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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update





Down at the Cabbage Patch we had our yearly A.G.M as well as a normal meeting which saw us lose 2 members, one of which is Renato Sousa who has gone back to racing north and the other is Pat O’Sullivan who has had to pack up racing due to ill health. The members then suggested that we make Pat a lifetime member of the club to keep pat interested in the pigeons. We also had 4 new members accepted into the club who are Michael Piper, Steve Holloway, Steve “Willie” Williams who did well racing in his first young bird season in the Cheshunt club last year, and lastly Bob Hutton who flew a very good team of Jan Loots a few years ago when he lived in Southgate before moving to Potters Bar last year.

After all the meetings were done we then gave out all the prizes to all the winners from last year. Starting with Dave Dowling, 1x5th.Bajram Kaqurri with a 1x4th, then Algis Tiatauris with a 1x1st including 2nd UBI Combine, next is Jim Courtney who won 1x2, 2x3rd, 1x4th,1x5th & 1x6th also a 3rd UBI Combine. Next we have Eddie Sousa with 1x1st, 1x3rd, 1x4th including 1st UBI Combine. Chris Vachos picked up 1x1st, 4x4ths, 1x5th, 3x6ths. Jaio Figueira  with 2x2nds, 1x3rd, & 1x4th. Club Secretary Steve Sheffield won 1x2nd, 1x3rd, 3x4ths, 1x5th, 1x6th. Paul Stone with his team of Braspenning, Tist Eyssen & Soontjens picked up 4x1sts, 3x2nds, 3x3rds, 7x4ths, 2x5ths & 2x6ths. Runner up for the highest prize winner this year is Peter Twyford with his excellent team of Busschaerts who won 7x1sts, 5x2nds, 5x3rds, 4x4ths, 5x5ths & 5x6ths. Top prize winner for the 2nd year running goes to Geoff Barker with his brilliant Lambrechts who won 7x1sts, 9x2nds, 7x3rds, 1x4th, 5x5ths & 3x6ths. The season was a good season for the club with very good flyers and to get into the top 10 you were doing well as the club scored most weeks in the Federation as well as the Combine, as well as members scoring in both the BICC & the BBC,

with now 11 or 12 members who will be racing in the Nationals this year.

For the 2016 season the club now has 20 members

On the 7th Feb the Inter Counties fed had their AGM in which the Huntingdon Club was accepted into the fed, and another letter from a club from Basildon who wanted to join for the 2016 season. Also a proposed race programme which, if accepted will make racing very exciting for the 2016 season.

That’s all for Now!

Jamie T.



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