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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 07-07-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC held its fifth old bird race of the season from Harrogate in North West Yorkshire were this was also the organisations joint classic race and yearling classic race the head convoyer Peter on the 29/5/21 at 12:45 into a light variable wind got the race to a start.

The top twenty positions in the organisation were as follows taking first spot and having a triple win on topping the Lerwick club and topping and winning the Welsh National Flying Club also duplicated in and on also winning the SWELC yearling classic was David Bullingham flying 157 miles with a hat trick win. The bird responsible is a 1y blue round about system flown cock that is a Gaston Van Der Wower pigeon originating from Dave Zirk pigeons his winning velocity was 1377. 

triple win for David Bullingham
Triple win for David Bullingham

Taking 2nd, 10th, 18th & 19th was A & R Smith flying 175 miles with 4 x Frank Tasker natural flown birds doing 1369, 1340, & 2x 1328.

3rd open goes to Jody McKay flying 208 miles with a 3y blue pied Gabby Vandenbeale roundabout flown cock doing 1363.

4th, 5th, 11th & 12th open was Dave Smith flying 172 miles his first two birds being Gabby Vandenbeales followed by 2x Paul Stobbs Soojens all flown on the roundabout system with velocities of 2x 1354, 1340 & 1339.

6th & 20th open was Mr & Mrs Ken Davey with their Jansen based natural team flying 175 miles doing 1352 & 1327.

7th & 13th open was Tony Baker flying 202 miles with 2 x Wall Lunt & Green based pigeons doing 1349 & 1339.

Tony Baker
Tony Baker 

8th & 16th open went to Peter Harkness flying 179 miles with 2 x Soojen X Mike Lewis own strain of distance birds bred from his Lerwick club open winner both flown on the roundabout system velocities of 1345 & 1335.

9th open was Roger Flew flying 179 miles with a 2y blue natural flown own created strain cock doing 1341.

14th open was Alan Meacham flying 182 miles with a 4y blue Lambrecht’s widowhood cock on 1339. 15th open was Luff & Walker Bros flying 161 miles with a 2y blue hen which is a Frans Zwols from Formula 1 loft Stud birds flying on widowhood doing 1337.

17th open was Jimmy Monks flying 180 miles with a 4y blue hen based on his successful Manderlartz and Busharts kept doing 1330.

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