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East Midlands & Yorkshire Round Up - 03-06-21

East Midlands & Yorkshire Round Up 

Some region club results on the north road route at Chesterfield Stute NRFC at Ripon taking 1,2,3,4 flying 65 miles was Aspley & Wragsdale, their winner a gift youngster from Terry Mitchell the other three being Van Loon widowhood cocks with velocities of 1534, 1492, 1481 & 1439.

Nailsworth FC at Coventry 1,2,3 was The partnership of Luff & Walker Brothers flying 65 miles, their first a Crammond & Langstaff 2y widowhood cock their second a Gabby Vandenbeale X Saplin hen and then followed by a Geoff & Catherine Cooper X Mark Gilbert hen with velocities of 3 x 1432, 4th was Brimble & Caldwell with a Paddy Russell gift bird flown on the roundabout system doing 1406.

Grantham NRFC at Wetherby 1st 2nd & 4th flying 76 miles with his John Gerard Manderlartz was John Norris doing 1155, 1146 & 1134, 3rd was Andy Tudor with a Lambrecht originating from Keith Hurworth of Cotgrave birds doing 1139.

Syston NRFC at Darlington taking 1,2,3,4 was Brian Manning flying 132 miles with his own created family of birds flown on the natural system doing 1175, 1174, 1137 & 1135.

Hucknall Premier FC at Darlington 1st, 3rd & 4th was Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 112 miles their winner is a Patrick Boeckx this bird as a young bird achieved 2nd Nottingham NR Fed from Berwick and won the silver medal for the partnership their second bird being a Ceuleman then their third a Danny Van Dyck X Syndicate loft bird their velocities were 1234 & 2 x 1215, 2nd club was Shaun Pilgrim with a Great Granddaughter hen out of the Drum (syndicate lofts bird) doing 1217.

Eastwood NRFC at Darlington taking 1, 2, 3, 4 flying 107 miles with his team of natural flown birds consisting of his own blending from his own birds and local lofts was John Parker with velocities of 1206, 1194, 1192 & 1174.

Braunston Premier NRFC at Wetherby taking 1, 2, 3, 4 flying 90 miles was Mark Smith with his own created birds originating from Adrian Duggins Wesley Selway, Rodney Geer, and Fred Ducker plus some few entire clearance sale birds which Mark believes are true birds for sale which is a true statement he had four birds come together doing 4 x 1254.

Mark Smith Braunston winner 03 06 21
Mark Smith Braunston winner

Ruddington NRFC at Darlington taking 1st & 2nd flying 115 miles with 2x Herman Cuesters was Paul Crooks on 2x 1252, 3rd was W Bearder & Sons on 1237 & 4th was Graham Rick of Rick & Spieres with one of their Wildesmersch based birds doing 1236.

Long Eaton NRFC at Ripon taking 1,2,3,4 flying 83 miles was Mr & Mrs Brian Guilford doing 3 x 1571 & 1570.

Poolsbrook FC at Ripon 1st flying 57 miles with a 2y mealy pied cock was Mick Herbert doing 1510. 2nd,& 3rd was Paul Spendlove and close friend Tony Gaunt with 2 x widowhood hens which this is their first race on the north road route their first bird a 2017 bred late bred that has previously scored on the south road route flying 64 miles doing 1456,1452, & 1450 4th was Dennis Bailey with a Joan & Richard Hardy bred Brockamp bird doing 1428.

Paul Spendlove Tony Gaunt 03 06 21
Paul Spendlove & Tony Gaunt

Cotgrave NRFC at Darlington taking 1st, 2nd & 4th was Tom & Dougie Fisher flying 114 moles with their Herman Cuesters team their winner was their multiple winning Welsh Herman Cuesters hen with velocities of 1216, 1191 & 1181 taking 3rd was Perkins & Raynor with a Soojen X Jansen doing 1191.28.

Pinxton NRFC at Ripon 1,2,3,4 was Derek & Ryan Nuttall with their syndicate lofts birds on widowhood  flying 73 miles doing 3 x 1563 & 1562.

Bridgewater NRFC at Coventry 1st, 2nd & 3rd was Jody McKay flying 115 miles with his team of roundabout flown birds his winner a Dirk Van Den Bulck x Jansen followed by a Dirk Van Den Bulck then a Jansen X Gabby Vandenbeale doing 1363, 1359 & 1357 4th was Wesley Selway with a Jansen widowhood cock doing 1346.

Cheltenham NRFC at Coventry 1st M & J Caudle with a 3y chequer cock doing 1232 2nd was D & P White with a 2y chequer hen doing 1204.

