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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update 06-09-16



Enfield Continental Flying Club Update

Down at the Cabbage patch the fourth Young Bird race of the season arrived, and was to be raced from Honiton, which to our members is between 137-147 miles. For this race 10 members sent 155 birds, and these were Liberated at 9.15am in a W.S.W wind. Taking 1st & 2nd Club also 19th Inter Counties Fed is Bob Hutton, The first being a Blue Eric Ceuleman x Jan Loots x Braspenning. This Hen took 4th Club Lyndhurst earlier in the YB season. Bobs next pigeon taking 2nd Club is a Blue Soontjen Hen who was Bred by club mate Geoff Barker, who’s sire has won many prizes and has bred winners up to Combine Level including 1st UBI Combine.
In 3rd place this week is Peter Twyford with a Blue Chequer Cock from Peters Busschaert family which go back to Busschaerts obtained from Shaun Fields. 4th place once again is Bob Hutton with a Blue Hen which was bred by Les Hicks from Islington. 5th spot this week is Geoff Barker with a Blue Chequer Lambrecht Cock. Finally in 6th place this week is Paul Stone with a Blue Cock which was bred by Dave Ramsay of Hazlemere.

Bob Hutton

For our following race we had a comeback race from Salisbury and we were expecting a bigger turnout with the birdage, and at the end of marking 11 Members had sent 214 birds which were liberated at 6.30am in a Light West Wind, but it was from Lyndhurst as the transporter was unable to access the Lib site at Salisbury. Taking 1st and 2nd Club this week is Peter Twyford firstly with a Blue Cock, then a Blue Hen which are from Peters multi Combine winning Busschaert family which go back to Shaun Fields with a Couple of additions from Club mate Jim Courtney. 3rd place went to Bob Hutton with a Roland Janssen x Jan Loots Grizzle Hen. In 4th spot is Paul Stone with a Blue Pied VDB Cock from his No.1 Stock Cock. Finally 5th & 6th spot goes to Steve Sheffield, with a Blue Van Rijn Cock who is from a pair obtained thru club mate Jamie Turner from Jamie & Andy Martindale from Hull which contains the bloodlines of “Martindales Express” winner of 13x1sts, 13x2nds etc. The 6th placed pigeon is a Blue Pied Lambrecht Hen bred from direct Lambrechts purchased at Blackpool, For our next race we were back at Lyndhurst, with the race being changed to Saturday marking for a Sunday race due to the weather forecast not looking all that great, with one local South Road Fed racing on the Saturday to which one Club in it being 400ypm behind the winners. At the end of Marking 10 members had sent 150 birds, which were liberated at 9.45am in a West Wind. Taking 1st & 2nd Club is Bob Hutton with the winner being a Pencil Cock, The Sire being a Janssen VDB bred by club mate Paul Stone, and the Dam is a Soontjen bred by Frank Sheader. Bobs 2nd placed pigeon is a Blue Hen who was bred by Les Hicks and has already taken a 3rd & 4th Club so far this season. Peter Twyford takes the next three places, firstly with a Blue Pied Hen, then a Blue Hen who has already won earlier in the season. Peter’s next pigeon was a Blue Hen, which are all from Peter’s successful Busschaert family. Finally in the 6th spot this week is Steve Sheffield with a Dark Chequer Lambrecht Hen who’s parents were purchased at Blackpool.

"Martindales Express " Winner of 13x1sts,  13x2nds etc.

The Next race was our first Young Bird Combine of the season which was to be raced from Honiton with the UBI Combine, there was a low turnout as a lot of members are on their holidays at the moment. At the end of Marking 8 Members had sent 99 birds which were Liberated at 8.35 in a East Wind which turned out to be a hard race for some members in the Club & Federation. Taking the Winners spot once again is Peter Twyford with a Blue Busschaert Hen clocking her 2nd win, as well as also taking a 4th Club earlier in the season. In the next 3 spots is Bob Hutton with a Blue Eric Ceulemans x Jan Loots who has also taken 1x1st, 1x2nd & 1x4th Club this season, a Blue Hen bred by Les Hicks who is a previous winner of 1x2nd & 2x3rds, and lastly a Blue Cock which was Bred by Les Hicks of Islington. 5th Club this week is Jaio “John” Figuiera with a Blue Chequer Busschaert Hen. Lastly in 6th spot this week is Peter Twyford with a Blue Pied Busschaert Hen who took a 3rd Club earlier in the season.

The season has flown by down at the Cabbage Patch and there are only 2 more races left for the members to compete in unless they are going to be sending in the Nationals.
Until next time, Happy Racing

Jamie T..

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