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The Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine - 09-08-21

The Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine

The YND Combine held its first race out of 3 being held for the old bird season on what can be described as a challenging year myself flying the north road route and being the secretary for the new north road amalgamation things have been no different and the distance races still available for those like myself that enjoy and only compete at this level at the distance races this YND combine has some of the UK’s finest flyers in it that only open up their full potential of quality and professional flying from that channel distance point and with this not being made available things have been hard and I feel their and my friend’s frustration the first race was being held from the Isle of White Island on the liberation site of Chale apart from Guernsey this is the only other water crossing race point to be flown and with it being in the direct middle of the south coast I can understand this being used for a warm up race trying to be fair to everyone and some difference before the 2x west side Guernsey’s that will be flown at the furthest south road legal distance limit point in the old bird programme.

Chale liberation site 09 08 21

Once again the Combine was using the professional quality service of Steve Teasdale Pigeon Transport Ltd and the service of the Legend of Leeds as head convoyer Mr William Ward so once again you know the birds are being cared for and in good hands which is so vital. The combine had 13 organisations send 6,461 birds on the 12/6/21 the convoy of transporters once docked at the Isle of White drove straight to Chale to feed water and rest the birds prior to the next day race on the liberation site the fleet was greeted by local fancier of Terry Hookins who helped out with the channel and island weather updates and also helping out with the site liberation and the combine team appreciated Terry’s help the morning of the liberation day the liberation site was full of thick sea mist and fog so it was just a waiting game to allow this to clear once the sun and wind had fully cleared this away it was time to get the show on its way so at 08.30am into a west wind the birds were released.

Terry Hookins 09 08 21    waiting for the Chale mist to clear
Terry Hookins                                                                 Waiting for the mist to clear

To the result now of the top 22 positions in combine were as follows taking 1st YND Combine plus 1st Northern Classic Specialist Club, 1st Nottinghamshire SR Federation & 1st Workshop Miners Welfare FC was Richard Turner & Wheatcroft of Worksop flying 188 miles their winning pigeon a 1y blue pied hen that is flown on the chaos system she has flown constantly for them as a young bird and a yearling scoring miner club cards and now she has broke the mould shell Richard informs us her breeding is of similar way breeding to his 2013 Midlands National winning bird from Carentan her breeding is of the old loyal Leon Bores strain that Richard obtained from John Wright of Borough Bridge near Ripon back in the day and this was crossed with a Gabby Vandenbeale bird from Peter Jonker of the Netherlands where Richard would always obtain a few young birds off Peter to race from the Dutch Spring Fair pigeon show the combines winning velocity was a fast advanced unbeatable velocity of 1403.

Richard Turner combine winner 09 08 21    the combine winner 09 08 21
Richard Turner                                   The Combine Winner

Taking 2nd combine plus 2nd Northern Classic Specialist Club 1st Central Yorkshire Federation 1st Normanton Federation 1st Pontefract SR FC & 1st Brotherton HS was John Booth of Townsville Castleford john flew 215 miles with a velocity of 1377. His winning bird a 2y blue hen flown on John’s version of the roundabout system she is bred off a pair of Dutch stock birds from Andre De Jong purchased at the Dutch Spring Fair pigeon Show as a young bird she was John’s best performing bird and was his first YB from a federation YB championship race from the 200 mile mark at the coast line she has previously won and scored at club level and scored federation cards in the Normanton Federation for John.

John Booth 09 08 21
John Booth

Taking 3rd Combine plus scoring in the Big Barnsley Federation flying 212 miles was D Field doing 1375.45.

4th Combine plus 3rd Northern Classic Specialist Club 2nd Normanton Federation & 1st Roundhill FC flying 215 miles was S Gill & Sons their bird a 1y blue widowhood flown cock that is a Gabby Vandenbeale crossed a Morris Veraye crossed Herman that is bred from out the partnerships best performing now retired race cock as a young bird this cock won at Leicester and has always been knocking at the door Andy informs us his velocity was 1375.24.

5th combine was Alan Atkinson & Scott Grayson flying 196 miles their bird also achieved 2nd big Barnsley federation and 1st Thrybergh HS this 1y blue cock won the YND combines YB 2020 race from Carentan he is flown on the widowhood system and is a Lambrecht’s and his breeding is from the late Alan Douglas blended with a Mark Farmer Lambrecht’s that originates from MR Lambrecht’s of Yorkshire Alan Dungworth who is well known for his quality Lambrecht’s their scoring velocity was 1373.90.

