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The New North Road Amalgamation - 22-07-21

The New North Road Amalgamation

The New North Road Amalgamation held its third race of the season from Creiff in Perthshire & Kinross Scotland, at the Creiff rugby club playing fields with this being the 240/380 mile race point for our members this race turned out to be a very tough difficult race but in pigeon racing unfortunately that’s the way it goes sometimes as all organisations and fanciers experience these races from time to time.  The liberation site was clear with good visibility and a aiding helping wind but some strong east wind gusts as we all know sometimes east winds can be cruel and it affects a lot of things after a clear line of flight was in place and a helping wind in place the birds were liberated by head convoyer Peter at 10:30am into an east north east wind the four sections results of North, Centre, West & Welsh are as follows the North section taking 1st open & section and 6th section 10th open was Kevin Ward of Chesterfield flying 238 miles his winner a 1y chequer roundabout system flown hen which is a Felix Powell Jansen from Pickett Brothers of Birmingham crossed with a Staff Van Reet from the Shield Brothers of the north east old Van Reet lines which is bred down from their famous Sheldy cock. Kevin informs me this hen flew very constantly as a young bird and had a fantastic race and performance from Berwick as a young bird in the Derbyshire NR federation Kevin has named this bird Mylie’s Girl after his daughter Mylie who sadly passed away at just the age of three years old as you can imagine Kevin has been through a very tough time with things so well done Kevin and congratulations we are proud for you and hope things get better on such a terrible thing his second scoring bird was a 2y dark pied roundabout system flown staff van Reet his velocities were 942 & 784 Kevin also won £90.20p.

first Amal Creiff    kevin Ward
Kevin Ward

3rd open 2nd section, 4th open 3rd section & 7th open 5th section was Peter Norris flying 272 miles winning £50 his first bird a Peter Vertue Jan Arden crossed with one of his Dads John Norris Lerwick flying family of birds as john sends to Lerwick religiously every year since keeping pigeons and he has previously won and scored from Lerwick on so many occasions he’s created his own unique family over the years this was a 2y chequer widowhood cock his 2nd bird a John Gerard stock bird line bred 1y widowhood cock and his 3rd bird a gift bred bird from Barry Baker of Newark 2y widowhood chequer cock velocities of 928, 926 & 838.

5th open 4th section was Mick Herberts flying 235 miles winning £57.80p with a 1y red widowhood flown cock that is a Kenyon from the late John Oldfield of Matlock X Jansen cock doing a velocity of 874.

12th open & 7th section flying 249 miles with a 1y chequer hen was Roger Hallsworth doing 768.

13th open & 8th section was A Kemp & Son flying 259 miles with a 3y red widowhood flown cock that is bred from a pair of Ralph Jepson of Selston bred stock birds doing 767.

14th open & 9th section was Keith Greaves flying 248 miles with a 3y chequer roundabout system flown cock doing 765.

15th open 10th section was Derek & Ryan Nuttall flying 251 miles with their Syndicate loft & Dean Skuse based birds of a 3y chequer cock doing 763.

Over to the West section taking 2nd open 1st section & 24th open 6th section was Dave Smith of Thornbury flying 336 miles winning £91.25p with 2x 2y blue hens sent on natural sitting nest eggs his first bird was a Soojen bred by fellow club mate Ken Whittingham were Dave lent Ken a Soojen stock hen to pair to one of Ken’s good stock cocks and they split the Ybs bred off them his second bird was a Gabby Vandenbeale that was bred by another fellow South West of England Lerwick club mate of Jody McKay of Bridgewater Dave’s velocities were 932 & 597.

Dave Smith 2nd open
Dave Smith

8th open & 2nd section was C & J Adams flying 339 miles winning £51.35p their scoring bird a 3y blue hen that previously last season won the Lerwick club open and scored highly in the amalgamation from this same race from Creiff in 2020 she has flown on the widowhood system this season but for the further Scottish races this hen was paired up on the traditional natural system and was sent to this race sitting and feeding a 7day old nest baby her breeding is of a Hardy Kruger bird crossed with a gift bird from the Bristol well known Joe the Plumber Thomson of Bristol her velocity was 823.

3rd section 17th open & 4th section & 18th open was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins flying 343 miles their first bird a 3y chequer pied natural cock that is a Lefebre Dhanen from Keith Johnson stock from out his NFC Cholet winning bird famous Ted their second bird a 3y blue hen a Sheldon Leanard Gabby Vandenbeale cross Roodhooft breeding winning £44.50p with velocities of 725 & 723.

5th section & 22nd open was D & M Moore flying 347 miles winning £22.60p with a 2y blue roundabout flown Bushart cross Soojen cock doing 663.

7th section & 27th open was Wesley Selway flying 357 miles with a 2y natural flown blue cock sent sitting 10 day old nest eggs he is already for Wesley a 5 x club winner and his breeding is Van Loon X Jan Hoyman his velocity was 507.

8th section & 28th open & 33rd open 10th section was Mr & Mrs Ken Davey flying 339 miles with a 2y blue hen & a 4y blue cock both on the natural system with velocities of 494 & 439.

9th section 32nd open was the James Brothers flying 329 miles & winning £10 with a 6y red natural flown cock that is a Kirkpatrick cross Stan Dangerfield pigeon with a velocity of 457.

Other section prize money winners were David Bullingham winning £7.50p the Centre section the Mr & Mrs Winterton’s won £6.30p flying 278 miles taking 43rd open with a 2y chequer cock doing 366.

Over in the Welsh section 1st section & 6th open was John Newbury of Newport flying 330 miles and winning £20 with a celibate flown 4y chequer hen which is a full sister to John’s Welsh National flying club Messac winner and her breeding originates from the Shield Brothers of the North East which she is Kees Bosua and Cannibal based line bred John’s velocity was 858.

John Newbury
John Newbury

2nd section and 9th open was the Hawkins family of Newport flying 333 miles winning £10 with a 1y cock that was paired up for the first time this year after being flown on the celibate system and his hen had just laid her first egg the day prior to the marking day for Creiff this being his first season flying on the north road route Ray informs us he was a very consistent young bird on the east to west route he has already in the mighty Newport Pill club achieved some north road prize cards this season his breeding is from Dave Zerk of Cardiff crossed with the Hawkins successful old Belgium strain they brought in back in the early millennium year his velocity was 803.

Taking 3rd section 11th open & 4th 16th open flying 332 miles winning £7.80p was Kevin Williams with his own created strain over the years natural flown family of birds with velocities of 778 & 753.

5th section & 25th open was Sean Proctor flying 332 miles with a 2y widowhood cock doing 569.

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