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INFC Race report by HOMER - 28-09-21

INFC Race report by HOMER

INFC Grand National Bude Young Bird – 1st Open D & B Lyness of Lurgan

The Blue Riband race for young birds was always going to be difficult to arrange, a choice between cancelling the event or making the best of a bad job and setting a race suitable for the major event was exactly how things proceeded. The management committee of Irish National Flying Club have decided that the Grand National young bird channel race will be flown from Bude (R.P.R.A. race point code 6028) on Wednesday 1st September 2021. (Weather permitting). This decision has been taken after giving consideration, to the difficult young bird season to date. Many thanks again the race sponsor Frazer Animal Feeds of Banbridge.

I checked back and was able to see that the race had been changed at various times some that that come to mind were  Bude in 1963 won by Gray & Lowry of Ballymena (Vel 1006), the following year 1964 Smyth Bros from Ballymena won from Milford Haven, E Herron & Son Holywood won 1st Open Bude in 1965 (Vel 879) and then during my time racing in 1989 birds were brought back from Penzance to Talbenny  and 1st Open was won by Brian Swann & Son from Kells & District.

A big bit of the INFC History including lists of previous winners and reports of Kings Cup winners are listed in the INFC History board, link on the front page of Pigeon Network website, more updates will be added over the winter months.

I see on Social Media sites many questions raised on the possibility of a Marking Centre in the South of Ireland. As far as I am aware it was agreed to run a pilot prior to the outbreak of Covid 19 but no ideas have come forward. No suggestion on marking site, and no suggestion on who would manage same. That’s the first step, and I have always favoured a Marking Station in the South of Ireland, it has to be the way forward for the future, racing in that part of the world is on the way up. So there you are, make the plans for the future now, and have the same endorsed at the AGM which can hopefully be held in early 2022.

Race marking for Bude took place in Lisburn on Monday 30th August and the expected small entry of just over 1,000 birds were released in Bude on Wednesday 1st September, a difficult race was expected and that’s exactly as it turned out with only 11 gallant arrivals in race time. Well done to each and every one who recorded arrivals, both North & South Sections were won as was the 2 Bird Average and Tom McClean who had done so well in the old birds remained in contention for the INFC National Average with the final event to be held from Skibbereen.

1st North Section, 1st Open D & B Lyness, Lurgan Social, vel 969 flying 262 miles, winning £528 plus the J M K McGugan Perpetual Cup for the winner.

db lyness 28 09 21
D & B Lyness.  Lurgan social HPS.  1st Open INFC YB National 2021. Pictured are Dennis and Jackie with the Irish National winner now named Champion Jackie. From all the members of the club huge congratulations.  Champion Jackie was bred by Jeff Greenaway.

Ace racer for many years D & B Lyness from the Lurgan Social will follow immediately behind his good friend and clubmate the Chairman of Lurgan Social Kevin Henderson who won this race the last time it was flown in 2019. Both names inscribed on the famous J M K McGugan Cup.

I lifted this little bit from a Loft Feature penned by Adie around 10 years ago.

Denis has been involved with pigeons an absolute lifetime in fact since 1948 when at the age of 8 he raced pigeons to orange boxes on the garden wall in competition with his brother Benny over 60 years ago (D & B Lyness). In all my time doing loft reports, I enjoy most the fanciers of old who elaborate on the good old days and can draw comparisons on the old and present days of racing and feeding systems and more importantly how they for see the future based on past and present.

The name Denis Lyness may or may not ring a bell with many, me included and what an education I was to get, to be fair this only come about through doing the research following my visit prior to doing this report. Denis certainly isn’t one to seek the limelight with results or performance. During my time at his family home, he talked about his famous Busschaert family of the ‘Little Black’ lines that brought about unprecedented success for him during the late 70’s early 80’s sourced from the late Bertie Fletcher also getting a mention a pigeon named ‘Master McGrath” I have to say the conversation was just in general, never did he admit to rearing such a champion racer/breeder. Yes the famous “Master McGrath” was bred and raced by Denis Lyness and partner Jim Cassells before being passed over to the Fountainhead Stud in England where he produced generations of Champion pigeons, on the road he was a winner of many prizes including 1st Open NIPA 29,000 pigeons he went on to breed countless winners one for instance was a winner of 1st, 9th and 14th Open NIPA with some 28,000 pigeons competing each time.

