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Hull South Road Federation race from Maidstone on 12th July 2021

Hull South Road Federation race from Maidstone on 12th July 2021.


The birds were at Maidstone and after another bad forecast for the Saturday the race committee made the decision to postpone the basketing by 24 hours and go Saturday night for a Sunday race, Sunday 11th July (a day I’m sure the majority of us will remember as the Euro cup final day) it was a nice morning and the strings were cut at 9.15 and the birds got underway in a south wind turning south easterly on route. After talking to the fanciers it seems it was a good race with good returns so I was hoping it was a sign to come with the England cup final match that night, but unfortunately not and that is all I will say about that. The top 10 is as follows: 1st J. Eastburn Ravenser 1719, 2nd S.Hewitt Ravenser 1717, 3rd J.Ellerby Walton Priory 1717, 4th M.Mallinson Beverley South Road 1715, 5th P. Murphy Ravenser 1702, 6th R. Nicklin South Newington 1702, 7th G. Howman Walton Priory 1701, 8th & 9th J. Eastburn Ravenser 1695 & 1695, 10th P. Bolton Beverley South Road 1694.

Ravenser FC: 12 members sent 234 birds. There’s no stopping the superb form of John Eastburn, taking 1st club, 1st fed and 1st 2-bird from this weeks Maidstone race, winning with a three year old blue widowhood cock on 1719, This speed machine has already topped the fed from Billericay and also has 4x1st under its wing, this cock is bred out of John's original Stafford pair, 2nd club & 2nd fed went to Steve Hewitt on 1717 winning with a yearling blue cock that was 9th fed from Reed as a youngster and was bred by Paul & Helen Johnson, 3rd club & 5th fed went to Paddy Murphy on 1702 scoring with a blue yearling cock bred off Champ x Sindy, this cock as a yearling already has a 3rd Reed, 2nd club 2nd fed 12th combine 4500 birds from Maidstone and now a 3rd club & 5th fed Maidstone, John Eastburn also took 4th club & 8th fed on 1695 with a 2 year old widowhood cock, a multi prize winner that was 4th fed from the last Maidstone.

Walton Priory FC: 6 members sent 106 birds. Having a good race was John Ellerby taking 1st, 3rd & 4th club and 3rd fed, his 1st bird through the trap was a 3 year old chequer cock clocking on 1717, his next taking 3rd club was a 2 year old blue w/f hen clocking on 1666 and straight behind this hen was a blue yearling cock taking 4th club on 1665 and Graham Howman split John's birds and took 2nd club & 7th fed on 1701 with a yearling blue cock, well done John & Graham great flying from both of you.

Beverley South Road FC: 13 members sent 143 birds. 1st club & 4th fed went to Mick Mallinson on 1715, Mick well in front this week with this 2 year old Van Den Bulck x Paul Woodmansey cock leading the way into Beverley. Mick always close by and has got it right this week, well done Mick well deserved, 2nd club and 10th fed went to Phil Bolton on 1694 with a yearling Hofkyn cock showing some form not too far behind Mick, well done, top spot next week maybe ?, 3rd & 4th club went to Nigel Perry on 1693 & 1686 two 2 year old widowhood cocks for Nigel this week, no details.

South Newington FC: 7 members sent 101 birds. Taking 1st, 3rd & 4th club, 2nd 2-bird & 6th fed was Ronnie Nicklinf, the 1st bird to arrive was the only cock bird we sent, this cock won a fortnight previous from Chelmsford, he is a Hereman Ceuster and he is bred from our son of Jackpot x Di Caprio and he clocked on 1702 winning the pools as well as 2nd 2-bird, our next bird home taking 3rd club clocked on 1676 and was a Hereman Ceuster hen bred from our son of Rossi and taking 4th club was another Eijerkamp Hereman Ceuster hen being through the Olympiade 003 lines and she clocked on 1642, splitting Ronnie in the club was George Rudd clocking on 1683 with a Hereman Ceuster yearling cock.

Hessle FC: 10 members sent 166 birds. Taking 1st & 4th club was Dave Chaffer, clocking on 1662 with a 5 year old blue cock and on 1641 with 5 year old hen and taking 2nd & 3rd club was the partnership of Horne & Plews clocking on 1647 & 1645 with two yearling hens.

Buckingham FC: 11 members sent 132 birds. Taking 1st club was Mr & Mrs Paul Jacobs clocking on 1654 with a Lambrecht cock that has won before, 2nd club went to Mick Murrey on 1647 with a 3 year old blue cock bred out of "Bloweys" stock, 3rd place went to H. Kemp & son on 1645 with a Rene Nauewelaert hen coming to a 5 day youngster and she is bred off Keith Gleeson stock and Graham Shaw took the 4th spot on 1640. I always look forward to my phone call from Tommy (club scribe) as he always gives me a good laugh when he rings the result in and this week was no different, he went on to tell me he was asking for all the winners details and when he got to Graham he couldn't think of his name, his mind was just blank, so Graham replied "call me what you like" but not quite that polite (there was another word in between) so when Tommy wrote down word for word what Graham had said the lads all said you can't write that Tommy, and all the lads in Bucky had a laugh, Keep making us all smile Tommy.

Fountain Road FC: 4 members sent 52 birds. An amazing race in that all club members clocked within 16 seconds of each other, never seen that before, taking a quick double of wins were Graham Ollett and Simon Daniels on 1611 with a Hereman Ceuster from Andy Cook breeding, club secretary, treasurer, result's secretary, head clock setter and now club scribe Neil Anderson took 2nd & 3rd both on 1606, with two 3 year old widowhood cock brothers, from Geoff Kirkland Flor Engels cross a Keith Blowman Gevaert Van Schoorisse, Betney & Plant took 4th club on 1597 with a yearling Hereman Ceuster cock that was a Shane Reading gift bird.

Well done to all those that sent and all the very best for next weeks race.