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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update 03-08-16




Down at the Cabbage Patch the end of the old bird season was fast approaching and we were about to have a comeback race from Blandford which to our members is between 97-105 miles, but before i go into the result for this race, i have got some good news which goes back to our last update. In the last update i put that Jim Courtney had a good pigeon in the UBI Combine race which was supposedly going to be from Fourgeres, which was then moved to Le-Mans then Falaise, and finally to Carantan due to continuous holdovers and bad weather . Jim ended up being 1st Club, 1st Inter Counties Fed, 1st UBI Combine as well as 15th UBI Combine.

I asked Jim for information on this pigeon and he told me “ the Winning pigeon was not all that great as a yb or a yearling but she has done well this year and has come well when she has been raced” she is a Busschaert and her bloodlines go back to a John Palmer Hen from the old original No.1 &N0.2 pairs. These Busschaert bloodlines have won for jim several good positions including 5th NFC Nantes & 10th Open yb National as well as winning several combines at Jim’s old addresses before he moved up to Enfield. Also in this race Algis Tiatauris took 7th UBI Combine and Geoff Barker took 11th UBI Combine.
Now back to the Blandford race, 8 Members sent 129 birds which were liberated in a North Wind at 7.30am.
Taking 1st & 2nd Club also 2nd & 3rd Inter Counties Fed is the club Chairman Paul Stone with the winner being a 2 year old clocking up his 2nd win who was bred by Kevin Goodman from Dalbeattie, Scotland. Pauls 2nd pigeon is a Chequer Cock who is a Jan Loots x Soontjen who has clocked 3x1sts and 1x2nd in his last 4 races. 3rd & 4th Club, 4th & 6th Fed is Steve Sheffield, with a Chequer Louella Flor Engels Cock & a Blue Pied WLG Cock who was bred by Bryan Cowan and has scored 5 times this season. Peter Twyford is 5th Club, 10th Fed with a Blue Cock from his multi winning combine winning Busschaert family. And finally in 6th Club, 14th Fed is Geoff Barker with a Dark Grizzle Lambrecht Cock, a previous winner of 5th Club, 42nd UBI Combine Falaise, 1st Club, 8th Fed Honiton, 31st UBI Combine Le-Mans & 6th Club Carantan.

The following week we had another overseas race with the UBI Combine from Poitiers, to which most of our members would fly between 355-365 miles. For this race 10 Members sent 66 birds were liberated at 6am in a Light West wind.
Taking the winners spot this week also taking 19th Fed, 19th UBI Combine is Peter Twyford with a Chequer w/f Busschaert Hen clocking up her first win , flown on Roundabout who has flown both Coutances & Fougeres this year. This Hen is bred from a Busschaert Cock who won from Berwick & Stonehaven. In 2nd this week also taking 30th UBI Combine is Jim Courtney with a Chequer Cock of Busschaert x Brad-de-joode bloodlines who has flown all of the Channel races in the Combine this season. Taking 3rd Club, 33rd UBI Combine is Geoff Barker with a Blue Pied Lambrecht x Soontjen, who’s wins include 2nd Club Carentan, 2nd Club, 17th Fed Honiton & 3rd Club, 11th UBI Combine Carentan. 4th Club once again is Jim Courtney with a Chequer Busschaert Hen who has been a consistant pigeon for Jim all season. 5th place goes to Algis Tiatauris with a Chequer w/f Cock of De-Klak breeding who has clocked up the following positions 1st Club, 1st Fed, 2nd UBI Combine, & 2nd Club, 7th Fed, 7th UBI Combine. Finally in 6th spot this week is Peter Twyford with a Red Busschaert Hen who has scored in the past from Kingsdown & West Bay.


