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The Welsh North Road Federation - 19-08-21

The Welsh North Road Federation

The Welsh North Road Federation kicked off its 2021 young bird season with its first race being flown from Ludlow Race Course and the federation warmly welcomes the new north road route flying clubs of the King William (Billy) NR Flying Club and Abergavenny NR Flying Club we hope they enjoy their racing and involvement and we wish them the very best of luck.  So on the 26/7/21 at 08.15am into a light north west wind the head convoyer liberated the birds and started the race off.

The top ten positions in the federation were as follows winning the federation plus claiming 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ,6th & 7th federation was no stranger to winning ways and especially now he’s back on the north road route were he has achieved some impressive success flying on the north road route back in the day when the New North Road Federation flew the north road route he was one of the men to beat before turning east to west and he has achieved some impressive results on the east to west route as well so winning the first young bird race was Anthony Buttigieg & Son Anthony informs us all his entire young bird team and these scoring birds have been bred by Derek Nicholls of the Premier Stud and all are bred off their successful Herman Cuesters and Dirk Van Den Bulks these are flown on the Darkness system with both sexes being Separated throughout the week and flown on the sliding door chaos system over the marking and racing days they flew 57 miles and Anthony’s velocities were 1628, 1627, 1625, 3 x 1624 & 1620.

Anthony Buttigieg

Chasing Anthony’s tail and claiming 8th, 9th & 10th Federation was Chris McCarthy and this being his first race at the mighty Pill Pigeon Club Chris flew 62 miles with his team of young birds on the Darkness system and left together flying back to the perch and each other his first bird a Best Kittel young cock from Derek Rooney lines followed in by a young north east homing union rung cock bred and purchased off Steve Coulter of Newcastle and this being out one of his successful Soojen family pairs and his third bird being another Derek Rooney Best Kittel young hen Chris’s velocities were two birds finishing together on 1605 then 1603.

Chris McCarthy

All the Best for now.

The Rat Man..