As mentioned previously Denis has been involved with pigeons since 1948, when he raced in competition with his brother Benny releasing the pigeons from afar to see who could beat who. As he progressed in the sport of pigeon racing, he became a member of a number of Clubs over the years two of the earliest ones mention was the Knocknashane and Queens Club the latter Denis joined in 1958. When Denis moved to his current address in 1974 only a few doors down from the formidable Jackie Patience winner of 2nd & 6th Open INFC Kings Cup 1989 and 1st and 2nd Kings Cup 1995 to name just a few positions, the partnership of Jim Cassells & Denis Lyness was to be formed and without exaggeration what a force they turned out to be including becoming Northern Ireland Fanciers of the Year. When mentioning Kings Cup success, the Cassells & Lyness partnership were putting in commendable performances themselves including 10th and 40th Open in 1993 from Rennes. In the early 90’s the results continued especially within the INFC Yearling National just a few I identified 106th in 1992, 41st & 82nd in 1993 and 17th in 1994. The consistency was continuing but nowhere near the levels of success that the partnership enjoyed in the late seventies and early eighties.

I cannot begin to quantify the prizes and positions won by the partnership of Jim Cassells and Denis Lyness during those late 70’s and 80’s, to be perfectly honest they were awesome at every level of competition, to the point that Denis openly admits that he failed to appreciate what they actually had, pigeons to dominate just not the Club, or Section but the NIPA Open with small numbers being sent (success came to easy) !! Denis admits they simply where that winning family just not one individual pigeon but a team of them that where winning turnabout and the stock were producing turnabout. Small numbers where reared for racing with exceptional results, but the winning pigeons were sent on and sent on, a mistake as was the continual selling, for when Denis returned to Bertie Fletchers in an attempt to buy the remaining Busschaerts they had already been sold.

Moving now from the old to the new, the seasons YB National winner was bred by Jeff Greenaway from Hillsborough & Maze, a loft that over recent seasons has bred a host of top winners not only for themselves but many other lofts in Ireland. Just the six birds recorded on the winning day with Blue hen now named Champion Jackie after his wife, D & B Lyness timed at 16.56hrs recording velocity 969 and even without the making up of the velocity the winner was never in doubt. The winner was as mentioned earlier by Jeff Greenaway who himself has a good record in this event. I have some details of the breeding, all the top lines of this loft. The sire was a White cock bred from Stumpy who is a full brother to the dam of Blue Savannah when paired to a Sheader Chequer hen a dam of 6th Open NIPA YB Nat in 2009. She is a full sister to the dam of 1st Sect Talbenny YB Nat and sister to 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18th Open NIPA up to 27,000 birds. Now to the dam of Champion Jackie, a Blue hen bred for stock. Half-sister to 1st Open NIPA Bude, and also half-sister to dam of Bridget who was 1st Open INFC Grand Nat Penzance YB in 2017 and half-sister to the sire of Sure Return. Her sire was Billy Boy who produced 1st Open NIPA Bide and 5th Open St Malo 2016 and 3rd Open Kings Cup 2017. Her dam was Bridesmaid who had 2nd Open Yearling Hens Nat followed up a week later with 2nd Open NIPA Fermoy 5 Bird. Bred in the purple from an ace breeder and racer.

champion jackie 28 09 21
Champion Jacki winner of the INFC Grand Nation Bude Young Bird for D & B Lyness of Lurgan Social.

2nd & 3rd North Section, 2nd & 3rd Open G Buckley & Son, Annaghmore, vel 809 & 787 flying 264 miles, winning £1405 plus, the De Scheemaecker Trophy for the winner of Best 2 Bird Average and Robin Duddy Trophy for furthest flying loft in the Open Result.

Buckley 28 09 21
G Buckely & Son from Annaghmore, 2nd & 3rd Open INFC and the Best 2 Bird Average.

Multi Derby & National winners G Buckley & Son from Annaghmore need no introduction, ever present in the weekly racing, and have won more top awards than, the vast majority, of lofts in Ireland. They won the National Champion with the INFC in 2017 the season the loft finished 4th in the Kings Cup St Allouestre. Before that Glen Buckley and son Johnny have an impressive record having been 1st Open NIPA Lamballe in 2004, 1st Open NIPA Portland in 2005, and 1st Open NIPA Lamballe in 2007 plus many other top positions including 2nd Open King’s Cup in 2009, 7th Open King’s Cup in 2010, 8th Open Friendship National in 2010, 7th Open Friendship Nat Lamballe 2019 and for good measure 3rd Open Penzance Young Bird National in 2015. This year another top performance with birds timed at 18.35 and 18.51hrs on the winning day to finish 2nd & 3rd Open INFC and collect the De Scheemaecker Trophy for the Best 2 Bird Average.

