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The Welsh North Road Federation - 14-09-21

The Welsh North Road Federation

The WNRF held its second young bird race of the season and its race programme this was from the historic market town of Ludlow, at the race course for the liberation site.  So on the 31/7/21 at 07.45 am in a south west wind the birds were liberated and set on their way home.

The top ten positions in the federation were as follows taking the throne seat this week on winning the federation was Mr & Mrs Campbell, their winning bird, a young blue cock that is flown on the Darkness System and also flown on the celibate system with both sexes kept completely away from each other. His breeding is of the Herman Cuesters strain bred from a pair of birds obtained from the late Thomas Blair (Tam Blair) of Scotland who was a very successful flyer in one loft races and other high profile organisations the cock flew 71 miles with a velocity of 1066.69.  The partnership of Mr & Mrs Campbell also achieved 2nd federation with a celibate Darkness system flown Dark chequer cock that is a Rudy Van Reeth X Dirk Van Den Bulk breeding with a velocity of 1066.39. With both the birds coming to the loft together to win.

Mr Mrs Campbell 14 09 21
Mr & Mrs Campbell

Claiming 3rd federation was Dyer, Dyer & Francis Hudd their bird being a blue hen flown on the Darkness system and also the sliding door system with both sexes separated and the sliding door in operation on marking day and race return her breeding is of breeding from a pair of birds from the partnership of Salton & Maddison from Newcastle from their Gabby Vandenbeale birds their velocity was 1064 flying 70 miles.

Roger Dyer 14 09 21
Roger Dyer

In 4th, 6th & 7th federation was Hadden & Son flying 57 miles Brian informs me all scoring birds are Herman Cuesters bred from Premier Stud stock with the young birds flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together in the loft with nest boxes also available in the loft section for the young birds to pair and sit eggs if they wanted  Brian’s velocities were 1063.61, & 2 x 1063.42 with 3 x birds coming together.

Breaking Brian up to take 5th federation was Ken Darlington flying 70 miles with a blue Darkness flown hen flying back to the perch she is a Leo Herman her father is called Blue Ace which is bred from a direct daughter of Better than Bolt of Leo Herman and her mother is a Wall Lunt & Green bred from out their famous box 9 bird Ken’s velocity was 1063.48.

8th & 9th federation was Anthony Buttigieg & Son flying 57 miles with 2 x direct Derek Nicholls of the Premier Stud bred Dirk Van Den Bulks bred for Anthony to race his velocities were 2 x 1062 with 2 x birds dropping together.

10th federation was Terry Haywood flying 63 miles with a blue pied hen which is a Herman Cuesters bred out of purchased stock birds from Gary Cox this hen flew on the Darkness system with both sexes left together in the young bird loft Terry’s velocity was 1061.

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