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Moody Bros of Gilford win the INFC Yearling National - 16-08-22


Moody Bros of Gilford win the INFC Yearling National

Moody Bros of Gilford win the Yearling Nat Sennen Cove -

The Yearling National was flown for the first time in 1977 to celebrate the Queens Jubilee Year, liberation in Weymouth was at 5.30am after a one-day hold-over. Toland & Campbell from Bleary won 1st Open INFC doing velocity 1055 and collected the Jubilee Trophy. In 1978 the race was added to the INFC race programme and Nelson Corry Cup was presented for first time. Homer had proposed a race to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and after a successful race at the following years AGM, he along with the late L O Barr jointly put forward a resolution that the Yearling Nat be added to the INFC race programme. The race has proved to be a major success and one of the best supported events of the year. The early winners were the following, the complete list is on in the INFC History section. Miles and velocity listed here.

Nelson Corry Cup winners – 1st Open INFC Yearling National

1978 Penzance W V Troughton Gilford 298 1232

1979 Penzance K Greer Laurelvale 295 952

1980 Penzance McCarron Bros & McAlinden Lurgan 302 959

1981 Penzance McCarron Bros & McAlinden Lurgan 392 1070

1982 Penzance S McKendry Cullybackey 333 1283

1983 Penzance J Wilson Ballyclare 321 1137

1984 Inverness T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 218 840

1985 Inverness J Rodgers & Son Ballymena 196 1299

1986 Boat Race P & C Reynolds Dollingstown 271 1532

1987 Penzance McDowell Bros Dromara 295 1051

1988 Penzance Bradford & Rowntree Corcreeney 299 861

1989 Sennen Cove A Darragh Cullybackey 332 1027

1990 Sennen Cove M Roche Blanchardstown 231 1025

I attended the race marking in Lisburn on the Monday and then on what was to be my final day training on the Tuesday I tripped and fell after my foot caught on a little bogey and crashed me on to the ground ending up transported to hospital with a fracture of my hip. For the remainder of the old bird season, I was out of action and although as far as the INFC goes I covered the two races from France just after they were flown, I am only now getting round to the Yearling National, I really am sorry about the delay, it does take time to catch up.

1st North Sect & 1st Open Moody Bros Gilford & District, vel 1272 flying 297 miles winning £692 and the Nelson Corry Trophy

moody bros 16 08 22

Moody Bros from Gilford & District winners of the Sennen Cove Yearling National.

Nigel Moody supplied me a bit of info the Buckley team from Edgarstown proved a good choice for a swap of youngsters. Champion “Mr Buckley” Blue Cock, Wildemeersch and Soonten bred by S& E Buckley of Portadown. We swapped 6 young birds each, he raced every young bird race except the last Skibbereen (INFC) because he had been attacked by a hawk coming out of NIPA National the week before. He was stopped and raced all the inland races, except the Nationals, 2 Telbennys and then the INFC Yearling National, he was on roundabout when he won.

2nd North Sect & 2nd Open Mr & Mrs R Reid & Son Carrick Social, vel 1255 flying 321 miles winning £38

Hugh Bigger who was helping out racing the birds sent me some info, he had raced previously in a high-flying partnership in Glengormley with fantastic success and had been out of the birds.

reidbird2nd 16 08 22

Mr Gibb 2nd Open INFC Yearling Nat, bred by Ian Gibb and raced by Hugh Bigger. 

That’s him in photo 5 minutes after I timed him 2nd open vel 1255.19 flying 321.1625 yds.  Sires side has Stefan Lambrecht’s and the dam side is Van den Bulck and in that pedigree is a daughter off the Kittle, he’s now named “Mr Gibb”. May I now take this opportunity to thank Ian Gibb of Lisburn for rearing me some fantastic pigeons they look well and race even better. Sire and dam of the Yearling Nat winner cost £12,000. We also had some super birds from Cock Crow Breeding Stud, Wayne Doonan from Dromore.  

biggerbird 16 08 22

That’s him “Mr Gibb” 5 minutes after Hugh Bigger timed him 2nd Open vel 1255.19 flying 321 miles for Mr & Mrs Reid & Son of Carrickfergus.

hughbigger 16 08 22

Hugh Bigger holding “Mr Gibb” 2nd Open in the INFC Yearling Nat for M/M Reid & Son.