4th North Section, 4th Open A Humphries & Son, Markethill HPS, vel 769 flying 257 miles, winning £149.

alanhumphries 28 09 21
Alan Humphries Markethill with his bird that was timed Wednesday winning 4th Open from the INFC young bird Bude.

Another Portadown based performance in the Markethill HPS with Alan Humphries timing his bird at 18.49hrs on the winning day. It was bred by himself off the very best of Nigel Laycock pigeons which he has had from this loft for well over 20 years.  The father of the above pigeon himself was 1st Club, 7th Open & 4th Section from a very hard Penzance race, he also won from Tullamore. Alan then put him into the stock loft after his Penzance-win. He was sent to the race just paired up.  Alan would also like to thank Nigel Laycock for all his pigeons and help he has given over many years, and to say well done to the winner and all who clocked in this very hard race. 

5th North Section, 5th Open B Creaney, Portadown & Drumcree, vel 745 flying 262miles, winning £822.

bobby creaney 28 09 21
Bobby Creaney from Portadown & Drumcree with his 1st Club, 5th North Sect & 5th Open in the INFC Bude YB National.

"Portadown & Drumcree INFC YB National Bude From all the club members we would like to congratulate Bobby Creaney on another fantastic result from the YB National, finishing 5th Open!! In recent years Bobby has been 1st North section in the yearling National, 3rd North section yearling national and 3rd open Penzance YB National with the INFC. The loft also won the NIPA St Malo in 2018 the premier race of the year from France and has numerous top positions. Bobby would also like to mention Ronnie Williamson for the help on training the birds."

1st South Section, 6th Open Gregory Bros, Rathnew, vel 546 flying 164 miles, winning £1117 plus William Erwin Cup for the 1st Sect winner not winning the INFC Open.

gregorybnrosnew 28 09 21
Gregory Bros from Rathnew were winners of 1st South Sect & 6th Open INFC Bude.

Gregory Bros Rathnew - Gregory Bros hen clocked from INFC Young Bird National Bude at 17.49hrs on the winning day. Winning the following - 1st Club Rathnew, 1st South Lenister Fed only bird on the winning day, 1st Channel Club, 1st South Section and 6th INFC National. The Breed of the pigeon is Jim Braniff from Belfast Northern Ireland crossed Gregory Bros and Jeff Greenways old breed SVR lines. Well done Tommy and Roger from everyone in Rathnew Pigeon club. This year's results for 2021 INFC are 6th Section & 8th Open, 35th Section & 48th Open, 36th section 49th Open Yearling National 3rd South section 25th Open, 28th Section & 99th Open The hen was paired with 2 different Cocks and flew 4 previous races. Up to date results for 2021 are:  12 x 1st on land, 6 x 1st on channel, 2 x 1st Feds, 3 xv1st Section and 3 races left to go in season. This is only 2021 results. Won South Section 3 Times in INFC Young Bird National 2015 4th National, 2017 3rd Friendship National.   Thanks Gregory Bros. 

gregory bird 28 09 21
The winner of 1st Club Rathnew, 1st South Lenister Fed only bird on the winning day, 1st Channel Club, 1st South Section and 6th INFC National for Gregory Bros

6th North Section, 7th Open Gregory McEvoy, Beechpark Social, vel 430 flying 259 miles winning £293

McEvoy 28 09 21
Gregory McEvoy from the Beechpark Social holding his winner of 7th Open INFC Bude.

Gregory McEvoy is Assistant Secretary in the NIPA flying in the Lurgan based Beechpark Social, this bird was timed at 12.15hrs on the second day. Sire of Blue cock clocked in Bude is a Blue cock direct Chris Hebberecht.  His dam is direct of "Evert" 1st Nat St Vincent and was bought off Campbell Bros & son Liverpool last year Dam Blue hen, she was clocked in Penzance Classic 2 years in a row in the result, was stocked this year.  Her breeding is of a Grandson of Mick Conlon's (Banbridge) Gold Medal cock when paired to Delbar lines of the late Jim Moreland (Dromore).  The cock was flying to the perch. This year the loft started the young birds in Roscrea Mass Lib (Tuesday 10th August, he had that race and the 2 following races from Gowran Park before going to Bude.

