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The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird - 28-07-21

The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird

The 2 Bird held its third race of the season for its members from Creiff in central Scotland in Kinross & Perthshire as always all entered birds are liberated on their own so 15 minutes after the main amalgamation birds are released the two birds are released doing it all on their own man on man so on the 26/6/21 at 10.45am the birds were released into an East North East wind this just like the main amalgamation race turned out to be a very stiff hard one but on the result the cream rises.  Taking first position was Peter Norris with his 2 weeks previous Thornton Park main Amalgamation winning cock now winning the 2bird from Creiff flying it all on his own with the distance of 272 miles and winning £60 a great true honest pigeon this season already he is and last season he flew on the south road route he is a Peter Vertue Jan Arden widowhood flown 2y cock that has now come to win on a fast warm day at Thornton and now the completely opposite of an extreme hard difficult day at Creiff his velocity was 643.

Two bird winner Peter Norris
Two bird winner Peter Norris

Taking 2nd again behind his son was John Norris flying 270 miles winning £25 with a 3y dark Peter Vertue Jan Arden X Van Loon Widowhood Hen doing 568.

3rd Was Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son flying 278 miles with their already multiple scoring 3y blue widowhood cock that was bred by John Norris this cock wins £51.20p doing 496.

4th was Brian Manning flying 278 miles with a own created strain over the many years of racing and keeping pigeons of a 2y natural flown Grizzle hen wining £15 doing 459.

5th was Andrew Tudor flying 272 miles with a natural flown 3y blue cock that is a Jan Arden bred out of stock birds obtained by Andy’s brother Mark Tudor his velocity was 417

6th was Andy Kemp flying 259 miles winning £25.40p with a 4y blue widowhood flown cock that is bred out of Andy’s own created scoring birds over the years his velocity was 310.

Well done to all on a testing race even more testing with such a small kit of pigeons but like they the best come through and you had a go.

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