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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 27-08-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The Nottingham North Road federation was racing on the 26/6/21 which in the north east side of England was very inclement weather both Saturday & Sunday so after moving from sites on the A1 and playing it safe with a glorious sunshine spell in north West Yorkshire the federation transporter pulled up onto Wetherby race course myself on this day was visiting family and was at a wedding at Leeds and it was glorious sunshine yet in the north was low cloud with that haze visibility around the north east areas around the A1 so after the birds were settled and watered for a period the birds were released from Wetherby at 14:30pm into a light north wind.

The top ten in the federation were as follows taking a well-earned first federation was Mr Micheal and Mrs Colleen Reeves flying 61 miles their winner a 2y chequer cock which is a Herman Cuesters that is bred from off a pair of birds obtained from David Slack of Heanor their winning velocity was 1648.

Mick Reeves federation winner
Mick Reeves Federation Winner

Claiming 2nd and 3rd federation was Billy Bearder & Sons flying 66 miles with 2 x 1y blue widowhood flown cocks their first a Wildesmersch x Jansen their second a Wildesmersch x Bushart x Jansen the Busharts originate from Ron Booth of Bristol and these two cocks have their NRCC Fraserburgh winning cock called Mozzy in their breeding shake up as well. Their velocities were 2 x 1641.

4th federation was R Hallsworth flying 59 miles doing 1638.

5th & 9th federation was Kevin & Donna Spires flying 67 miles their first bird a 1y blue hen which is a Dirk Van Den Bulk bred by the Julta Brothers of London and their second a Syndicate loft X Marcel Woulters 1y blue pied cock with velocities of 1635 & 1604.

Kevin Spires
Kevin Spires

6th & 7th federation was Shaun Pilgrim flying 62 miles his first a 1y chequer white flight cock which is a Joop Koch his second a Rob Horton Lambrecht’s 1y blue cock both were flown on the widowhood system with velocities of 1633 & 1631.

8th federation was John Swinn flying 58 miles with a 1y Jan Arden x Herman Cuesters red hen flown on natural her mother has won 8 x 1st clubs at Blidworth club John’s local club plus scored many times in the federation his velocity was 1605. 10th federation was Paul Crooks flying 70 miles with a 1y blue chequer Herman Cuesters hen doing 1598 flown on Paul’s chaos system.

At the Clubs Eastwood FC 1st Mr & Mrs Reeves 1648. 2nd R Hallsworth 1638.

Ruddington FC 1st & 2nd Billy Bearder & Sons 2 x 1641

Hucknall FC 1st Kevin & Donna Spiers 1635 2nd Shaun Pilgrim 1633

Blidworth FC 1st John Swinn 1605 2nd Wayne Knobbs 1537.

Ollerton FC 1st Kevin Lawson 1580 2nd Riggott & Richardson 1678.

Cotgrave FC 1st J & A Cole 1576 2nd Perkins & Raynor 1494.

Syston FC 1st & 2nd Micheal Thorpe 1563 & 1562

Calverton FC 1st Phillip Rowson 1553 2nd A Kemp & Son 1520

Newark FC 1st & 2nd Mr & Mrs Sterland 1391 & 1377.

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