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The New North Road Amalgamation 2 Bird - 03-08-21

The New North Road Amalgamation 2 Bird

The Amalgamations fourth 2bird race was being flown from Elgin North mid Scotland in Murray.  The liberation site is situated right next to Elgin City football club on a wide open field and on the day of the liberation the convoyers Clarance AKA Tyson and Steve were warmly greeted by the local Elgin pigeon club members to welcome them and help out and watch the liberation and thanks to Michael Stephen for filming the two liberations for us to watch. 

The day of the race was on one of the UK’s hottest days of the year so we all knew the heat was going to test them and especially the two birds with just a small kit of birds being released after the main amalgamation liberation we could only but wait and see. At 06.00am on 17/7/21 Clarence & Steve released the two bird championship birds into extreme heat into a head wind of a south west wind. To the result, winning the race was Keith Orton with the help of his close friend Chick Waymen and Son Nathan Orton their winning bird flew 326 miles with a velocity of 970. and won £40.  She is a 2y chequer hen flown on the natural system and her nest eggs were just chipping out when she was sent to Elgin.  Her breeding is of a Chick Wayman Jansen based bird crossed with a Jan Arden bird obtained from the late successful partnership of Belper of Larry & Kevin Gaunt. Congratulations this little hen certainly did all this on her own and being well in front.

Keith Orton Elgin 2bird winner
Keith Orton Elgin 2bird winner

Taking 2nd was Wayne Knobbs flying 326 miles winning £26.20p with a 3y blue pied widowhood flown cock which is a Ray & Rose Lander Bushart strain with a velocity of 691.

Taking 3rd was A Kemp & Son flying 355 miles winning £16.50p with a 3y red widowhood flown cock that previously scored well in the main Amalgamation result two weeks previously from Creiff he originates from some stock birds obtained from Ralph Jepson of Underwood his velocity was 681.

4th was Robert Eagleman winning £5 flying 338 miles with a 1y dark natural flown cock that Robert says his parents originates from some gift birds given to him from a gentleman at Ashbourne but he has forgotten his name his velocity was 665.

5th was Peter Norris flying 345 miles with a 2y Peter Vertue Jan Arden chequer white flight hen doing 566, & 6th was Mr & Mrs Pateman & Son flying 356 miles with a 3y chequer widowhood flown Jansen based cock winning £17 doing 499. Well done to all.

The Rat Man.