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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update


Enfield Continental Flying Club



Down at the Cabbage Patch there has not been much happening since the Racing Season ended, but now it is the turn of our Show Season.


The First show arrived which was Old Birds Eyesign and our Judge was Johnny Black of Stotfold. John is a past winner of the MNFC, and since racing in the BICC & NFC, has won 7x1st Section. For the First show there were 57 pigeons in the Class and Entrants for the show had came from Club members as well as Fanciers from Essex and Hertfordshire. The prizes were split between a lot of the people who had entered with First Place going to Jamie Turner with a Chequer Pied Van Lint Cock who was Bred and Raced by Dave Ramsay of Hazelmere.


OB Eyesign winner owned by Jamie Turner. 


This Cocks racing career included winning 4x1st Club, 2x1st Fed, 2nd Fed, 4th Fed, as well as scoring several more lower Club & Federation positions. Second place was Russ o’Cuneffe with a Chequer Pied De Klak Cock who Russ said that he normally scores every time when shown. Third Place was John Pennell with a Blue White Flight Marijke Vink Cock, a winner of 1st UBI Combine Poitiers. Fourth was Geoff Barker with a Chequer Lambrecht Cock, who has bred pigeons to score up to 2nd Open WDA. Reserve was Jamie Turner with a Blue Hen, bred by Mark Bulled and is a Daughter of Champion Eastbourne, 1st BBC National Fougeres.


YB Eyesign winner with the owner John Pennell.



Taking VHC was Billy Watkins with a Grizzle Jos Thorne Hen, who was bred by the Natural Breeding Station. HC was Johnny Lamprell with a Chequer Pied Busschaert Cock, who has scored 3x3rd Section in the NRCC when racing from Lerwick. Finally with Commended was Mihai & Roxanna Piper with a Blue Hen who came into Mihai & Roxanna and has since been transferred to them.


Our next show was Young Birds Eyesign, and that was on the 10th of November which was Remberance Sunday. I started off at my local Cenotaph then made my way to the Show hoping that we would get another good turnout and at the end of penning there was 47 entered. Our judge was Bernie McDermott of the McDermott & Jones partnership of Essex. They had a good season racing in the Nationals taking 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th & 10th Section, and 4th,4th, 10th, 12th, 28th & 34th Open, this in their first year flying in partnership.


OB EYESIGN judge Johnny Black 



At the end of Judging the prizes awarded were as follows. First prize was John Pennell with a Koopman. 2nd went to Russ O’cuneffe with a Robbie & Andrew Wilton Janssen. Third & Fourth was Billy Watkins with 2 from his Wells Fargo family which come from his Peter Wells of Dunstable Stock. Reserve went to Mihai & Roxanna Piper with a Braade de Joode x Koopman. VHC was Billy Mustafi with a Cooreman x Vanderbeele. HC & Commended was Mihai & Roxanna Piper with 2 brothers to their 1st UBI Combine winner who are of Marijke Vink x Koopman bloodlines.

In our next write up we will have the results of our OCTTW as well as OHTTW shows.


YB Eyesign judge Bernie McDermott of the McDermott & Jones partnership. 


Until next time take care.


Jamie T