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The New North Road Amalgamation - 06-07-21

The New North Road Amalgamation

The Amalgamation held its second old bird race of the season with North Road organisations being together at a new venue at Thornton Park in Fife Scotland head convoyer Peter informs us the site was great with a vast wide open space and a few local pigeon fanciers visited the transporter on Friday.  Arrival at the site, the birds were fed a high energy mix and water applied and left on until the liberation took place on the 12/6/21 at 06:30am into a west wind.  The top ten in the four sections are as follows, in the north section taking 1st open & 1st section was Peter Norris of Grantham flying 247 miles winning £80 with a 2y chequer widowhood cock of Peter Vertue Jan Ardens this cock as a YB & yearling flew on the south road route and this being his first season flying north for this cock his winning velocity was 1604.

Following Peter to take 2nd open & 2nd section was his father John Norris flying 245 miles winning £40 with a 4y chequer widowhood cock that is already a multiple winning bird for John he is a 100% PJ Lofts Delbar his velocity was 1569. 

Peter Norris Amalgamation winner
Peter Norris Amalgamation winner

john Norris
John Norris

Taking 3rd section 3rd open & 8th section 8th open 10th section 10th open was Shaun Pilgrim flying 230 miles and winning £22.50 with his team of celibate flown hens that are paired to him as he states his wife now has a lot of competition in the garden with all his hens after him his first bird a 1y blue hen that is a 100% Kevin Lawson Van Loon and is becoming by far his best hen this season he states his second and third birds both being 1y Syndicate lofts line bred birds being a Granddaughter out of the famous Drum his velocities were 1536, 1533 & 1516.

Taking 4th section & 4th open was Dougie & Tommy Fisher flying 238 miles winning £15 with their successful Herman Cuesters family of a 1y blue hen with a velocity of 1536.493.

5th section & 5th open was the keen Father & Son partnership of Derek & Ryan Nuttall flying 227 miles winning £12 with a Syndicate loft based 2y chequer hen achieving 1535.

7th section & 7th open was John Scott flying 238 miles winning £5 with a natural flown 2y chequer hen that came into John’s loft as a YB and being bred from a fancier in Walthamstow the fanciers name john cannot remember to announce several times she was sent away near its home but kept returning so in the end she stayed her velocity was 1531

9th section & 9th open was Mr & Mrs Dave Lee flying 238 miles with a 2y sprint family based chequer hen achieving a velocity of 1522 other North section prize winners were A Kemp & Son £3.25 R & T Birkett & Kirby £14 & Paul Maiden £25.

Over in the West Section taking 1st section 44th open was Percy Hatherell of Bristol flying 321 miles winning £63.50 with a natural flown 2y Blue WF cock sent driving his hen to nest his breeding is of the very successful Leon Bores family his parents were a gift pair of pigeons bred and purchased from Tumbley lofts stud and given to Percy by Alan Tanner of Bristol in the Sodbury Vale South Road flying Club this cock was picking form up as the week previously to this race from Hexham 240 plus miles he achieved a 4th Sodbury Vale NR club card and scored in the SWELC open top section his velocity for this race was 1330.

Percy Hatherell
Percy Hatherell

Taking 2nd section 45th open & 10th section 53rd open was Chris & John Adams flying 322 miles winning £39.45 their first a 4y blue widowhood flown hen which is a Ian Axe Delbar X Wall Lunt & Green Jansen their second bird a 1y Dark Wall Lunt & Green Jansen Widowhood hen their velocities were 1311 & 1279.

3rd section 46th open 4th section 47th open 5th section 48th open and 8th section 51st open was Dave Smith winning £75.45p flying 318 miles with his round about system flown old bird team now paired up and on the traditional natural system sitting 10 day old nest eggs ready for the distance races with now weekly training flights being given on the SWELC organisations midweek trainer operated scheme  his first bird a Paul Stobbs Soojen his 2nd a Busharts his 3rd a gift bred bird bred by fellow club mate Ron Szmaglik and his 4th a Irish Distance stock purchased bird his velocities were 1310 2x 1308 & 1293.

6th section & 49th open & 9th section 59th open was A & R Smith winning £5 flying 321 miles with 2 x natural flown Frank Tasker birds doing 1300 & 1293.

7th section 50th open was David Fox flying 307 miles winning £4.50p with a 2y red natural flown hen she 2weeks prior to this race won his local club Nailsworth from Pontefract and scored in the top section of the SWELC she is of the late Stan Dangerfield Old Distance family her velocity was 1300.074.

Other West section prize winners were David Bullingham £5 ,Mr & Mrs Ken Davey £9.50 & Andy George £5.40.

In the Welsh Section now with all these birds and members new to north road racing with turned around 2021 season birds taking 1st section 62nd open & 4th section 66th open was Kevin Williams of Newport flying 316 miles winning £24.10 his scoring birds are flown on the traditional natural system and are of a very inbred family he has created over the years and bred from winning birds only breeding from birds that have scored on the road only these consist of Staff Van Reets, Wildesmersch, Busharts & Peter Van Deir Meirs all blended in together these original birds originated from Jim Allen of Kingswood Bristol, Mike Watkins of Newport, Les Gollage of Newport and Dave Allen of Chesterfield Kevin has also bred for people high performing birds in the Welsh National and Welsh federations Kevin’s velocities were 1231 & 1219.

kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

2nd section 63rd open & 8th section 80th open winning £10 flying 316 miles was Mr & Mrs Jim Watkins their first bird a 2y blue natural flown cock which is a direct son out of their Welsh National FC Carentan winner their 2nd bird a 4y Bushart natural flown cock sent feeding a 6day old youngster in the nest bowl their velocities were 1229 & 1176.

Mr Mrs Jim Watkins
Mr & Mrs Jim Watkins

3rd section 65th open winning £8 flying 316 miles with a 1y blue hen was Graham. Poyner doing 1223.

5th section 73rd open was T Hayward winning £2 flying 321 miles with a 5y blue cock doing 1205.

6th section 74th open, 9th section 84th open & 10th section 85th open was John Newbury flying 315 miles doing 1200, 1168 & 1157.

7th section & 79th open was A & S Owen flying 307 miles with a 1y blue hen doing 1177.

In the Centre section now taking 1st section 31st open & 2nd section 42nd open was Brian Manning of Leicester with his own created natural flown family of birds winning £10 flying 254 miles doing 1444 & 1370,

3rd section 72nd open & 4th section 87th open winning £1.70 flying 254 miles was Mr & Mrs Graham & Yvonne Winterton hard working Syston club secretaries doing 1205 & 1145.

Take care happy racing.

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