7th North Section, 8th Open Tommy McClean, Annaghmore, vel 325 flying 264 miles winning £1,142

McCleanSooty 28 09 21
Tom McClean Annaghmore with my wee beauty Sooty winner of 10th Bude YB National.

Another Golden Season for Tommy McClean who races in the hot-bed of Portadown with the highly successful Annaghmore HPS. This loft won the INFC National Championship in 2018 and after getting placed in this race timing at 18.17hrs on the second day only needs to clock in the final event from Skibbereen to become Nat Champion for the second time. I got a bit of detail on the breeding sire was a Jim Biss cock which originally came via Ger O’Sullivan of Cork, one brother produced very well for Tom with birds well placed in big races, and the other cock was loaned to Roy Balmer of Cullybackey in County Antrim. He paired it to a hen from his own distance family and produced the Bude bird for Tom. His Sooty hen had been running loose, pairing up to 4 or five cocks and was the lofts second bird from Fermoy before going to Bude to win an important position.

2nd South Section, 9th Open McCann & Whelan Bray South End, vel 316 flying 177 miles winning £176

BrendanMcCannandConorWhelanBray2ndSouthsection2ndOpenYearlingNational 28 09 21
Brendan McCann and Conor Whelan, Bray SE holding their 2nd Open INFC Yearling Nat winner

The first loft to record an arrival in the Irish SR Federation was McCann & Whelan, this loft timed second day at 11.00am.

In 2016 I reported 2nd Open going to McCann & Whelan from South End Bray club in Co Wicklow. In that season’s Yearling National. The partnership is Brendan McCann and Conor Whelan. Brendan was actually 7th Open in this same race in 2009 when racing on his own. Young Conor has now teamed up and the loft continue to collect major prizes in both the INFC, and also topping ECF.

8th North Section, 10th Open P & C McComb Crossgar (NIPA), vel 288 flying 251 miles winning £501

mccombnewimage 28 09 21    mccombbird 28 09 21
Pictured is Paddy and Catherine McComb. Catherine holding 10th Open, 8th North Section Bude. Paddy is holding their latest double 1st Section winner from Fermoy/Skibbereen National NIPA, bred by Joe Brown of Lurgan & the McComb bird a Blue cock, won 8th North Section and 10th Open INFC Bude.

Husband and wife team of Paddy and Catherine McComb race in Killyleagh in County Down with EDC and in Crossgar with the NIPA, they enjoyed another great season that included 3 x 1st Sect F in the young birds with a youngster bred by Joe Brown. Paddy and Cathrine McComb - Absolutely over the moon to be 1 of the 11 to clock in yesterday’s race in the INFC Bude Young Bird National. This turned out to be a very testing race! The only EDC member to clock in race time. This bird is now named ‘Gerard’ after our good friend Gerard Adair. This young bird is from his breeding on the sire side and dam is from the late Martin Young which has Gerard’s breeding also. These birds just keep coming. on in such difficult conditions. The blue cock was sent to the race on the roundabout system.

3rd South Section, 11th Open Anto McDonald, Shankill, Vel 278 flying 180 miles winning £1,348

antomcdonald 28 09 21
Anto McDonald holding 11th National Bude. Ian holding 1st Open East Coast Federation Talbenny YB 

The first loft to record an arrival in the Dublin based East Coast Federation was A McDonald of the Shankill club timed at 13.35hrs on the second day. His good friend Stephen Cunningham chased me up some info on a super bird timed in the East Coast Federation.

Taking 11th Open, 3rd South Section,1st East Coast Federation (only bird in the Federation in Race time) is Anto McDonald from the Shankill Invitation Club in South Co. Dublin. Anto Races in partnership with his Father Ian. Anto and Ian are very successful Flyers at Club and Federation level, and in-fact a couple of Days after the National Race they were 1st Open East Federation Talbenny. Their Bude Winner is a Blue Heremans Cuester hen, and before been sent to the race, she was paired to an Old Cock. Ian and Anto have had a brilliant 2021 Season, having won the Shankill Invitation Club 10 times, and topping the East Coast Federation 4 times. Super racing!

