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Enfield Continental Flying Club Dec 2016


Enfield Continental Flying Club

Dec 2016

Down at the Cabbage Patch since our last Club Update, we were shocked to hear some really sad news, that Club member Bob Hutton had died after a short illness. Bob only joined the Club earlier on in the season after a break of nearly 10 years without racing with young birds bred by his friends and in the last race of the season he won the UBI Combine from Carentan.
Bob grew up in Hoxton and was a very good Boxer as well as a Footballer and he then moved to East Barnet, then to Southgate he was a very successful fancier in the 70s right thru until he took a break from racing about 10 years ago so that he could spend more time with his wife Rose, their Children and Grandchildren . When Bob raced before he used to race in the Southgate Club where the competition was very fierce but friendly to which all of the members still remain great friends today.

Bob Hutton

Even though Bob was in the Enfield Club for only one year he knew most of the members before he joined and he was very well liked by all and he will always be well remembered by everyone as a very charming happy man who would do anything to help people.
Bobs funeral took place on the 16th of December and i could not attend as I was unable to get the time off of work, and from what I have been told by members who were there, the turnout for the funeral was amazing and that there was so many people there that some people had to stay outside as the church was full, which goes to show how loved Bob was by everyone who ever met him.

Bob and Rose

The members of the Club offer our deepest condolences to Bob’s wife Rose, children Lynn, Clare, Jennie and Tom,

the Grandchildren and all of the rest of the family.

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