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Enfield Continental FC Update Races 5 - 8


Enfield Continental FC

Update Races 5 - 8

Down at the Cabbage Patch the season is now in full swing and the races are coming thick and fast and our 5th race of the season was a UBI Combine race which was due to be from Yelverton, but unfortunately we were unable to gain access to the lib site so the birds were then taken to Exeter and were Liberated at 10am in a North Wind. For this race 12 members sent 197 birds and taking top spot this week is Steve Sheffield, who also took 24th Inter Counties Fed, 42nd UBI Combine with a Blue Louella Lindelauf Cock, who is a past winner as well as taking numerous other prizes during his racing career.  In 2nd and 3rd place we have Geoff Barker firstly with a Chequer Pied widower Lambrecht Cock ,a previous winner of 1st  Club, 12th  Inter Counties Fed Exeter, 2nd  Club, 11th  Inter Counties Fed, 13th  UBI Combine Falaise and 1st  Club, 16th  Inter Counties Fed Honiton, and  a Blue widower Lambrecht Cock, who is a previous winner of 1st  Club, 13th Inter Counties Fed, 17th  UBI Combine Carentan, 4th  Club, 13th  Inter Counties Fed Blandford , 2nd  Club Exeter and  6th  Club Carentan. 4th Club Goes to Steve Sheffield with a Blue Louella Busschaert Cock. 5th Club this week goes to Paul Stone with a Blue Chequer Braspenning Cock. Finally in 6th spot this week is Algis Tiatauris with a Chequer De Klak Cock.

Race 6 was our first overseas race of the UBI Combine this season which was from Carentan, to which most of our members fly between 160-170 miles, and at the end of marking on the Thursday night 10 members had sent 100 birds.                                                                                   On Saturday morning I received the phone call from Dave Housden saying that the birds had been liberated at 10am in a South Wind, and taking top spot this week, also 1st Inter Counties Fed, 1st UBI Combine is Mihai Piper with a Chequer Koopman x Vink Cock who also won the Honiton race earlier in the season. Paul Stone takes 2nd Club, 8th Inter Counties Fed, 10th UBI Combine with a Blue Braspenning x Tist Eyssen. In 3rd and 4th spot is Algis Tiatauris firstly with a Blue De Klak Cock and a Blue Vandenabeele Hen. 5th Club goes to Jim Courtney with a Blue Busschaert Cock who contains the old Twirler and John Palmer bloodlines. This Cock flew back to his box and nest bowl as Jim has no hens at the present time due to a fox getting into his loft and killing them all. Finally in 6th spot this week is Peter Twyford with a Chequer Cock from his very successful Busschaert family.

Race 7 was a comeback race for us which were at Honiton, where 12 members sent 174 birds which were liberated at 7am in a Light South West Wind. The winner this week is Peter Twyford with a Blue Yearling Lambrecht Cock who was gifted to Peter by club mate Geoff Barker. 2nd Club goes to Jim Courtney with a Busschaert Cross. The Sire bred by John Pennell when paired to one of Jims Hens. Once again in 3rd and 4th spot is Peter Twyford, firstly with a Blue Cock who was bred by the Southgate ace Bob Taylor, and then a Mealy Busschaert Cock who is a son of Peter’s 1st UBI Combine Kingsdown winner. Finally 5th and 6th spot goes to Geoff Barker with a Blue Pied Lambrecht x Soontjen Cock, previous winner of 5th Club Coutances and 5th Club, 39th UBI Combine Carentan and a Dark Chequer Pied Lambrecht Cock, who has also won 2nd Club, 9th Inter Counties Fed, 15th UBI Combine Coutances.

Race 8 at the Cabbage patch was another overseas race with the UBI Combine from Coutances, and for this race 11 members sent 111 birds which were liberated at 7.30am in a South Wind, and in the top spot this week we have Peter Twyford who also took 39th UBI Combine with a Red Chequer Busschaert Cock picking up his first red card who is a Grandson of 1st Combine Stonehaven. 2nd and 3rd Club Algis Tiatauris with a Belgian Grizzle Cock and a Blue Chequer De Klak Hen.  4th Club is Peter Twyford with a Mealy Busschaert Cock, a Grandson of 1st UBI Combine Kingsdown. Lastly in 5th and 6th spot is Geoff Barker with a Grizzle Lambrecht Cock, a previous winner of 2nd Club, 10th Inter Counties Fed Honiton, 1st Club, 8th Inter Counties Fed Blandford, 2nd Club, 32nd UBI Combine Carentan, 5th Club Salisbury, 5th Club Blandford and 6th Club Honiton, and a Blue Pied Lambrecht Cock.

In our next Update, 1 member scores high in a National, and another loses his Novice status in the Le-Mans race.

Until next time,

Take care and Happy Racing.


Jamie T