6th combine was R & C O’Shea plus taking 1st Derbyshire SR Federation, 2nd Nottinghamshire SR federation 4th Northern Classic Specialist Club 2nd Worksop Miners Welfare FC & 1st Manton FC flying 186 miles with a 2y blue hen flown on the Roundabout system that consists of their own created breed of birds that originates from Terry Smith & Partners of Worksop birds previously as a Young Bird this hen topped the Derbyshire Federation from Newbury for the partnership their Chale velocity was 1373.16.

R C O Shea 09 08 21
R & C O’Shea

Taking 7th, 12th, & 20th combine and scoring in the Derbyshire SR Federation was H Somers Bros flying 192 miles with velocities of 1371, 1370.18 & 1365.34.

8th combine was Mark & Albert Bainbridge the father & son partnership flying 214 miles also achieved 2nd Central Yorkshire Federation 6th Northern Classic Specialist Club & 1st Knottingley FC their bird a 2y blue widowhood flown blue cock that is a Leo Herman bred out of their Stock loft from birds obtained from Justin Rogers of Penzance Cornwall and the father of this cock being a grandson off the famous 003 cock their velocity was 1370.96

Taking 9th & 10th combine was Chris Gordon which had two birds arriving together with just as you could say half  a second separating them on the finishing pad that also achieved 3rd & 4th in the Big Barnsley Federation & 1st & 2nd in Hopetown FC the first bird a 2y blue widowhood flown cock that is a previous winner for Chris followed by a 1y Chequer widowhood cock that scored a club card previously being sent to Chale they are both of the Luis Thijs strain that Chris introduced to his National flying family of birds he flew 213 miles doing 2x 1370.555.

11th combine and scoring in the Big Barnsley Federation was D A C Speight flying 203 miles doing 1370.550.

13th Combine plus scoring in Derbyshire Federation and taking 1st Selston FC was S & K Purdy flying 169 miles with a 1y Herman Cuesters that originates from Roger & Mark Duffield of Eastwood birds their velocity was 1369.48.

S K Purdy 09 08 21
S & K Purdy

14th combine plus 3rd Normanton Federation 2nd Pontefract SR FC and scoring high in the Northern Classic Specialist Club was J & S Toon flying 214 miles with a 1y blue Roundabout system flown hen that is bred out their number1 stock pair that have bred many separate winners for them this is a Wall Lunt & Green Jansen X a Jimmy Dunn of Liverpool Staff Van Reet their velocity was 1369.28.

15th combine was Alan Thompson AKA Tombow known to the locals also achieving 1st Upton East FC 4th Normanton Federation and also scoring well up in the Northern Classic Specialist Club this was achieved with a 2y chequer Roundabout system flown hen that is a Herman Van Der Weyer and Alan tells us she is a hen with character in the loft and no matter where you place her or what nest box you give her she will always lay her eggs on the loft floor last season she achieved 7th YND Combine for Alan from Falaise and is a previous card and federation scorer for Alan and has been a loyal pigeon her velocity was 1368.

Alan Thompson 09 08 21
Alan Thompson

16th Combine was the successful father & Son partnership of Eric & Ashley Burdett flying 179 miles with a velocity of 1367. Their bird a 3y Dark Widowhood flown cock this cock also scored well in the Northern Classic Specialist Club in this race and he is a Florengles X Andre Clements which consists of a Grandson out of their Midlands National yearling classic winner from Falaise being his father in his breeding.

17th combine was Don Footitt flying 189 miles with a 2y blue widowhood flown cock that also achieved 3rd Nottinghamshire SR Federation and 1st Retford FC this cocks sisters and brothers have already topped the Nottinghamshire SR Federation Don Informs me and his breeding is of Dirk Van Den Bulks via Micky Collins of Birmingham crossed with Dons faithful Herman Cuesters his velocity was 1366.

Don Footitt 09 08 21
Dan Footitt

18th combine was the Tunningley Brothers flying 215 miles with this bird also achieving 3rd Central Yorkshire Federation and 2nd Knottingley FC the bird a 1y blue cock flown on the roundabout system is a Herman Cuesters X a Harry Jackson of Selby Franz Zwols and this birds father has achieved 5x 1st cards for the Brothers their velocity was 1365.65.

19th & 21st combine flying 199 miles and scoring well in the Derbyshire Federation was E Debenham & Son with velocities of 1365.48 & 1365.30.

22nd Combine was previous YND combine winner from Falaise Gary Beaumont flying 210 miles he also achieved 1st Doncaster SR Federation & 1st Moorend FC this 4y blue widowhood flown cock has achieved 10 x 1st clubs already for Gary and has been a very consistent faithful bird his breeding is of Leo Herman’s bred out stock birds obtained from Brian Johnson of Doncaster Gary’s velocity was 1364.

Well that’s the top 22 birds out 6,461 birds and report 1 done of 4 reports to do well done all.

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