My other story I was sitting watching TV. The phone rang it was Yvonne Reid she said Hugh Roberts in hospital would you feed and water the birds till he gets out of hospital, of course I will was my reply. Well as we all know Robert passed away God rest his soul. So, it was put to me would I like to race the birds. Well I had been out of the pigeons for quite a while and knew they take up a lot of time so had a word with my wife Eva, she said if you want to its up to you lol. So I took on the challenge I say that because Robert was a pigeon lover and his birds it was like the rainbow coalition lol. Raced them out that year will little success the following year, I said if I'm going to do this I need the best that I can afford so went to Geoff Dickey of Randalstown, now off Whitehouse lofts. Brian McNeilly of Doagh and my good friend Billy Whiteside of Eastway. I also paid a visit to Ian Gibb.

So let's go back to when I took over the birds the first year I won Talbenny (2). Then won Bude, missed Penzance went to St Malo and timed 7.  Moving on to 2021 That year was my real first with my own birds won Skibbereen in the club. On the channel won Talbenny(1), Talbenny (2) was 64th open 9th sec, sent my French birds to Bude to get them time on the wing for France. Then Penzance where I was 45th open 7th sec, 135th open 32nd sec, 194th open 42nd sec. Moving on to the old Bird Derby St Malo which as we all know turned out to be rather a hard race. I timed the next day to finish 20th open 7th sec, my next bird I timed was 22nd open These 2 birds won me the 2 Bird Average in that race well pleased I was. I also timed a 3rd bird to be 52nd open 16th sec so that ended the ob season very well for my first full year back at the birds.

Now on to the young birds for 2021 went to the first Area lib was 2nd open 2nd sec with a Geoff Dickey bird, also was 3rd open 3rd sec with a bird of Joe Smiths from the Grosvenor club in Belfast and same race was 6th open.6th sec. and missed the second race because of the heat.  Went the following week to Gowan Park mass lib 119th open 28th sec, 290th open 28th sec. Then I stopped them for the year, so all in all, not a bad start back at them. The crowning glory was to be 2nd open Yearling Nat 2022 and thanks again to Ian Gibb for the birds and may I say his birds our something else. Just as I finish this short report, I was informed that Yvonne Reid had passed away after a short spell in hospital.

1st South Sect & 3rd Open J McLaughlin Blanchardstown RPC, vel 1199 flying 231 miles winning £576 and James McGrugan Memorial Cup for Sect winner not winning 1st Open 

joeymclaughlin 16 08 22

Joey McLaughlin from Blanchardstown winner of 1st South Sect & 3rd Open INFC Ylr Nat.

Joey McLaughlin of Blanchardstown is another loft in the South Sect with a great record racing in the INFC. Looking at the Yearling Nat bird - His site is Willy Thas x Sean Hunt (Dublin), his dam is Gernick x Soontjen. He was raced on widowhood and I gave  him a 35 mile toss day before basketing back to his hen and left them together overnight.

2nd South Sect & 4th Open L Conran Graignamanagh, vel 1199 flying 179 miles winning £171

lee conran 16 08 22

Leo and Yvonne Conran from Graignamanagh, 2nd South Sect & 4th Open Ylr Nat. See text.

Hi William, Leo Conran here in Graignamanagh, the bird is Mark Janssens x Lee Painter from the UK. I purchase the parents from Jimmy Hamilton of New Ross Co. Wexrord. The bird my wife Yvonne is holding is the cock that was 4th in the Yearling National and the 3 year old check cock I’m holding is the bird I clocked from the King's cup on the day.  

3rd North Sect & 5th Open G Calvin Annaghmore, vel 1188 flying 305 miles winning £160

geordiecalvin 16 08 22    calvin bird 5th 16 08 22

Geordie Calvin and son Freddie of Annaghmore holding the 5th Yearling National winner & The G Calvin bird that finished 5th Open INFC. 

See photo Geordie Calvin and son Freddie holding the 5th Yearling National.  This blue cock is bred from Geordies stock birds.  Sire is a Huskin Van Riel pigeon paired to a David Calvin hen.  This cock got every race up to the 2nd Talbenny.  He was then paired up and exercised twice per day with no road training.  On the day of basketing his hen laid her first egg.  So sent driving to the nest.  Geordie has 2 young birds offered in the INFC sale direct off this cock paired to a hen that was 20th open Kings Cup for Geordie this year. David Calvin PO.

4th North Sect & 6th Open Larkin Bros Blackwatertown WE, vel 1182 flying 301 miles winning £430

larkin 16 08 22

The Blackwatertown WE partnership of Larkin Bros 4th North Sect & 6th Open INFC.

It gives me great pleasure to be writing this report for my brother’s latest winner. The 59 cock is home bred bird from our stock loft which we started building in 2014 when we started up again.