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland over the days of the race, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note, thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report, some at short notice, or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc. This report is the Top 11, watch out over the next few weeks for results from Clubs, Feds, Combine, etc. to follow. This will complete my third season back as PO, I have tried to extend coverage as best as possible and feature as many winners as possible. They don’t all fall within the Top 10. I hope to feature some of the seasons special award winners following the presentation of prizes, our Website http://www.pigeonnetwork had a dedicated board for INFC, look in the Forum, also we have an INFC History site, link for it on the front page. Details not available for Bude will be added to the Skibbereen race report.

The INFC Awards list for 2021, almost all the trophies were won.

Irish National Flying Club - Trophy and Award Winners 2021

King George V Challenge Cup—Saint Allouestre. Grand National old bird race winner. L. McCall Wicklow South Road R.P.C. Vel. 934, Nelson Vase – Saint Allouestre O.B.-- 1st RPRA member after winner in Kings Cup race. Capper Bros. Bondhill Social H.P.S. Vel. 783, Gilliland Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B. -- 1st IHU member after winner in Kings Cup race. F. Moran Malahide & District R.P.C. Vel. 713East Down Combine Cup--Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st E.D.C. member in the Kings Cup race. Burns Bros Comber Social H.P.S. Vel. 694. Ulster Federation Cup –Saint Allouestre O.B. 1st Ulster Federation member in Kings Cup race. Not Won. N.I.P.A. Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B--1st NIPA member in Kings Cup race. Capper Bros. Bondhill Social H.P.S. Vel. 783. Joe Cullen Memorial Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st East Coast Fed. member in the Kings Cup race. F. Moran Malahide & District R.P.C. Vel. 713. Billy Ingle Trophy--- Saint Allouestre O.B.—1st Irish South Road Fed. member in the Kings Cup race.  J. Cullen Bray Invitation R.P.C. Vel. 425. S.L.F. Cup--- Saint Allouestre O.B.—1st South Leinster Fed. member in the Kings Cup race.  L. McCall Wicklow South Road R.P.C. Vel. 934 Duddy Extreme Distance Trophy-- Saint Allouestre O.B. Furthest flying member in the King’s Cup open prizes. M. Graham Ballymena & District H.P.S. (504 Miles), 19th Open Vel. 532. Harkness Rose Bowl—Saint Allouestre O.B.--Best two bird average Kings Cup. F. Moran Malahide & District R.P.C. Vel. 644 Joe Doheny Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B. Single bird challenge Kings Cup. Not Won Robinson Trophy—Saint Allouestre O.B. 14th position in Kings Cup. Massey & Duffy Newtown Kilpedder R.P.C. Vel. 567. McCloud Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st Yearling in the Kings Cup. Gordon Bros. & Sons Killyleagh Central H.P.S. Vel. 286

Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup--Skibbereen O.B-- Inland National. D. Walsh Tower Invitation R.P.C. Vel. 1392. Gerald Delaney Trophy—Skibbereen O.B.—Best section winning velocity after winning section. I. Rollins & Son Hillsborough & Maze H.P.S. Vel. 1383 Framed Diploma – Skibbereen O.B. – Lowest Section winning velocity. J. Boothman & Son Jun. Blanchardstown R.P.C. Vel. 1337

Friendship Cup—Lamballe O.B.-- Friendship National. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 1352. British Barcelona Club Trophy—Lamballe O.B.-- 2nd position in the Friendship National. M. Hughes Edgarstown H.P.S. Vel. 1316. John Millar Logistics Trophy -- Lamballe O.B. - 1st member in the section not winning the open. P. Rock & Son Dublin North-East R.P.C. Vel. 995 Henry Beattie & Son Trophy—Lamballe O.B.—Best two bird average Friendship National. A Thompson Ballyclare & District H.P.S. Vel. 1093. Irvine Trophy—Best Average O.B. Nationals Lamballe and Saint Allouestre. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 946.

