles all flown on the widowhood system the first a Jan Grondelier X Linderlouf cock the second a Rob Horton Lambrecht’s x Kevin Lawson Lambrecht’s cock the third a Van Den Bosch X Lambrecht’s cock velocities of 1733, 1717 & 1699. 3rd was UK Team with a Leon Bores X Leo Hermans on 1707.

Oldland & District NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st was Rob Light flying 58 miles with a Soojen bred from Dave Smith stock doing 1720. 2nd & 3rd was Steve Robbins his first a Grizzle Van Loon cock his second a gift cock bred by fellow club mate Pete Allen doing 1660 & 1657. 4th was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins with a Andre Roodooft from Sheldon Leonard of Ireland doing 1655.

Rob Light Oldlands winner 07 05 21
Rob Light

Brislington NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st,2nd,3rd,4th was Alan Meacham with his Dirk Van Den Bulcks doing 1749,1748, 1746 & 1700.

Sodbury Vale NR FC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st,2nd,3rd was C & J Adams flying 56 miles their first and third birds are both David Cowan Talbot x Coremans their second bird a Ian Axe Delbar Velocities of 1748, 1745 & 1742. 4th was A & R Smith with a Dave Smith of Thornbury bred Soojen 1y on 1739.

Newark NRFC at Ripon 1st flying 69 miles with a 2y chequer cock was Mr & Mrs K Sterland on 1584. 2nd was Mr & Mrs C Wright on 1469.

Blidworth NRFC at Ripon 1st & 2nd was Mr & Mrs Rowland & Son flying 71 miles on 1739 & 1729. 3rd was Mr & Mrs Barbra Knowles on 1716. 4th was Wayne Knobbs with a pure white 1y Rowland Jansen hen on 1715.

Ollerton NRHS at Ripon 1st was Riggott & Richardson with a 4y chequer Wildesmersch widowhood cock flying 66 miles on 1655. 2nd was M Wilkinson on 1623. 3rd & 4th was Rob Walton with two Wildesmersch widowhood cocks with 2x 1615.

Nailsworth NRFC at Stratford Upon Avon 1st,2nd,3rd with 3x hens was Brimble & Cordold their first a gift bred hen by Charlie Paul & Peter Smart of South Wales their other two were gift bred birds bred by Paddy Russell velocities of 1731, 1709,& 1658. 4th was Dave Fox with a 1y red cock on 1643.

Pinxton NRFC at Wetherby 1,2,3,4 was D Nuttall & Son with their widowhood team of Syndicate loft based birds flying 60 miles doing 1679, 1677, & 2 x 1676.

Ryan Nuttall Pinxton winner 07 05 21
Ryan Nuttall

Calverton NRHS at Ripon 1st was Phil Cresswell & family with a 1y Herman Cuesters hen bred from Direct Chris Vasey’s birds of the Famous Devil woman hen the nest mate brother two this hen Phill informs us he had 2 x 1sts clubs as a young bird flying from Ripon she flew 81 miles doing 1756. 2nd was Phill Rowson with a 2y Rick & Spires Wildesmersch hen doing 1680. 3rd & 4th Tommy woods with 2 x Wildesmersch widowhood cocks doing 1660 & 1655.