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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 15-06-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation.

The Nottingham North Road Federation was moving up in mileage and was racing from Alnwick in north Northumberland at the Alnwick Rugby club for the liberation site were local pigeon fancier John Tate always visits the attending transporters and is always on stand by for assistance which is always nice to know head convoyer Ian Daikin liberated 871 birds sent by 53 members on the 22/5/21 at 09.45am into a light north wind.

Nottingham North Road Federation the transporter at Alnwick
The transporter at Alnwick

The top ten in the federation is as follows; taking first federation was Riggott & Richardson flying 154 miles with a 1y pencil white flight widowhood cock.  He is a Lambrecht’s bred cock originating from Nigel Proud stock birds and he has already this season has achieved a 2nd Federation 2nd club from Darlington his winning velocity was 1851. 

Alnwick Federation Winner

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th federation was Paul Crooks flying 172 miles with his celibate rollercoaster system flown hens of Herman Cuesters with a sprinkling of Soojen & Van Loon in the shake up his velocities were 2x 1786, 1785, 2x 1784, 1783 & 1774.

9th federation was Mr & Mrs John & Janet Kirkpatrick flying 168 miles with a 2y chequer hen doing 1773.

10th federation was Mr & Mrs Neil Pickering & Son with a 1y blue cock flying 154 miles doing 1768.

At The Clubs Ruddington FC 1st & 2nd Paul Crooks 2 x 1786

Syston FC 1st Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son 1691 2nd Mr & Mrs Graham & Yvonne Winterton 1480

Cotgrave FC 1st & 2nd Tom & Dougie Fisher 1706 & 1655

Calverton FC 1st Mr & Mrs John & Janet Kirkpatrick 1773 2nd Phil Cresswell & Family 1734

Blidworth FC 1st Mr & Mrs Knowles 1720 2nd Wayne Knobbs 1652

Hucknall FC 1st & 2nd Shaun Pilgrim 2x 1755

Eastwood FC 1st Ernest Gregory 1705 2nd Roger Hallsworth 1686

Newark FC 1st Robert Pacey 1696 2nd Mr & Mrs C Wright 1666

Ollerton FC 1st Riggott & Richardson 1851 2nd Mr & Mrs Neil Pickering & Son 1768.

The Rat Man .