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Enfield Continental Flying Club Update - 16-03-21

Enfield Continental Flying Club Update

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the fancy of one of our former Members, Pat O’Sullivan who sadly passed away on the 1st of March 2021.

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For those of you who did not know Pat, but had heard of his reputation and his Performances, Pat was born in Killmallock, County Limerick, Ireland in 1938 and he had a few pigeons as pets as a teenager, these were kept on a box hanging on the back wall of his family’s home.  In 1954 his family moved to London, then Pat moved to Enfield, Middlesex in 1966, and it was at that time he got his first race birds, as he now had his first back garden. Pat approached a Mr. Gray of Walthamstow, who was leaving the sport and Pat purchased his loft and clock as well as some pigeons.
Pat’s first club was the Enfield Highway club, which was very strong at that time and he did quite well as a novice. In 1968 Pat sent to Thurso with these pigeons from Mr Gray and he won 1st club, 36th open London NR Combine and in that very same season won 21st open in the London North Road Combine Young Bird Race.

At that time the best fanciers in the area were the Went Brothers who were putting up some exceptional performances with their “Steptoe” family and Pat wanted to achieve the same results as the Went Brothers and these Went pigeons become the base of Pat’s family, when crossed with Westcott’s from Frank Blackmore of Wood Green.

In 1971 Pat met his future wife Angela & they got Married in 1978 & had 3 Children Neil, Paul & Jeanette. Pat’s working career included being a Shopkeeper for 12 years, as well as being a Sawyer for 18 years before retiring at the age of 65. Outside of Pigeon’s Pat’s favourite things to do were travelling with trips to places including Cruises to The Mediterranean, the Baltics, as well as Cruises visiting Canada & Alaska. Pat had also travelled to America and had been to all of the major City’s with just under 20 visits to Las Vegas to visit his sister. Pat’s other favourite thing was to watch his beloved Arsenal FC, and he always said that he used to have a rivalry with his son Paul who is a die hard Spurs fan which when derby day approached there would be non-stop banter to each other before and after the game.

Pat was known as a long-distance specialist on the North road in the NRCC as well as in the LNRC, With his record reading 7x1st Section wins including 4x1sts, 3x2nds, 4x3rds, and 3x4ths as well as a lot of lower positions in the NRCC from Lerwick 588 miles. Pat’s other Section wins were 2x1sts from Thurso flying 498 Miles as well as a Section Win from Fraserburgh which was 423 Miles. These are not including all of the lower Section and Open prizes in the NRCC with the best position being 14th Open NRCC Lerwick 1672 Birds with “Celtic Spirit”. Pat was also a Previous winner of the Tommy Long trophy which is won with the best average from the 3 longest LNRC races. Pat’s record in the LNRC was as Follows 1st LNRC Berwick 294 Miles, as well as 4x1st LNRC Lerwick 588 Miles.

Pat also raced on the South Road and raced a small team to see how he would do, as he was very interested in racing in the International races with the BICC in the future, and while with the inland races a clock was not set, as these races were used for training.  Pat raced in the BICC for 6 years with his best performances being 58th BICC Tarbes & 99th Open BICC Agen.

Pat’s family of birds were known as the ”Braveheart” family  after Champion “Braveheart” a winner of 1st, 9th, 15th & 24th LNRC Lerwick, who went on to become a fantastic breeder for Pat breeding several Generations of winners including the  Champion’s “Celtic Spirit” 1st LNRC, 1st Section, 14th NRCC Lerwick, Champion “Dream Maker” 1st LNRC, 1st Section NRCC Lerwick, Champion “Limerick Lady” 1st, 9th, 15th & 24th LNRC Lerwick. Champion “Celtic Pride” 4th, 9th, 11th, 14th LNRC & 3rd, 9th, 11th, 14th NRCC Lerwick. Champion “Celtic Star” 1st Section NRCC Thurso. Champion “Irish Rose” 2nd LNRC, 2nd Section NRCC Lerwick. That is just a tiny amount of pigeons from Pat’s family which won for Pat, but these bloodlines are now continuing to win for other fanciers across the UK & Ireland with a 2nd Open Scottish National winner containing Pat’s bloodlines. 

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In the Enfield Continental Flying Club Pat at one time was Chairman before he had to pack up the pigeons due to ill health and had his 2 Clearance sales at Blackpool. To Keep Pat interested in the Sport Pat was made a Lifetime member of the Club, which kept up his interest in the pigeons and he would sometimes come to the Club on Marking nights, as well phone calls from Pat normally every 2 weeks to myself to see who has been winning as well as other pigeon chats involving the National races. Pat would also make visits to the Club when we had our winter Shows to see all of the members who would always make him feel welcome as he was a really nice genuine man.

The Enfield Continental Flying Club offers our Condolences to Pat’s wife Angela, Children Paul, Neil & Jeanette, and Grandchildren Ben, Ciaran,

Daniel & Jessica.

R.I.P Pat.

Jamie T.