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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 29-07-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The federation was racing from Whitley Bay, right on the north east coastline in the towns sea front carpark for the liberation site.  Head convoyer, Ian Daikin was greeted with a glorious sunny morning so no messing around with all the fun in the sun he released the birds at 7.35 am into a light west wind on the 12/6/21.

Whitley Bay before liberation
Whitley Bay before liberation

The top ten in the federation was made up of the three amigos of the Ollerton outlaws of Kevin Lawson, John Richardson and Robert Walton, the top ten taking 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th federation was Kevin Lawson flying 129 miles with his widowhood cock team.  His federation winner an already multiple federation winner a 4y blue Herman Cuesters cock followed by a 2y Lambrecht’s chequer cock all his other scoring birds were all Herman Cuesters Kevin’s velocities were 1747, 1746, 1742, 1741,& 2x 1740.

first Fed Whitley Bay
First Fed Whitley Bay

3rd & 4th federation was Riggott & Richardson flying 129 miles with two widowhood cocks of Wildesmersch & Lambrecht’s based doing 1745 & 1744.

9th & 10th federation was the Walton Brothers flying 129 miles with 2x Wildesmersch widowhood flown cocks doing 2x 1739.

Over at the clubs Hucknall FC 1st Shaun Pilgrim 1677 2nd Kevin & Donna Spiers 1663

Blidworth FC 1st & 2nd John Swinn 1652 & 1651

Calverton FC 1st Phill Rowson 1678 2nd Mr & Mrs John & Jane Kirkpatrick 1675

Cotgrave FC 1st Tom & Dougie Fisher 1714 2nd Ian Thompson 1671

Syston FC 1st & 2nd Michael Thorpe 1658 & 1649

Eastwood FC 1st Ernest H Gregory 1653 2nd Mr & Mrs Mick & Colleen Reeves 1613

Newark FC 1st & 2nd Robert Pacey 1702 & 1699

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Kevin Lawson 1747 & 1746.

The Rat Man .