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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update 16-10-18

Enfield Continental Flying Club


Down at the Cabbage Patch with the end of the season fast approaching the races were coming thick and fast, with the members sending each week getting less and less due to the moult as well as losses, which have extremely bad this season all over the country from what fanciers have been saying on Social media, with some people having not even getting to the racing stage due to having lost them all training, with others saying that there’s had been suffering from sickness.

Now getting back to the racing, the Inter Counties Fed had a comeback race from Lyndhurst. Our Convoyer Harry Burgin had them up nice and early at 6.20 in a Light South West Wind. Taking the first 3 positions is Peter Twyford with a Red Chequer Soontjen x Braspenning x Busschaert Hen, The Dam being a Soontjen x Brasspenning gifted to Peter from Geoff Barker and the Sire was given to Don Stocking and won 2nd Combine Hexham, but was returned back to Peter when Don packed up. 2nd place was a Blue W/F Busschaert Cock with the Sire being a 2x1st prize winner from Lyndhurst and Blandford, and third club being a Blue Busschaert Hen. 4th Club is Steve Sheffield with a Red Chequer Busschaert Cock. In 5th place is Billy Watkins with a Chequer Pied Cock from his Wells Fargo family bred from Peter Wells Stock. Finally in 6th spot is Jim Courtney with a Blue Chequer Braad De Joode Hen, being bred from a pair gifted to Jim by John Marchant.

The Following week we were back at Blandford and the birds were Liberated at 11.30 in a South West Wind. Taking the First 3 for the second week running was Peter Twyford with a Blue Lambrecht x Busschaert Hen, The sire being bred by Geoff Barker and is a past winner from Honiton, The Dam being from Peter’s Busschaert family. 2nd club was a Mealy Busschaert Hen, a nestmate to 2nd Club Lyndhurst and the 3rd Club being a Blue Busschaert Hen, a full Sister to Peter’s best Young bird last year having won 1st Club Lyndhurst and 1st Club Carentan.  4th and 5th Club was Billy Watkins with the same Blue Hen bred by Tony Cripps of Portsmouth who was won in a raffle on a coach trip to Houten show earlier in the year who has also taken 1st Club Lyndhurst,  

and a Dark Chequer Cock bred by George Chalkley. With Jim Courtney in 6th place with a Blue Busschaert Cock a half-brother to Jim’s Carentan Combine winner.

The Following week we were at Yeovil and the birds were up nice and early at 6.45 in a North West Wind. Continuing his excellent form Peter Twyford takes the first three again with a Red Chequer Soontjen x Brasspenning x Busschaert Hen, who won 1st Club Lyndhurst 3 weeks before. 2nd Club was a Blue Lambrecht x Busschaert Hen that took 3rd Club Lyndhurst. With the 3rd Club being a Mealy Busschaert Hen, who had previously taken 2nd Club Blandford. Taking 4th, 5th and 6th positions was Jim Courtney with a Dark Chequer Busschaert Cock with the Dam been given to Jim by Peter Twyford to put a cross in to Jim’s Busschaert family, a Blue Pied Hen, and a Dark Chequer Hen both Busschaerts.

The last race that the members sent to was a UBI Combine race from Honiton, and due to the weather they were liberated at 12.15. Peter Twyford continues his fine form taking 1st and 2nd Club. Peter’s winner was a Blue Lambrecht x Busschaert Cock, nest mate to the Blue Hen who won from Blandford. Peter’s second bird was a Blue Pied Busschaert Cock, Nest mate to 4th Club Blandford. 3rd Club is Jim Courtney with a Dark Chequer Busschaert Cock. 4th Club is Peter Twyford with a Blue Busschaert Cock, the Sire having been a winner of 1st Club Honiton as a YB last year. Taking 5th and 6th Club is Jim Courtney with a Blue Pied Hen and a Dark Chequer Cock both Busschaerts.

In the last write up I mentioned that we might have some good news that local fanciers might be interested in. For years we used to host local Shows during the closed season, when the Clubs HQ was based at Deephams and Westbourne Hall, and since we moved to the Cabbage Patch in 2013 we have not been holding them. And having had several conversations between myself and Billy Watkins with help from Steve Sheffield helping me putting up the show pens, we are proud to announce that we will be having the shows again starting this year, and these will be every Sunday with the details of the shows in this write up. Due space bring at a premium, there is only Approximately 60 pens available each week and will be on a first come first served basis, and next year we will have a bigger venue for our shows, and will have more spaces available each week.

The Show dates are below, and we have managed to get some of the Biggest names in the Sport to agree to Judge including MNFC, BBC, NFC winners as well as a 1st open BICC  National and International winner so come along to see how you get on.

Nov 11th OCTTW

Nov 18th OHTTW

Nov 25th YCTTW

Dec 2nd      YHTTW

Dec 9th     OB Eyesign

Dec 16th YB Eyesign

Dec 23rd Pied Class / Funny Colour TTW

There will also be a weekly Raffle with prizes as well as a bar with cheap drinks.

For all classes it will be £1 per pigeon and Penning will be from 11.30am to 12.30pm and the Judging starting dead on 12.30. The address of the Cabbage Patch is 82A Church Road, Ponders End, Enfield EN3 4NU.

Before I end these notes, the Club would like to thank the Inter Counties Fed for another good season of Racing and we are hoping that it continues into 2019 and beyond.

Until next time,

Take Care

Jamie T......