Sodbury Vale NRFC at Coventry 1,2,3,4 was A & R Smith flying 81 miles with their team of natural flown Frank Tasker birds and Dave Smith Paul Stobbs Soojens doing 3 x 1408 & 1407.

Brislington NRFC at Coventry 1,2,3,4 flying 86 miles was Alan Meacham with his widowhood team of Dirk Van Den Bulcks doing 3 x 1408 & 1401.

Bristol South NRFC at Coventry taking 1st & 2nd was Jimmy Monks with his Manderlartz X Busharts doing 1432 & 1429 flying 87 miles 3rd & 4th was Steve Moseley with his Wildesmersch based birds doing 1403 & 1378.

Thornbury NRFC at Coventry 1st & 4th was Peter Harkness flying 85 miles his winner a 1y blue pied Lean Bores X Soojen hen his second a red Jan Arden X Jan Theelen cock doing 1403 & 1395. 2nd & 3rd was Dave Smith with 2 x Paul Stobbs Soojens doing 1401 & 1398.

Peter Harkness Thornbury winner 03 06 21
Peter Harkness Thornbury winner 

Oldland & District NRFC at Coventry 1st & 2nd was Steve Robbins flying 83 miles with a Van Lint and Van Loon doing 1366 & 1337 3rd & 4th was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins with some Irish Sheldon Lenard based birds doing 2x 1333.

Calverton NRFC at Darlington taking 1st & 2nd was Phill Cresswell & Family flying 111 miles with 2 x North East Mr Vassey Herman Cuesters doing 1262 & 1261. 3rd was Andy Kemp & Son with a Steve Hallam based bred widowhood cock on 1257 4th was Tommy Woods with a Wildesmersch based blue cock on 1237.

Ollerton NRFC at Darlington 1,2,3,4 was Riggott & Richardson flying 97 miles with their team of widowhood cocks their winner a Bushart x Walter Dox X Lambrecht’s followed by Wildesmersch based and Lambrecht’s based cocks doing 3 x 1271 & 1245.

A few South road clubs results Gleadless HS at Upper Heyford 1st flying 97 miles was S Woods with a 2y blue hen on 1987. 2nd was Steve Cooper with a 4y blue cock bred by Trevor Smith of Keithley Bradford and this was purchased at a north Midlands Futurity YB sale velocity of 1946. 3rd was D Hague on 1927. 4th Andy Murphy 1925.

Pontefract SRFC at Newbold Verdon 1,2,3,4 was J & S Toon their winner a Martin Carleton of Featherstone bred Herman Cuesters cock he also topped the Normanton Fed as a YB their second a 2y Derek Taylor of Knottingley bred cock the third bird a Jimmy Dunn of Liverpool Jansen based bred hen followed by a home bred hen from stock birds from local club mate Dennis Underwood velocities of 1384, 1383,1382 & 1379.

J S Toon Pontefract winners 03 06 21
J & S Toon Pontefract winners

Pontefract SRFC at Rugby 1st was Mr & Mrs Dennis Underwood with a dark pied cock purchased from Kevin Lawson of Ollerton as a YB doing 1472. 2nd, & 3rd & was John Booth his first a bird bred by Andy Marsh of Andre De Jong lines his second bird of his own breeding strain of Bill Duckworth and Lambrecht based birds velocities of 1469 & 1464. 4th was J & S Toon with another Martin Carleton Herman Cuesters doing 1453.

Selston FC at Reading 1st & 2nd was Roger & Mark Duffield with 2 x Herman Cuesters cocks doing 1771 & 1750 both are previous winners 3rd was Mick Jepson on 1749.62 and 4th was Ralph Jepson on 1749.

A up and coming different event now which I think is great sparking things up with something new in the Sport is the Bristol South North Road Flying Club is holding a young bird show race on the Sunday the 4th of July how it works is you show a bird which is a this years bred bird 2021 rung bird and pay £5 per pen per bird per pen with all pen money and a kind sponsorship already of £100 in the pot fund from Mr Steve Bates will be paid out and no commission kept all birds entered into the show before judging of the Summer Show event takes place are automatically qualify to the YB final show race to be flown from Pontefract on the 11/9/21 the event will be held at the Sarten Club Queens Road Bishopsworth Bristol BS13 8LF everyone is welcome the facilities have a nice large carpark with large function rooms and a vast selection of drinks on offer please for further information or pre booking of pens call Mike Moore on 07413383425.

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