Michael Piper                               -                         Bob Hutton                       -                   Steve Sheffield and Steve Holloway

After what seemed like a long old bird season due to holdovers etc, the Final Old Bird Race in the Inter Counties Fed was to Be From Blandford, but due to a problem with the transporter, the birds were taken to Salisbury which is between 75-85 miles for our members. For this race 7 members sent 112 birds.
In the pole position this week is Paul Stone with a Blue Cock. The sire was bred by Bob Hutton from his successful team of Jan Loots & Braspennings. & the dam was purchased from I & D Holt from Chesham’s clearance sale, who is of Jan Loots x Joop Koch Bloodlines. In the runner up spot is Steve Sheffield with a Blue Hen who has scored several times before who’s best position is 1st sec in the BBC. Taking 3rd spot is Geoff Barker with a Dark Chequer Lambrecht Cock, who was raced North before being turned south by Geoff. His racing Career so far includes 2nd Club, 4th NTNRC Aycliffe, 3rd Club Blandford, & 2nd Club Exeter. 4th Club with his second pigeon this week is Steve Sheffield with a Blue Pied WLG Cock bred by Brian Cowan now clocking up his 6th card of the season.

Finally in 5th & 6th place is Dave Dowling, firstly wth a Janssen & the 6th placed pigeon a Braspenning who is a G son of Paul Stone’s LNRC Combine winner “Mick”.
We then had a one week break for our members to prepare for the start of the young bird season.

For our first young bird race we were at Salisbury with the Inter Counties Fed, and for this race 9 members sent 149 birds which were liberated at 6.30am in a west wind. Taking 1st Club is Steve Sheffield with a Blue Pied Busschaert Cock with the parents being bred by Louella. 2nd Club is Paul Stone with a Chequer Soontjen Cock. 3rd & 4th Club is Steve Sheffield, firstly with a Chequer wf Cock Lambrecht & a Van Rijn with the parents being direct Van Rijns purchased at Blackpool. 5th place is Billy Watkins with a Chequer Braspenning Cock. 6th place went to Paul Stone with a Chequer Cock bred by Dave Ramsay of Hazelmere which is a Jan Theelen x Van Der Wegen .
The 2nd young bird race soon arrived which was from Lyndhurst. 10 members sent 176 birds which were liberated at 6.30am with no wind given at the lib site.
In the top 2 spots this week is Peter Twyford with a Blue Hen & a Blue wf Hen, both from his family of Busschaerts. In 3rd & 4th spot this week is Bob Hutton having only his second race since moving to Potters Bar from Southgate. Firstly with a Blue Hen which was bred by Les Hicks from Islington & a Blue wf Hen Janssen x Jan Loots. The Sire of this Cock is a Braspenning who is a G son of De-Felle and he has sired many Club & Fed winners for Bob. The Dam is a Jan Loots who was bred by Dave Murphy who had the best of this family in the UK. Finally in 5th & 6th spot this week is Geoff Barker with a Blue Chequer & a Chequer Pied Cock which are both Lambrechts from Geoffs multi winning Combine family.
The 3rd young bird race of the season arrived which was from Blandford, and for this race only 7 members sent 93 birds as some members are waiting for the comeback races to send. I received the call to say that the birds were liberated at 12pm in a West Wind.
Taking 1st spot this week is Michael Piper, who also lost his Novice status.With the winning pigeon being a Blue Cock of Leo Heremans x Vink x Koopman bloodlines. The runners up spot goes to Bob Hutton with a Blue Chequer Soontjen Hen which was bred by Geoff Barker. 3rd place goes to Steve Sheffield with a Blue Pied Busschaert Hen, with both parents being from Louella. 4th place this week is another one of our new starters, Steve Holloway with a Blue Cock from a gift pair of Braspennings from Club mate Billy Watkins. And finally the 5th & 6th places go to Paul Stone, firstly with a Blue Hen who is a Jan Loots x Dave Housden Soontjen., and the 6th placed pigeon is a Blue Cock of Jan Theelan x Vd Wegen breeding and was bred by Dave Ramsay of Hazelmere. Our next race will be from Honiton and that result will be in the next update.
That’s all for now, Happy Racing.

Jamie T

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