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The Welsh North Road Federation - 05-08-21

The Welsh North Road Federation

The Welsh North Road Federation held it’s final drop back old bird race of the season before their last final old bird race from Creiff in central Scotland with the Welsh National flying club and the New North Road Amalgamation as all these members and birds are new to the north road route racing for the 2021 season so Creiff at the 350 mile mark race was plentiful ready for the next old bird season for including Elgin, Thurso and Stormness (Orkney Islands), the final drop back race was held from Ludlow race course which fell on the weekend that probably all the uk experienced some very strange bizarre racing. 

This race turned out to be very strange with the birds making very hard work of the short distance race yet with great returns in the lofts but taking the birds an extremely long period of time to get home and was liberated in good sunshine, for that vital right start,  very weird yet the main thing is the birds made it home and are there for the next season and with some new experience learnt. 

The head convoyer on the 19/6/21 at 07.15am into a light south west wind the birds were released on their way the top ten in the federation was as follows; taking 1st federation was Mark Phobium flying 61 miles with a Bushart widowhood cock doing 897.

Mark Phobium new north road Amal 23 06 21
Mark Phobium Fed Topper

2nd federation was John Cox flying 57 miles with a 1y natural flown cock which is a Bushart X a Belgium strain bird were John purchased a few imports on a Belgium pigeon coach trip he attended on past years ago his velocity was 879.

Taking 3rd, 5th & 6th federation flying 57 miles was the Hawkins family their first bird a yearling bred out their original Belgian strain crossed with a D & J Zerk of Cardiff bird this was followed by another yearling cock which was bred by D & J Zerk for the Hawkins family and their third bird was a late bred cock bred by Andy Kidd of Newport their velocities were 863, & 2 x 857.

4th federation was S Jude flying 53 miles doing 858.

7th, 8th & 10th federation was Kevin Williams flying 56 miles with his own created Van Reet based natural flown family of birds with velocities of 852, 842 & 829.

9th federation was A Gooch flying 51 miles doing 837.

Young birds to report next.

The Rat Man.