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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 01-07-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The federations old bird season is now in full swing and the federation was racing from Darlington cattle market in County Durham on the 29/5/21 and the head convoyer Mr Ian Daikin got the race on its way at 11.30 am into a west wind. 

The top 10 in the federation were as follows, taking first spot was Paul Maiden of Oakham flying 135 miles and being far from the federation’s furthest flier with a yearling jealousy flown hen she certainly broke away, I think we require fellow federation member Paul crooks who is a fire safety officer to lend Paul Maiden a fire blanket for her nest box as she was on fire for this race.  She is a Herman Cuesters X Houben, her line breeding sire originates from Welsh National flying club winning Anthony Buttigieg where Anthony has achieved some outstanding performances on the north road and the east to west route. His National winner that was bred by the Premier Stud the mother a Houben hen that herself is a winner from a very difficult Perth race for Paul her winning velocity was 1443.

Paul Maiden first Fed notts NR Fed
Paul Maiden first Fed (Notts NR Fed).

2nd federation was Wayne Knobbs with a 1y hen of a Herman Cuesters bred by Kevin Lawson.  Wayne flew 103 miles doing 1423.

3rd & 4th federation was Shaun Pilgrim flying 107 miles with 2 x widowhood cocks his first a Jan Grondelier X Syndicate lofts that has previously Won of the south road route and twice on the north road his 2nd bird a Van Loon bred out a pair of Van Loons purchased from Kevin Lawson the cocks full sister has achieved a 3rd open New North Road Amalgamation Hexham and a 8th open Amalgamation Thornton Park already this season his velocities were 2x 1419.

5th, 6th & 10th federation was Riggott & Richardson flying 97 miles with 3 x widowhood Cocks of Lambrechts and Wildesmersch doing 1417, 1416 & 1400.

7th & 8th federation was Kevin Lawson flying 97 miles with 2 x yearling widowhood cocks the first a Lambrechts followed by a Herman Cuesters doing 1404 & 1401.

Kevin Lawson high performing racer breeder
Kevin Lawson high performing racer & breeder.

9th federation was Simon Brooks flying 111 miles with a 3y Grizzle cock doing 1400.

Over at the clubs; Hucknall FC 1st & 2nd Shaun Pilgrim 2x 1419

Grantham FC 1st Paul Maiden 1443 2nd John Norris 1308

Blidworth FC 1st Wayne Knobbs 1423 2nd John Swinn 1379

Eastwood FC 1st David Chapman 1376 2nd Ernest Gregory 1373

Calverton FC 1st A Kemp & Son 1357 2nd Robert Warner 1338

Newark FC 1st Robert Pacey 1381 2nd Mr & Mrs Micheal Cross 1337

Cotgrave FC 1st & 2nd Dougie & Tommy Fisher 2 x 1378

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Riggott & Richardson 1417 & 1416

Syston FC 1st Micheal Thorpe 1342 2nd Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son 1329

Ruddington FC 1st Simon Brooks 1400 2nd Paul Crooks 1394.

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