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Hull and District South Road Federation from Jubilee Park on 05-06-21


The birds were liberated from Jubilee Park, a shorter race than the previous week, it was a nice day and the strings were cut at 9.15 and the birds were on their way home in a light north west wind.

The top 10 of the federation was as follows: 1st P&C Carmichael Hessle FC 1515, 2nd S&M Horne & Plews Hessle FC 1513, 3rd D.P McCracken Ravenser FC 1512, 4th, 5th & 6th J.Eastburn Ravenser 1510,1508 & 1508, 7th S&M Horne & Plews Hessle FC 1507, 8th P.Murphy Ravenser FC 1506, 9th M/M Driscoll & Son Ravenser FC 1505, 10th G.Hedgecox West Hull FC 1505.

Hessle FC: 11 members sent 222 birds. 1st club & 1st federation went to Pete & Carol Carmichael clocking on 1413 with a two year old blue hen, 2nd & 3rd club and 2nd & 7th fed went to S & M Horne & Plews clocking on 1513 & 1507 with two yearling hens and Alan Jones took 4th club on 1504 with a yearling blue hen.

Ravenser FC: 12 members sent 248 birds, popping up this week taking 1st club & 3rd fed was Donny McCracken (ducky) on 1512 winning with a two year old chequer white flight widowhood cock a Stefaan Lambrecht’s bred by Mr Brian Allan of Nuneaton, 2nd, 3rd & 4th club and 4th, 5th & 6th fed went to John Eastburn who is having a great season and topping the Hull South Road points table by a mile, his first bird was a blue yearling cock that was 10th fed from the first race bred from his "J" ring cock clocking on 1510, his next bird was a three year old blue cock on 1508 that topped the fed from Billericay this year and has a stack of 1st clubs under its wing and Johns third bird taking 4th club and 6th fed was a blue cock also clocking on 1508 and was a full brother to his second bird through the trap and this cock also has been in the cards the last four weeks for John, well done John.

West Hull FC: 9 members sent 158 birds. 1st & 2nd club and 10th fed went to Graham Hedgecox clocking on 1505 & 1501, both birds were Van Reets and from Graham Jones of up north, 3rd & 4th club went to Jamie Martindale and both birds came together clocking on 1496 his first bird through the trap was a Busschaert from up north and his next bird was a Gaston Van De Wouwer from Shane Reading.

Walton Priory FC: 8 members sent 166. 1st club went to Jamie Manuel on 1501 with a Gorog & Jude x Mellonby & Knowles two year old blue hen, Bob Smith took 2nd & 3rd club his first through the trap was a Van Loon yearling hen from John Ellerby and clocked on 1500 and his next clocked on 1499 and was another yearling hen that is a Carrea x Raw Sablon and 4th place went to Mr & Mrs Phil Sullivan on 1498 with a two year old hen bred from Phil's old stuff crossed with a bird from Shaun McDonnough.

Buckingham FC: 11 members sent 166 birds, 1st club went to Graham Shaw on 1494 with a Ron Williamson Busschaert, this bird has already taken 2x1st & 2x2nds this season, 2nd went to Mr & Mrs Paul Jacobs on 1493 with a multi card winning Louis Thijs, 3rd club went to our good friend Harry Kemp on 1483 with a blue Janssen hen racing to a youngster and 4th went to D & D Allen on 1479 with a Hereman Ceuster racing natural, well done to all members.

Beverley South Road FC: 18 members sent 228 birds. taking 1st & 4th club was Phil Bolton on 1491 & 1485 Phil getting his birds on form this week with two quick ones, first bird was a yearling cock that is a Lambrecht cross and his second bird that took 4th club was a two year old cock from his "old Hofkyn stuff" good to see you getting to the front well done, 2nd club went to Nigel Perry, Nigel always amongst the early ones, this is a yearling cock that took a card a couple of weeks ago, breeding is from a "well-travelled" cock bird originating from Phil Bolton and being a Van Loon x Staff Van Reet, dam is a Lambrecht from Steve Waslin, well done Nigel. Keep up the good work in your new role as race controller for the Hull South Road Federation, not an easy task to be taken lightly for anyone and 3rd club went to Graham Waslin on 1487, Graham earning a well-deserved card this week, no details but likely this two year old cock is of Lambrecht breeding, great show Graham.

South Newington FC: 10 members sent 120 birds. 1st club this week went to Clive & Les Bowes clocking on 1484 with a Van Mekelin x Van Hassalt three year old hen that originates through Simon Parkinson stock, 2nd place went to Dave Thompson on 1476 with a three year old Mandelartz cock, 3rd went to Ronnie Nicklin on 1475 with a two year old Hereman Ceuster hen that is a previous winner and she has taken many cards before and the partnership of Mr & Mrs Franciosy & Son & Bennett & son took the 4th spot on 1463 with what they think was a Vandenabeele yearling cock.

Fountain Road FC: Doing the honours taking the red card in Fountain road this week was Geoff Davies, Alan Bettney took 2nd club and Martin Dawson took 3rd & 4th club.

Well done to all those that sent and all the very best for next week’s race.