Nelson Corry Trophy—Sennen Cove O.B.—Yearling National. A. Darragh Cullybackey H.P.S. Vel. 1248James McGrugan Memorial Cup Sennen Cove Yearling National—Section winner not winning the

open. Byrne & Bradley Newtown Kilpedder R.P.C. Vel. 1121. Sam Buckley Memorial Cup – Best two bird average Sennen Cove Yearling National. A. Darragh Cullybackey H.P.S. Vel. 1247. Charles Ingle Memorial Trophy—10th Open position Sennen Cove Yearling National. McComb Bros. Killyleagh Central H.P.S. Vel. 1164

J.M.K. McGugan Perpetual Cup--- Bude —Y.B. Channel Grand National. D. & B. Lyness Lurgan Social H.P.S. Vel. 969. William Erwin Memorial Cup- Bude- 1st South Section in Channel Y.B. National. Gregory Bros. Rathnew R.P.C. Vel. 546. De-Scheemaecker Trophy-Bude Y.B- Best two bird average in Channel Y.B. National. G. Buckley & Sons Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 798. Robin Duddy Trophy. Bude Y.B. Furthest flying member in the Young Bird channel national open prizes. G. Buckley & Sons Annaghmore H.P.S. 2nd Open (264 miles) Vel. 809.

Tom Marshall Trophy—Skibbereen—Y.B. Inland National D. Walsh Tower Invitation R.P.C. Vel. 1622. Framed Diploma -- Skibbereen – Y.B. Inland National Middle section winner. J. Boothman & Son Jun. Blanchardstown R.P.C. Vel. 1460. Framed Diploma – Skibbereen --- Y.B. Inland National North section winner. Johnston Bros. Colin H.P.S. Vel. 1578

Average Cups & Trophies

J. Gilmour Memorial Cup—Best average Saint Allouestre O B and Sennen Cove Yearling Nationals. Capper Bros. Bondhill Social H.P.S. Vel. 867. A. Darragh Cup Best average Sennen Cove Yearling and Lamballe Friendship Nationals. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 1229. Jarvis Cup—Best Average Bude and Skibbereen Y.B. Nationals. D. & B. Lyness Lurgan Social H.P.S. Vel. 1143. Rhead Trophy Best Average – Saint Allouestre O.B. and Bude Y.B. Nationals. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 510 Diamond Cup—Best Average Saint Allouestre O.B. Sennen Cove Yearling and Bude Y.B. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 603. Harkers Trophy—Best Average Sennen Cove Yearling and Bude Y. B. Nationals. D. & B. Lyness Lurgan Social H.P.S. Vel. 1047. Charles Hunniford Memorial Trophy --- Best average (North Section) Skibbereen O.B. & Y.B.Nationals. I. Rollins & Son Hillsborough & Maze H.P.S. Vel. 1422. The New North Cup --- Best Average Sennen Cove Yearling, Saint Allouestre Kings Cup, Lamballe Friendship, Bude Young Bird Nationals. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 722. President’s Cup--- Best Average Saint Allouestre Kings Cup, Sennen Cove Yearling, Bude Y.B. and Skibbereen Y.B. Nationals. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 676. De-Scheemaecker Trophy--Runner up best average all races. Not Won. Erwin Trophy—Best Average all races. T. McClean Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 814.


J. Doheny Malahide & District R.P.C. Blue Chequer Cock GB13V 03179

2016, 62nd Open, 2017, 60th, 2019, 112th Open, 2021, 39th Open.

LADIES PRIZES WON BY D. Walsh, A. Darragh, L. McCall, T. McClean, D. & B. Lyness and D. Walsh

Friendship National Merit Awards 2021 (Same bird twice in the INFC Open Result)

P. Rock & Son, Dublin North- East R.P.C. Blue Chequer Cock GB17X 38500

Lamballe Friendship National 2019 41st Open, Lamballe Friendship National 2021 18th Open

King’s Cup Merit Awards 2021 (Same bird twice in the INFC Open Result)

D. McElhone Eastway H.P.S. “Lady Luke” Blue Chequer Hen IHU16N 21389

Saint Allouestre King’s Cup 2019 21st Open, Saint Allouestre King’s Cup 2021 11thOpen

Any better claims in writing or by email to the secretary within 7 days of publication.

mccleanjeffreyinfc 28 09 21
Tommy McClean receiving his bags of BEATTIE's Bird & Pet Foods Sponsored Corn for Finishing 1st Open and winning the I.N.F.C. Lamballe 2021. Well done Tommy, keep up the good work. Tommy McClean (l) & Jeffrey Beattie.

milliganbeattie 28 09 21
S Milligan & Daughter Jennifer with baby Oisin receiving their bags of BEATTIE's Bird & Pet Foods for Finishing 1st IHU North Pigeon home in the I.N.F.C. Sennen Cove 2021. Well done, keep up the good work. Pictured Sean Milligan, Jennifer with baby Oisin & Jeffrey Beattie.

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