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The New North Road Amalgamation - 07-09-21

The New North Road Amalgamation

The New North Road Amalgamation held its last old bird race of the season from Thurso, North Scotland in the Highlands and after a 1 day holdover, head convoyer Clarence Haymes liberated the birds at 09.15am on the 1/8/21 into a north west wind.

Rainbow at sea on the holdover
Rainbow at sea on the holdover

The top 10 now in the two sending sections were as follows, in the North section winning the section plus winning the amalgamation and first Derbyshire NR Federation was John Hendy with half his birds being broken birds or the remaining birds of Mr & Mrs Murray as unfortunately Edgar Murray passed away.  Edgar was a loyal supporter of the Derbyshire NR federation and the new north amalgamation and was a founder member of both organisations when Edgar had passed away and his wife Margret left in the large garden and family home.  John Hendy purchased Edgar’s house and lofts, moving off the allotments this has made things a lot easier for John and he kept all of Edgar’s birds and moved his own birds into his new house and lofts and broke these out. John has also gained the help of Brian Bennett who was Edgar’s silent partner and mentor so it’s great to see them both working together and racing and keeping it all going.  Their winning bird flew 388 miles with a natural flown 2y blue chequer cock that was bred by Edgar and Brian Bennett and is a pure Dave Boxford Bushart bred out of a pair of Busharts purchased from Dave Boxford. John won £50.50p with a velocity of 1678 he also achieved 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th open & section.  His second bird a Belgium rung 2y blue natural cock that John Wheatcroft brought Edgar a kit of 2019 young birds back from the Belgium Beval football squeaker sale to try. John’s next 3 scoring birds are his own bred birds that he has broken out at his new location and these are off 3 x 3y Jan Ardens crossed with Roy Black of South Normanton birds. John’s remaining velocities were 1652, 1650, 1649 & 1640.

John Hendy Thurso thunder
John Hendy

2nd open & section was Richard Oldham flying 394 miles and winning £15 with a 2y chequer roundabout system flown hen bred by Gordon Clark of Hartlepool and is a Geoff & Catherine Cooper based bred bird from their Farmers Boy lines her velocity was 1675.

2nd open Thurso
2nd Open Thurso

Taking 3rd, 4th & 5th open & section and winning £21.50p was Wayne Knobbs flying 391 miles with 3 x Ray & Rose Lander Bushart cocks flown on the widowhood system with two birds dropping together on 1674 then 1673.

6th open & 6th section was Gregg Johnson flying 397 miles with a 5y dark chequer natural flown cock which is a Herman Cuesters bred by the late Neil Inger his velocity was 1652.

Over now to the West section taking 1st & 2nd section plus 27th & 28th open and 1st & 2nd open South West of England Lerwick Club was David Fox flying 476 miles with previously flown south road birds winning £104.50p.  His first bird and second bird are both nest mate sisters as two hens were in the nest bowl the first a 2y natural flown red hen and her sister a 2y Red hen now the second clocked bird has previously won and scored in the Lerwick club open for David previously winning 1st club from Pontefract & Thornton Park plus a now 2nd club Thurso at Nailsworth FC and her sister has also achieved minor cards at Nailsworth FC.  They are both of the late Stan Dangerfield Distance family of birds David’s velocities were 1510 & 1499.

David Fox the Red Baron
David Fox - The Red Baron

3rd section & 29th open winning £64.75p was Szmaglik & Humphries flying 488 miles with a natural flown 3y chequer pied hen which is a Jan Arden crossed Jan Polders this hen is a daughter bred out of the partnership’s previous Lerwick open winner in the SWELC their velocity was 1490.

Ron Szmaglik
Ron Szmaglik

4th section and 33rd open was David Bullingham flying 476 miles winning £50 with a 2y red pied cock flown on the roundabout system and he is of David’s old Bushart strain kept. His velocity was 1392.

5th section and 34th open was Wesley Selway flying 510 miles winning £24.50p with a natural flown 1y black pied Bushart hen that is bred from off a purchased pair of Busharts from Joe Mcgough of the north east Wesley informs us this was the first time this hen was paired up and sat nest eggs and her eggs had just chipped out the day before Thurso marking and he had to prize her off the nest bowl to take her to the Thurso marking station her velocity was 1385.

6th section 36th open was Robert Light flying 493 miles winning £12.75p with a 5y natural flown chequer hen that was a gift bred bird from local Bristol south road flyer Dennis Whiteside and she has been a good loyal servant of the sky for Robert her velocity was 1295.

7th section & 37th open was Terry Ball flying 493 miles winning £6.10p with a 2y blue Raw De Sablon cock doing 1292.

8th section 38th open was Dave Smith flying 487 miles with a natural flown blue pied hen sent feeding a 7 day old nest baby she is a Paul Stobbs Soojen her velocity was 1266.

9th section 42nd open was Sheldon Horn flying 512 miles with a 3y dark chequer cock flown on natural that achieved previously 4th open SWELC Lerwick 625 miles for Sheldon he is a Mr & Mrs Venner of Street Somerset old distance family and has been a strong loyal bird for Sheldon his velocity was 984.

10th section 43rd open was Chris & John Adams flying 491 miles with a 2y blue cock that was paired up off the widowhood system for Thurso onto natural that is a Coreman strain bird with a achieving velocity of 960.

The Rat Man.