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From the Barrow Valley - 24-01-22

From the Barrow Valley

December 2021

Hopefully, now that I have broke out and purchased a new and more modern computer that I may be able to get back to doing a bit of writing on our club, the Barrow Valley RPC and the rest of the clubs in Co Carlow, as that has been my main focus over the last year or so. I would also like to do a bit more on the IHUNFC nationals, but I do find it fairly difficult to get up to date information on the fanciers that are putting up the best performances, most of whom seem quite capable of putting up their own stuff on social media, once I see it on there I sort of loose interest as it would be no trouble for them to send it in to me as an email attachment for inclusion in the weekly notes that are then sent into the fancy press, it’s really not up to me to follow people for info, if I’m going to do that, I will choose those that I feel deserve to get the odd mention in the weekly press.

On 28th of November the Barrow Valley RPC held their annual general meeting, it may have been the last chance to have a gathering as there was what looked like another lock down looming, covid meant that we did not have a meeting as such in the past couple of years and now it was time to get another mandate in place for at least another year, if not longer. There was no change at the top table and so we can only conclude that everyone is happy enough with the way things are being run. There are however some changes afoot, as there was a proposition put forward and carried unanimously that the club change federation from the Mid Leinster Fed to the South Central Fed, this hopefully will increase competition for our members which is always our ambition. Of late the membership of the Mid leinster Fed has been in decline and therefore the competition has not been what it should be, as we were already being transported by the South Central Fed it seems a no brainer for us and other members of the Fed to try and join up with the South Central, with the probability of over two thousand birds racing per week being something to look forward to. I really do hope that our application will be accepted. Four new silver cups will also be bought in to bolster our original seven, that will insure that we have a genuine silver cup for the winners at club level of the ten National races that we take part in each year, National racing of course being the priority within our club, having said that, one will have to fight hard to win any of our weekly club races, as every race is taken very seriously. One more member was added to the twenty-six that we already have, and that concluded the meeting, with everybody leaving the meeting quite satisfied with the progress made.

20211128 162021

Barrow Valley RPC Silverware.

After the AGM we stayed on to distribute the prizes for the past two seasons. For the 2020 season we had J & J Hammond taking 1 x3rd 1 x 4th & 1 x 5th. Then Damian Maher took 1 x 2nd & 2 x 5ths. Billy Brooks was next up with 1 x 2nd 1 x 4th & 1 x 5th. Corcoran & Keegan had 1 x 1st 1 x 2nd & 2 x 3rds.  Joe Brennan won 3 x 1sts 3 x 2nds 6 x 3rds 4 x 4ths 5 x 5ths & 6 x 6ths positions.


Joe Brennan, highest prizewinner 2021, Runner up highest prizewinner 2020. Including Inland & combined averages, receiving his awards from club chairman Francis Corcoran.

Donal Begley takes 4 x 1sts 6 x 2nds 5 x 3rds 7 x 4ths 4 x 5ths & 5 x 6ths. Jimmy Hurley wins 4 x 1sts 1 x 2nds 2 x 3rds 2 x 4ths 2 x 5ths & 1 x 6th places. In second highest prize position we have Davy Hurley with 5 x 1sts 5 x 2nds 5 x 3rds 4 x 4ths 4 x 5ths & 4 x 6ths. Highest prize winner in 2020 was JJ Hurly & Son winning 7 x 1sts 3 x 2nds 3 x 3rds 3 x 4ths 2 x 5ths & 5 x 6ths positions. JJ Hurley wins the old Bird averages, Davy Hurly won the channel & Combined averages and finally Donal Begley won the young bird averages.

1n 2021 we had Seamus Quinn winning 1 x 4th prize, Benny Nolan had 1 x 4th 1 x 5th places, J & J Hammond had 1 x 2nd prize, Billy Brooks takes 1 x 2nd & 1 x 6th, Steffen Ogazly  wins 1 x 2nd 1 x 3rd 2 x 5th & 1 x 6th prizes. Damian Maher has 1 x 2nd 5 x 3rds 2 x 4ths & 3 x 6ths. Hurley & Haughney win 1 x 1st 1 x 4th 2 x 5th  & 1 x 6th. New starter Paul Byrne wins 1 x 1st 1 x 4th.


Paul Byrne collecting his awards for 2021, including breaking his novice ststus and winning the Carlow Pigeon supplies Gold ring race from Valentia.

20211128 162102

Paul (Racy) Byrne enjoying a pint at the bar at our recent club doo.

Corcoran & Keegan win 2 x 1sts 1 x2nd 2 x 3rds 2 x 4ths.


Corcoran & Keegan receiving their awards for 2020/2021 Season  which includes the Channel Ave for 2021.

Davy Hurley won 2 x 1sts 5 x 2nds 5 x 3rds 3 x 4ths 5 x5ths & 6 x 6ths positions. Jimmy Hurley is next with 2 x 1sts 1 x 2nd 3 x 3rds 2 x 4ths & 4 x 5ths positions.


Jimmy Hurley reveiving his awards for 2020/2021 Season.

Third highest prize winner is Donal Begley with 3 x 1sts 2 x 2nds 1 x 3rd 3 x 4ths & 1 x 5th positions.


Donal Begley receiving his awards for 2020/2021 Season.

Second highest prize winner is JJ Hurley with 7 x 1sts 4 x 2nds 2 x 3rds 4 x 4ths 3 x 5ths & 2 x 6th prizes.


JJ Hurley, highest prizewinner in 2020. Runner up highestwinner 2021. Including Inland & Combined averages.

And finally, the highest prize winner for 2021 was Joe Brennan [ no darkness Joe ] winning 8 x 1sts 8 x 2nds 8 x 3rds 7 x 4ths 6 x 5ths & 8 x 6th positions.  JJ Hurley wins the Old Bird averages; Joe Brennan wins the Young Bird and the Combined averages and Corcoran & Keegan win the Channel averages. Joe Brennan won the Tom Whitmore memorial race. For the Whitmore race the club would like to extend thanks to JJ Hurley for his sponsorship of the prize money for this race, JJ runs a very busy and successful cornice moulding company and has worked all over the country installing cornice in some of the most beautiful houses being built around the country along with his restoration work which is always in demand.

20211128 163638       20211128 162045

Jimmy Hurley club secretary enjoying a pint with club member Michael Ramsbottom.    Jimmy Hurley & Billy Brooks at our recent doo.

There was also sponsorship from Sheldon Leonard of Flanders Breeding Ireland, a beautiful late bred from their internationally acclaimed stud was presented to Shane Strong within days of the race result being finalised. Karl Donnelly of Jackpot Lofts also sponsored a nomination prize of a Young Bird from his hugely successful team and that too was supplied to the winners JJ Hurley & Son and finally we had another fantastic nomination prize of a lovely young bird from the lofts of Gordon Bros of Northern Ireland, whose bird was won by Donal Begley. Without doubt sponsorship of this calliper helps enormously in getting support and extra entries for these races, again, thanks to all concerned for their help and sponsorship. 

20211128 163622
Donal Begley, Paul(Racy) Byrne,& JJ Hurley at the Barrow Valley RPC celebrations.
20211128 161936
Frank Archbold, club president & Noel o Connor enjoying their evening out.
20211128 163539
Steffan & Adam, two of our Polish members, enjoying their night out.
20211128 162035
Seamus Quinn & Noel o Connor, all set for next season.
IMG 20211110 WA0000
Old friend Johnny Ging (some years back) seen here with the late great Frank Blackmore a legend in pigeon racing circles in the London area.