I was looking at charity sales for young birds and on sale had an entry from Billy Higgins of Annalong, 2 x SVR youngsters. I showed the sale list to Paul and he remarked “don’t miss them, he races into hell” so off I went and was the highest bidder and a call from the man himself, telling me the ybs were ready and he’d meet me at Frazers. Well the stranger I met that day soon became a great friend, instead of two ybs he had six for us. From that chance purchase came one of the cornerstones of our breeding loft, Billy’s Staf Van Reets! The sire and dam of the 59 cock being gift birds from Billy. We want to take this opportunity to thank Billy for the birds, advice, and friendship. He was raced on roundabout and was a real consistent bird scoring some club prizes and minor open and section prizes, Paul knew he had a big performance in him. We would like to congratulate all the other prize winners. Al Larkin PO.

5th North Sect & 7th Open McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS, vel 1182 flying 297 miles winning £307

mccartanwoodsides 16 08 22

The high-flying McCartan & Woodsides from Crossgar, 5th North Sect & 7th Open INFC.

One of the very top racing partnerships in the East Down Combine and Crossgar now also compete with the NIPA. This loft has won numerous awards up to 1st Open and a massive number of positions. Darren Woodside writes - I am forwarding a few details about the bird we clocked for 7th Open INFC, hopefully it’s not too late to be included in the write up. The pigeon we timed at 2.07pm flying 297 miles was a blue Soontjen hen who had flown most of the inland races plus the 2 Talbenny's. Her dam won several firsts for us including winning the EDC Open from Penzance in 2014  season  by over half an hour, having the best velocity into Northern Ireland that day.

6th North Sect & 8th Open D & H Stuart Ballymoney HPS, vel 1181 flying 349 miles winning £87

stuart new 16 08 22

Darwin Stuart of Ballymoney HPS best bird into North Antrim and finished 8th Open Yearling Nat.

D and H Stuart Ballymoney HPS. 8th open Yearling Nat Sennen Cove flying 349 miles. This blue cock had 4 inland races and the 2 Talbenny’s before going to yearling race and trained once a week from Moira by CT Training Services. His sire is a blue cock from ace racer Arnold Thompson of Ballyclare and the dam is a blue hen from the late Ken Hine. I would like to thank everyone who helped me this year after the sudden death of my father Hugh my racing partner of 30 years. Thanks Darwin.

7th & 8th North Sect and 9th & 11th Open Mr & Mrs B McNeilly Doagh & District, vel 1180 and 1173 flying 324 miles winning £1289

brianmcneilly 16 08 22

Brian McNeilly of Doagh & District HPS finished 9th & 11th Open INFC Sennen Cove collecting £1289.

Another top racing loft always sure of a major result when they are not dominating results in the local Doagh & District. No strangers to the Muckamore Centre, best two birds home in East Antrim and well fancied. The McNeilly family have a long tradition of success in this part of the world.

king646 16 08 22    mcneillybird9 16 08 22    mcneilly bird11 16 08 22

“King 646” the No I stock cock for Leo van Rijn, the sire and g/sire of the two hens of Mr & Mrs B McNeilly, 

Blue Cheq hen 7th North Section and 9th Open INFC Yearling Nat & Blue hen 8th North Section and 11th Open INFC Yearling Nat. 

The 2 hens timed were raced on widowhood where the cocks say at home. The hen that was 9th is a daughter of Leo van Rijn’s number one stock cock which Brian got the chance to buy the Leo split with Meeder and the dam is a Luc and Bart Geerkinx and is bred from the black and white and the geerkinx hen has bred winners for Brian up to 1st Section C for the partnership. The hen that was 11th is a granddaughter of Leo van Rijn’s number one stock cock and raced the same way as the hen that was 9th. The hens had most races leading up to Sennen Cove and where both in the Section result from Talbenny, before the highly prized Yearling National. Robert Turkington PO.

3rd South Sect & 10th Open Andy O’Brien Gorey RPS, vel 1174 flying 177 miles winning £95 and Charles Ingle Memorial Cup for 10th position

andy obrien 16 08 22

Andy O’Brien from Gorey, best ever position of 10th Open INFC Yearling National.

The pigeon was bred down of a long-standing lines of pigeons Andy brought in 2012. The pigeon based around a Busschaert/Kirkpatrick lines. Prep - flown on the widowhood system. Races flown - he raced every inland race of the season but this was the first time he had been across the water (either as a young bird or yearling). Other prizes- this was the first win for him but has been in the Top 10 in the club a couple of times but never winning. Dan Bradley PO South Leinster Federation.

The race was sponsored by Beatties Bird & Pet Foods. 1st RPRA Moody Bros vel 1272, 1st IHU North McCartan & Woodsides vel 1182, 1st IHU South J McLoughlin vel 1199. Three bags of mixture each.

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland including the temporary stations at Edgarstown in Portadown and Coleraine, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note, many thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc. ASAP after the race. Sorry again about the delay with the report.

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