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Hull South Road Federation YB race from Sleaford on 31st July 2021.

Hull South Road Federation YB race from Sleaford on 31st July 2021.


The weather has been so up and down the last few weeks that the race committee decided to cancel the last old bird race of the season after the RPRA gave a weather warning and asked all federations to take this into consideration, unfortunately the weather has still been very unpredictable and it’s that time of year for the fun to start with the crazy young bird season, our first race was from Sleaford around 50 miles back to Hull, the race committee did have a discussion and they decided to go ahead with the race and let the individual fanciers decide to send or not and with the weather been as it was and a lot of young bird sickness around some clubs decided not to send. Fortunately the Saturday was a nice morning so the birds got underway at 7am into a west south west wind, the top 10 is as follows: 1st Ollett & D&D Daniels Fountain Road FC 1119, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th, 7th & 8th B W Lawson Beverley South Road FC 1109, 1107.7, 1107.5, 1107.3, 1104, 1103 & 1102, 9th S Hewitt Ravenser FC 1101, 10th S Waslin Beverley South Road FC 1099.

Fountain Road FC: 5 members sent 59 birds. Despite a bad trap, Graham Ollett and Simon Daniels took the red card and topped the federation on 1119, with a Geerinckx bred from pigeons of Andy Cook, new members Tim & Louie Smith took the 2nd, 3rd & 4th club positions on 1016, 1016 & 998, this was Tim & Louie's first race in the club and their birds came very well grouped, they are both very keen and hopefully they will soon break their novice status. Many thanks to the Beverley club members allowing the partnership to attend their marking whilst the Hull Fountain Road FC is looking for new headquarters.

Beverley South Road FC: 9 members sent 137 birds. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Brian Lawson on 1109, 1107, 1107 & 1107, Brian Lawson, senior flyer in Beverley took the first 7 positions in the Beverley club and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th in the Hull & District South Road Federation, excellent flying Brian, what's the secret ? no details but why worry, they came well on the day and showed their pedigree in the basket, well done again Brian, keep it up.

Ravenser FC: 6 members sent 282 birds. The first young bird re from Sleaford and only half the club sending, it was a very strange race with a lot of empty perches for most of the members. The red card and 9th fed went to Steve Hewitt who's been having a great season in old birds, his winner was a blue hen on 1101 that's bred from a pair of Louis Coormans that are both card winners in the club, it was the brilliant flying from John Eastburn that took the next 5 positions on 1097, 96, 90, 87 & 1080, all bred from his superb family bred around his J ring bloodlines. Paddy Murphy won the £100 bonus ball twice running and it’s only been running 2 weeks, well done Paddy, think the drinks are definitely on you.

Buckingham FC: 3 members sent 16 birds. 1st Pete Rispin on 1040, Pete takes them all to the cleaners this week taking the red card in the Buckingham FC with a Lambrecht hen, 2nd went to Graham Shaw on 925 with a Busschaert x Barn Owl Strain blue bar hen, 3rd place also went to Graham clocking on 909 with another Busschaert x Barn Owl Strain and Pete Rispin took the 4th spot on 820, timing a Lambrecht pied hen into his James Reckitt's loft Well done to all those that sent and all the very best for next week’s race.