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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 03-06-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The Nottingham North Road Federation held its third race of the season from Blaydon on the River Tyne at the Cricket club site and thanks for support from local fancier and site agent of Alan Todd for always being on standby and helping where he can.  Head convoyer Ian Daikin got the birds on their way on the 15/5/21 at 1220pm were 60 members sent 1,128 birds liberated into a south wind.

Blaydon liberation site 03 06 21
Blaydon Liberation Site

The top ten in the federation were as follows taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd federation was Roger Hallsworth flying 130 miles his winning bird a 2y blue cock a Belgium rung import that was purchased at the Belgium Bevel Football club annual youngster sale in 2019 arrange yearly by local pigeon agent John Wheatcroft his third scoring bird also a 1y blue hen that was also purchased at the Belgian yearly sale event in 2020 that was a arranged visit attendance by John Wheatcroft arranged trips also his velocities were 1290, 1288 & 1287.

Roger Hallsworth 03 06 21
Roger Hallsworth

4th federation was the keen husband and wife partnership of John and Jane Kirkpatrick with a special home creation (Calverton Cannon) flying 137 miles doing 1282 with a 2y chequer hen.

5th federation was Derek & Ryan Nuttall with a Syndicate loft based 3y blue hen flying 131 miles doing 1280.

6th, 7th, 8th & 10th federation was Paul Crooks flying 141 miles his first bird a 2y blue chequer hen that was 3rd federation previously in here carrier plus many wins at Ruddington FC, she is a Herman Cuesters and his first three are of Herman Cuesters based his fourth bird is bred from Belgium purchased stock on a attended Belgium trip where some birds were purchased and Paul breeding from them Paul’s velocities were 1277, 1276, 1275 & 1274.

Paul Crooks 03 06 21

9th federation was Mick Horton flying 138 miles with a 2y mealy cock doing 1275.022.

At the Clubs;

Hucknall FC 1st Derek & Ryan Nuttall 1280 2nd Kevin & Donna Spiers 1250

Blidworth FC 1st & 2nd Mr & Mrs Knowles 1219 & 1197

Calverton FC 1st Mr & Mrs Kirkpatrick 1282 2nd Phill Rowson 1215

Cotgrave FC 1st & 2nd Tom & Dougie Fisher 1223 & 1222

Syston FC 1st Steve Landsdowne 1129 2nd Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son 1109

Ruddington FC 1st & 2nd Paul Crooks 1277 & 1276

Eastwood FC 1st & 2nd Roger Hallsworth 1290 & 1288

Newark FC 1st Rob Pacey 1246 2nd Mr & Mrs Mick Cross 1133

Nottingham FC 1st Mr & Mrs Riley & Grandson 896 2nd Dennis Wheatcroft & Son 856

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Riggott & Richardson 2x 1146.

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