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Hull and District South Road Federation News & Notes (Brighton) - 30-06-21

Brighton Write-Up

Once again the Hull South Road Federation joined up with the East Coast Combine and the Lincolnshire Federation to make a combine race from Brighton this week, it was a lovely week leading up to this race with the sun out and temperatures getting into the 20's and the forecast was the same for the Saturday, everyone was hoping for a clear morning without the sea mist and fortunately it was a clear sky so the strings were cut at 7.20 and the birds were underway heading home in a light north west wind, the top 10 of the Hull South Road Fed is as follows: 1st J. Ellerby Walton Priory FC 1346, 2nd J. Martindale West Hull FC 1338, 3rd R&E Stephenson Beverley South Road FC 1337, 4th & 5th J. Martindale West Hull FC 1331 & 1330, 6th G.Rowse Ravenser FC 1324, 7th J.Ellerby Walton Priory FC 1321, 8th G.Waslin 1315, 9th P.Murphy Ravenser FC 1311, 10th J.Eastburn Ravenser FC 1307. Top 10 East Coast Continental combine result: 1st M/M Powles & Son Lincs fed 1357, 2nd M/M Lawson Lincs fed 1356, 3rd A Watt & Son Lincs fed 1354, 4th J.Ellerby Hull fed 1346, 5th Pitchford & Son Lincs fed 1338, 6th Mellonby Knowles & Simpkin East Coast 1338, 7th J. Martindale Hull fed 1338, 8th R&E.Stephenson Hull fed 1337, 9th P.Sparkes Lincs fed 1337, 10th J. Martindale Hull fed 1331.

Walton Priory FC: Having another great week was John & Julie Ellerby taking the 1st 3 club places and 1st & 7th fed, all 3 birds were bred from John's "Wonder Pair", a Syndicate lofts cock paired to a Hereman Ceuster hen from Ronnie Nicklin and this pair have bred numerous winners including 2nd in the who dares wins final, many club winners and multiple birds to take top 10 federation places, John's 1st bird "Brighton Girl" is a yearling chequer hen that clocked on 1346, his 2nd is a two year old red chequer hen clocking on 1321 and his 3rd bird is a two year old blue cock that clocked on 1288, brilliant flying John & Julie well done and 4th club went to Bob Smith on 1288 timing a two year old Busschaert cock bred from Bob's Bourges winner.

West Hull FC: 7 members sent 113 birds. The red card again went to Jamie Martindale, taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd club and 2nd, 4th & 5th fed, Jamie's 1st bird clocked on 1338 and was a yearling Janssen cock through Dave Thompson purchased at the breeder buyer sale last year, 2nd to clock was a Leo Van Rijn who timed in on 1331 and his 3rd bird was also a Leo van Rijn that clocked on 1330, George hall took the 4th spot on 1301 with a Leo Van Rijn that came off Jamie Martindale.

Beverley South Road FC: Taking 1st club and 3rd fed was "Quiet Man" Bob Stephenson on 1337, Bob was way ahead of the field in Beverley with his multi winning three year old cock bird doing the business yet again, this cock bird originates from Phil Bolton stock bred three years ago for Bob and Bob said" if he ever has to pick a nom bird, I always pick this steady reliable cock" well done Bob great flying. 2nd club & 8th fed went to Graham Waslin on 1315, the senior member of the competitive Waslin household, Graham showing son Steve the way home with a two year old cock being a Lambrecht cross DeKlack breeding, evidently very poor as a young bird but obviously has taken time to mature and is showing some form currently, well done Graham, 3rd & 4th club went to Steve Waslin on 1291 & 1286, Steve with these two sister hens at two years old, again starting to get into the swing of things. Same way bred as his das winner and although Steve was a bit fed up seeing his dad time in before him, he was none the less well pleased for the "old man" well done Steve.

Ravenser FC: 10 members sent 227 birds. The red card this week went to Graham Rouse who also took 6th fed, clocking on 1324, winning with a yearling widowhood hen, she has a 3rd and a 1st already and is bred from Graham's "Golden pair", 2nd club and 9th fed went to Paddy Murphy on 1311 with a blue widowhood cock that is bred from his Bourges winner, 3rd club and 10th fed went to John Eastburn on 1307 with a blue yearling cock bred from the Stafford he paired with the Pitbull cock, John also took the 4th spot in Ravenser with a blue two year old cock on 1307 and he is a grandson of the Stafford hen crossed with his Syndicate loft birds.

Hessle FC: 11 members sent 236 birds. 1st club went to S & M Horne & Plews with a yearling chequer w/f hen clocking on 1300, Barry Milburn took 2nd club on 1297 with a three year old blue cock and 3rd & 4th places went to Dave Chaffer on 1291 with a five year old blue w/f hen and then on 1291 with a two year old blue cock.

Buckingham FC: 13 members sent 151 birds. 1st club this week went to D & D Allan on 1293, Dave timed a three year old Ceuster hen in that has taken cards before and comes from Tumley lofts in the southwest of England, 2nd went to Mr & Mrs Paul Jacobs on 1293 with a three year old Lambrecht cock that Paul bought in, this cock is a previous winner, Mick Murrey took 3rd place on 1282 with a three year old that is bred out of "Blowey's Bourges cock". The Sweetie line of the Cooremans does it again for the partnership of S & A Stephenson who took 4th place.

South Newington: Back to the winners enclosure in South Newington was George Rudd, not only taking 1st but also 2nd and 4th club, clocking on 1281, 1278 & 1262, all 3 birds were from his multi winning family of Hereman Ceusters and the partnership of Mr & Mrs Franciosy & Son & Bennett & Son took 3rd club on 1262 with a Vandenabeele x Koopman two year old cock who's father topped the combine from Arras in 2017.

Fountain Road FC: Taking the clean sweep in Fountain Road this week was our results secretary Neil Anderson clocking on 1245, 1228, 1226 & 1199 and all birds were bred from Neil's top family of Flor Engels, well done Neil, They are definitely sharing the red cards in Fountain Road as every member has now taken a 1st club so well done all. Well done to all those that sent and all the very best for next week’s race.