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The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird - 23-08-21

The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird

The Amalgamation’s last old bird race was being flown from Thurso on the far northern tip of Scotland it was myself that attended Thurso with chief convoyer Clarence Haymes, its been well over 10 years since I last attended Thurso and it gets no closer when driving but well worth the drive enjoying the fabulous Scottish scenery on route. 

Once attended Thurso on Friday morning the birds were watered and the curtains left open allowing that scented sea breeze to flow through the creates and it was time for both drivers and pigeons to rest.  After a rest period the birds were fed the Quality BJF energy mix and fresh water applied, after walking on the Beach and talking to the locals it was time for bed.  In the morning of the Saturday the 31st of July we was greeted with fine drizzle and low cloud and the loud fog horn bellowing from the Scrabster Daily Orkney island Ferry leaving Scrabster bay for the Orkney Islands and this was not clearing and bearing in mind we had birds on board from the south part of Somerset in the main amalgamation race, the time frame was running out so unfortunately a hold over was called and once again regular water applications and fresh being reapplied and the birds were fed again and at 1pm the drizzle and cloud cleared and Mr Sunshine came out with masses of thick white fluffy clouds and blue skies.  Typical when things had been set but that’s how the cookie crumbles the birds welfare comes first.

Thurso bay
Thurso Bay

On Sunday the 1st of August the morning was high cloud, overcast but no sunshine out but good visibility as we say no sun no fun! But one thing in our favour was a north west helping wind blowing strong over from Scrabster harbour and this was the case all the way home for the birds so we had plenty of time to allow the sunshine to come through allowing the birds that vital start and at 9am he started to burn through so after the low cloud had cleared and a warm sunshine out the main Amalgamation birds were liberated at 09.15am and the two bird birds liberated at 09.30am and this was done by us by local Thurso pigeon fancier David Smith who came to visit us. 

Both liberations cleared well, the top half of the two bird result was as follows with a small kit of birds flying 400 miles it was a lot of interest in seeing the result and the birds made easy work of it with most members clocking both their entries in and having all birds back on the day. The result now. Winning the two bird race for twice on the trot and with the same pigeon doing it twice for them as not many folk can say really when you look at it my bird was like single tossed from Elgin and Thurso and the bird winning two races in two completely different conditions the Elgin race a very hot extreme tough slow hard race and the Thurso a warm fast race it’s certainly a good pigeon that deserves some credit for what it’s achieved the winners were Keith Orton with his silent assassin partner Alan Wayman known locally to all as Chick. Their winning bird the same that won Elgin two bird is a natural flown 2y hen flying back to her nest baby and is one of Chick’s Jansen’s crossed with a Larry & Kevin Gaunt Jan Arden they won £108.30p flying 391 miles doing a velocity of 1562.

Alan Wayman Keith Orton
Alan Wayman & Keith Orton

Taking 2nd & 5th flying 397 miles was Gregg & Gemma Johnson winning £50 their first bird  a 6y rung Red cock flown on natural  that was bred in 2016 and has an old ring on as he was a late bred in 2016 he is a Dave Thompson of Grimesthorpe Barnsley bird crossed with a Jansen and their second a 3y blue white flight Shaun Pilgrim bred hen that is a Van Den Bosch crossed a Jan Grondelier flown to nest eggs their velocities were 1506 & 1402.

Gregg Gemma Johnson
Greg & Gemma Johnson

3rd place was Peter Norris winning £30 flying 409 miles his scoring bird a 3y blue white flight hen that is a Peter Vertue Jan Arden that has flown on widowhood all season but was paired up on natural for this Thurso race her velocity was 1444.

4th place was A Kemp & Son flying 400 miles winning £11.30p with a 6y mealy widowhood flown cock that is of Andy’s own created breeding bird that consists of some of George Bell’s birds of Calverton in his breeding his velocity was 1414.

6th was Mr & Mrs Tom Mounsey flying 391 miles with a 2y dark white flight Louella Jan Arden Hen flown on the natural system she previously scored well in the main amalgamation race from Elgin two weeks prior to this race her velocity was 1283.

7th was Wayne Knobbs flying 391 miles with a widowhood flown 3y blue pied cock that is a Ray & Rose Lander bred Bushart doing a velocity of 1103.

The Rat Man.