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Greg Mcglinn Wins Gold Medal




Brendan Mcgrane introduces three Irish fanciers

Greg McGlinn with his Gold Medal winner

Greg McGlinn - Sallynoggin HPS

I joined Sallynoggin H.P.S. in 2003 after being on a break from racing for a few years due to buying a house and getting married. allynoggin is a very strong club as clubs go these days with about 35 members. Birdage in the old birds has been increasing regularly over the last few years, with over 700 being sent to one of the races last season. This was a new record since I’ve being doing the books for last 8 years, and with the way competition has gone in the club, I think we will go higher again this season.

Stock & Birds

When I joined Sallynoggin, good friend and fellow clubmate Thomas Barrett gave me a great start back in pigeons, gifting me 6 ybs to get going. When I went to collect them off him, “shock”, they were the first 6 ybs he had bred; he had none bred for himself even. A very genuine gift from a genuine friend. One of these 6, a blue cock which I called “Barrett’s Blue”, went on to fly 8 channel races, scoring 4 times, his best performance being 1st club St Malo 2006 (12th Open ECF) only bird in the club.

In 2005 I was fortunate to get to know Brendan Richardson in Ballbriggan, winner of the INFC Yearling National 2005 with his super chequer Janssen cock “The Jay”. In 2008 he gifted me a daughter from his national winner, who was kept for stock. She is the dam of the Gold Medal winner when paired to a son of “Barrett’s Blue”, her first nest ever (2009), and when paired to another blue cock in 2010 down off Soontjen pigeons from Alan Best (Tallagh) produced the winner of 1st club 18th Fed last season. I am still trying to blend the pigeons off these three men, so it’s still a work in progress, but I’m having lots of enjoyment trying, and would like to thank all three for the birds I’ve got from them.

Race Team

My lofts are small by today’s standards, being an 8ft by 5ft for the old birds and another the same size broken into a 5ft for the ybs and a 3ft for the stock. I normally winter about 30 with about 22-24 of these for racing. All stock fly out. In the last few years I have always paired up the 14th Feb and wouldn’t bother darkening the ybs as I don’t really worry about them and just give them 4 or 5 races before they fall apart with the moult. But this year I’ve bred a few January hatched ybs to try early bred ones for a change. Time will tell how it works out.

System & Medication

I fly on the natural system as it suits me given my limited space, but I might try widowhood this year if I can find somewhere to put the hens. I would be a heavy feeder with both old and ybs but as long as they were flying well around the house and burning it off it dosen’t bother me. I will add a small amount of barley to the food and if the birds are leaving the barley, they’ve had enough. All old birds will go to the first race with about 3 or 4 short tosses and will go every week for the first 6 races without any more tossing. I prefer to fly them well at the loft for an hour in the evening once racing starts. I wouldn’t normally medicate for anything although this year I did give the birds a canker treatment prior to pairing up. I prefer to use natural products like garlic and cider vinegar on the food and butter-milk in the water when moulting.

I would like to thank Brendan and his daughter Natasha for all their hard work on articles and results for both the club and others. Finally I would wish all in the sport good racing in 2012.

Mc's Blue 22

Mc's Blue 22


P & J Snell - Rathnew

The partnership of P & J Snell, which is Paddy and his son John, race their birds in the Rathnew Pigeon Club, Co. Wicklow. There are 16 flying members in the club including a King’s Cup winner, that being Moorehouse & Hayden.

Paddy restarted in the sport in 1984 after a short break. They race about 45 old birds and around 100 youngsters. They race all birds on the natural system as it is the channel they are most interested in, and say their best position for racing old birds is sitting about 10 to 12 days on eggs.

They only have the one loft and that is roughly 32 ft x 12 ft split into 4 sections. They pair their stock birds up the end of January and their racers are paired up in March. Before they pair their birds up they will treat them for canker, worms and cocci, and will treat for canker a couple of times during the season.

Paddy says there is nothing like clocking a good pigeon from France. This is something he has done regularly. Last year Paddy managed to win 1st club and 6th open from St Malo in France and 1st club and 2nd open old bird Penzance when 226 members sent 1690 birds with the East Coast Federation, also 1st club and 111th national young bird Penzance, 382 members sent 1879 birds.

Paddy holding his black hen - 2nd club King's Cup 2011

Black cock - sire of winners for Paddy

Johnny holding 1st club & 111th national YB Penzance. Tommy holding 1st club 2nd open OB Penzance. Paddy holding 1st club 6th open St Malo 2011.

Paddy Snell's old cocks

Paddy's stock hens


David Cruise - Shankill Invitation

David Cruise from Shankill Invitation club started up racing again about six years ago after a break from the birds. He races about 30 old birds and 40 young birds.

David races his old birds on the roundabout system and his young birds are on darkness and also flown roundabout. There are about 14 members in the club and they all have a good banter come race day. For medication David will give them a 7 in 1 product before he pairs them up in Feburary and then every second week during racing. David has got two lofts, a 28ft x 6ft for racing and a 6ft x 8ft for his stock birds. He had a good season in 2011 winning 5 x 1st, 1 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd in the old birds and 4 x 1st, 3 x 2nds and 5 x 3rds in the young birds.

David would like to thank Paul McCann of Shankill, Eamon Quigley of Donegal and Willie McCarty from Cabra for all their help and also for the pigeons he has got from them, and he would like to say thank you to the members of a very happy Shankill club.

David Cruise

Winner of 3 x 1st for David Cruise

David with another of his top birds