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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 17-08-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The Nottingham North Road Federation was Racing from Blaydon on the 19/6/21 with Ian Daikin and Alan Todd getting the race underway at 11.40 am into a south east wind.

The top half of the federation was as follows; winning the federation plus claiming 2nd, 7th & 8th federation was Riggott & Richardson flying 123 miles with their widowhood cock flying team. Their winning bird a 1y chequer Wildesmersch cock followed by another 1y blue Wildesmersch cock then a 1y pencil pied Lambrecht’s cock which was followed in by a 2y blue white flight cock that was a Wildesmersch bred by the Mitchell Brothers with velocities of 2 x 1358 & 1351 & 1349.

1st Fed Blaydon

3rd federation was Kevin Lawson flying 124 miles with a 1y chequer Herman Cuesters widowhood flown cock doing 1353.889.

4th, 5th, 6th, 9th & 12th federation flying 134 miles was Shaun Pilgrim his first a 2y blue widowhood flown cock of Jan Grondelier X Syndicate loft bird his 2nd a 1y Kevin Lawson Van Loon Celibate flown hen followed by a Great Granddaughter out of the Syndicate lofts Drum celibate flown hen then a 1y same way bred as the one before this celibate flown hen and behind clocking a 1y Rob Horton Lambrecht X A Greek Rung Leon Bores bird from the Bulgarian Kalamanci one loft race this hen last won the New North Road Amalgamation young bird race from Berwick & finally a 1y celibate flown dark pied Lambrecht’s hen  his velocities were 1353, 1352, 1351, 2x 1348 & 1339.

Shaun Pilgrim
Shaun Pilgrim

11th federation was Paul Crooks flying 141 miles with a 2y blue Herman Cuesters hen flown on the chaos roller coaster system doing 1346.

Over to the clubs Blidworth FC 1st Mr & Mrs T Mounsey 1280 2nd Mr & Mrs Knowles 1263.

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Riggott & Richardson 2x 1358.

Calverton FC 1st Mr & Mrs Kirkpatrick 1329. 2nd A Kemp & Son 1283.

Cotgrave FC 1st & 2nd Tom & Dougie Fisher 2 x 1285

Eastwood FC 1st & 2nd John Parker 1296 & 1293.

Newark FC 1st & 2nd Robert Pacey 1299 & 1256.

Ruddington FC 1st & 2nd Paul Crooks 1346 & 1326.

Syston FC 1st & 2nd Michael Thorpe 2 x 1299.

Hucknall FC 1st & 2nd Shaun Pilgrim 1353 & 1352.

The Rat Man.