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The Carlow Charity Show 2012




The Carlow Pigeon Show has been held for the 3 years in the Dolmen Hotel, Carlow in aid of children with down syndrome in our area. The show started with a bang, when on its first year it raised 3,250euro for the above charity. Over the past 2 years it has grown steadily, and so far we have handed over 12000 to the charity which, I am sure you will agree, is a lot of money in these economic times. The show has many people to thank for its success from our sponsors to those who donated birds for our auction (many who have come forward themselves to support this great cause), those who have entered birds, those who have attended to show their support and especially those who have put themselves out to help us in our quest to hold such an event. Some of the names that come to mind are the INFPA, Paul Byrne, Brendan Power, Richard and Jimmy Hamilton and all the people who have sold cards, help set up and everyone who has supported us in every way and the management of THE DOLMEN HOTEL.

This year we have had a phenomenal response to our show. Ger O’Sullivan and The Irish Social Circle came on board and have organised one of the best pigeon auctions that has ever been seen in this country. A list of the donors are enclosed. We will also hold a pigeon moot on Friday 16th of November at 7.30 sharp and on the panels are some of the greatest fanciers in the world. I am sure any questions that could be answered will be from these men.

The show will cater for all types of pigeons from fancy to racing and we wish to make this show into a very entertaining event for everyone from the novice to the legends. All members of the panels will be staying the 2 nights at the hotel and this will be your chance to hear their views and enjoy their company as I am sure they will enjoy yours.

I hope that all fanciers will see that our committee has put a lot of effort in to this show and that the fanciers will support us in making this a hugely successful event for every ones benefit. There will be trade stands for all your pigeon needs on Saturday morning and we hope to see you there.

Yours in sport,

The Carlow show committee.


LOT 1. Moorehouse and Hayden. Kings Cup winners. Living legends. Lot 1 direct from Tommy Boy King's Cup winner

LOT 2. Mr Chris Gordon UK National winner. Phenomenal fancier. Lot 2 Ideal mate for Lot 15

LOT 3. Mr Tom Marshall multinational winner and world class distance loft. Lot 3 ideal mate for Lot 7

LOT 4. Mr Jim Willis Thurso National winner, world class distance loft. Lot 4 ideal mate for Lot 13

LOT 5. Mr Richard and Jimmy Hamilton, Multiple national winners. Specifically bred for Carlow to pair to Lot 8 – world class coorman bloodlines.

LOT 6. Mr & Mrs Dave Kennett UK – Dax National Winners that breed national winners for others. World class Jan aarden blood. 2013 YB

LOT 7. N Black & Sons Dromara – Kings Cup winners, Dual National Champions, world class loft. Lot 7 ideal mate for Lot 3

LOT 8. Mr Bob Fenech UK -  World class fancier, top class Coorman blood. Lot 8 ideal mate for Lot 5.

LOT 9. Mr Brian Sheppard UK - International Winner - Living legend - 2013 YB from this world class loft.

LOT 10. Mr Willy & Thomas Hore – dual national winning loft – specially bred for Carlow from world class Willy Everaert Bloodlines.

LOT 11. Mr John Patterson -  national winning loft – Famous throughout the world – something very special for Carlow.

LOT 12. Mr Dereck Cummins 7x1st national winners – phenomenal fancier – special lot for Carlow

LOT 13. Mr Michael Ahern - Youghal- 5x1st national winners including twice 1stx2nd. Lot 13 ideal mate to Lot 4.

LOT 14. Mr Geoffry Douglas – Lurgan, Kings cup Winner- world class loft. Special lot.

LOT 15. Mr Sid Collins – INFC President – world class fancier and outstanding breeder of winners in the NAT Championships and INFC. Specifically picked to mate with lot 2.

LOT 16. Mr Paddy Snell – Rathnew- INFC yearling national winner. One direct from the winner 2013.

LOT 17. Mr Frank Bristow UK- Midlands NAT winner and Lerwick NAT winner- world class loft.

LOT 18.  Mr John Norris UK - 1st open Kings Cup Lerwick, specificly hand picked for Carlow. Really special lot

LOT 19.Mulchay Bros Cork- Talbenny NAT winners- outstanding all round performance fanciers, same way bred as national winner.

LOT 20. Mr Dave Boxford UK – 6 Times Winner of the coveted Gold Cup – Legend within the sport. Ideal mate for Lot 24.

LOT 21. Donnelly Bros Newry – One of the worlds leading partnership lofts, world class performers. Top NIPA lofts. Special Lot.

LOT 22. Mr Tom Mclean Annaghmore 5x1st open NIPA and Irish legend. Class Fancier. Special lot.

LOT 23. Mr Sid Collins- INFC president – master breeder, kit of 6- 2013 YB’s of the very best bloodlines available anywhere.

LOT 24. Nagle, O’Sullivan and Boxford- Jointly bred- Federation winning loft- Many top National positions, 2nd national Talbenny, 4th national Sennen Cove, etc. Bred specially for Carlow, Ideal mate to Lot 20.

LOT 25. Mr Drew Caskey East down Combine winner, top Kings Cup Performer, Regarded as one of the most Knowledgeable fanciers around. Specifically bred for Carlow.

LOT 26. Mr Gerard Adair- Ireland’s Mr Soontjen – top class fancier with breath taking performances, National winning bloodlines.

LOT 27. Mr Jackie Rankin NIPA section fancier of the year, one of Irelands most consistent performers, Special lot.

LOT 28. Mr Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel, World class performers, outstanding loft, hand picked for Carlow

LOT 29. Moorehouse & Hayden, Kings cup winners, 55x 1st opens, The 2nd of four lots generously donated.

LOT 30. Mr Liam O Callaghan -  Mallow, Top federation and national flyer, gifted stock man who’s pigeons win everywhere they go.

LOT 31. Wall Bros Cork - famed distance loft - 11th open kings cup 2012, one direct from the great wall hen. World class blood lines, See elimar report BHW.

LOT 32. Moorehouse & Hayden, Kings Cup winners, third of four lots, world class Coopman x Van Loon bloodlines. What generosity for this important charity.

LOT 34. Wall Bros, Cork – Top Kings Cup loft, one direct out of Anniversary Lass, 6 x across, a real champion performer, special lot for Carlow.

As auction organiser I would personally like to thank all who so generously donated. Many famous names working together. Such a magnitude of helpfulness, I will never be able to repay, except to say I am honoured to have such friends. On behalf of myself and The Irish Social Circle, thank you.

For further information or if you wish to place a bid on any lot please contact Mr Ger O'Sullivan EIRE 0876594772 -  UK 00353214295160.