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I N F C Skibbereen Y B Inland National 24-09-19



South Sect dominate in the INFC Skibbereen YB Inland National


The Irish National Flying Club Skibbereen for the young birds was flown earlier in the year for the first time, usually is on a Saturday in the middle of September and the final race of the year. The entry over the last number of years was dropping down and it was thought bringing it forward before Penzance and racing mid-week a lot more birds would be available. It was a bad year to prove if the move would be better, young birds between one thing and another coupled with poor weather had big reductions over the entire programme. From what I hear most would prefer a move back although it might be better to give the new arrangement a bit of a run first and then compare.


The entry this year at 2,035 birds was something similar to the year previous when 2,022 birds were sent. Some 224 INFC members were competing for pools and prizes of £8,407. With a poor forecast for the Skibbereen area the marking was delayed until the Tuesday. Liberation was at 11.00am on Wednesday 28th August in a Westerly wind, top winners exceeded a mile a minute.  


As with the Old Bird National the race was divided into 3 x Sections and I will cover the Top 5 in each section in this article. Overall winners were timed into the South Section with E Kennedy & Son from Newtown Kilpedder recording velocity 1796 for the 172 miles followed by Derek Walsh of Tower Invitation with the next four positions. Safet Duran of the Blanchardstown RPC racing in the Irish SR Fed took 1st Middle Section doing velocity 1779 and 1st in the North Section was Ian Gibb & Sons racing in Glenavy & District with the NIPA velocity 1751.


1st Open, 1st South Section, E Kennedy & Son, Newtown Kilpedder, Vel 1796, Flying 172 miles, winning £65 and the Tom Marshall Trophy


Loft Feature is pending.


2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th South Sect, D Walsh, Tower Invitation RPC, Vel 1793, 1791, 1790, 1764, flying 105 miles and winning £165

The fantastic Dynasty Loft set up of Derek Walsh in Waterford City with Derek below


A Card of the Day for Derek Walsh who races with great success in the Tower Invitation in Waterford City in County Waterford a great team effort with four early birds and a good claim for the Best 2 Bird Average. I had the pleasure of speaking with Derek at the Marking Station in Lisburn earlier in the year. Derek who has purchased stock regardless of cost sent me some brief details of his winning birds. Fist bird is direct daughter of Bonten Dirk, he’s an inbred son of Golden Lady, also grandson of Broer of Goed Rode 992 & 4000, 100% Dirk Van den Bulck. The Mother is inbred is bred from our highly successful Di Caprio, grand-father of my first bird is Dynasty Blue Max, 1st Federation 2,980 & grand-mother is full sister to Mr Blue Skies 1st National 2017 for me  Second bird bred from Double Grandson of Brother Goede Rode and daughter Patrick Boeckx No 1 breeding hen Boonen. Third bird bred from grandson Di Caprio and double granddaughter of Che  of Eijerkamps. Fourth bird bred from double grandson of Di Caprio & granddaughter of the Pitbull. Derek said “What a great day we had here in Waterford, sent 17 to INFC Skibbereen with 17 home, first 14 home within 25 minutes and the first three together”


1st Middle Section, Safet Duran, Blanchardstown, Vel 1779, flying 174 miles winning £223

Safet Duran from Blanchardstown, 1st Skibbereen and a few days later 1st Club Pilmore.


First middle section was Safet Duran and usually well placed in these races, he sent me the following info. My winner a Check white flight cock called Dannyboy. He was bred and gifted to me by Dylan and Daniel Boylan. Dannyboy was 7th place in the club at the beginning of the season and coming in a good place from every race before Skibbereen National. He raced on Saturday before Skibbereen national and came back fresh and in good condition and so was selected for Inland National. I also basketed him on Friday for Saturday race after Skibbereen National. He was the first pigeon on the landing board again, winning the race from Pilmore Beach.


His nest sister was also racing well for me and was 2nd and two times 3rd in the club, beaten by loft mates on same drop and also took 104th against 10,734 birds and 30th against 8,475 birds. Young birds were flying well before Skibbereen National and won 8 club races. Also, in the last two races before Skibbereen National I was 1st club, 1st section, 9th Barleycove Open and 1st club, 1st section, 3rd Pilmore Beach against 10,000 birds making it 3 x 1st Sections in row.


I want to thank Paul Foster for clocking birds from the national race as I was working, along with Liam Donnely for bringing my clock to Ballbrigan Station I also want to thank Dylan and Daniel Boylan for bringing my birds to Lisburn and for breeding me 1st Middle Section Skibbereen national, and also four other 1st prize young bird winners this year, including 1st Sect & 3rd Federation out 10.000 birds. Thanks, Safet, and well done again.


2nd Middle Section, S Dunne & Son, Balbriggan, Vel 1758, flying 192 miles winning £124

Stephen Dunne Balbriggan (l) holding the pigeon my helper Wayne Marry.


The winner of 2nd Middle Sect for S Dunne & Son, the pigeon is called Muscles after Wayne.


The winner for Stephen Dunne & Son had 1st Club Balbriggan, 1st Dereration, 2nd in the Middle Sect and 7th Open overall flying just short of 200 miles. Obtained from Gerry O’mara he best of Rocket Ronnie Figo Boy bloodlines the bird had previously won 5th Federation Thurles and 6th Federation from Fermoy.


3rd Middle Section, T McLoughlin & Son, Finglas, Vel 1754, flying 177 miles winning £236

Thomas McLoughlin senior holding 3rd Middle Sect & 8th National pigeon, he has been involved in pigeons over 60 years.  

Winner for Thomas McLoughlin she was 22nd National then 5th Federation on the Saturday from Pilmore Beach 7,500 pigeons.



First pigeon bred by Gerry O’Mara, we also took 15th, 22nd,  and 28th open our results in nationals the last two season 3rd sec and 13th Open YB Penzance, 1st & 2nd middle section 11th & 13th Skibbereen, this year 1st Middle Section, 36th Open & 82nd Open. I have included photo of Thomas McLoughlin senior holding 8th national pigeon, he has been involved in pigeons over 60 years and enjoys the success the partnership is having, they have also topped the ISRF 11,000 pigeons. Thomas said “We are racing all our lives and have won our fair share of club wins, also Feds & Open results over the many years. Now race 24 widowhood cocks and they fly the complete program on this system including France”. On top of that they race 50 youngsters on the darkness. Thanks Thomas, you have won your share from Skibbereen, Finglas is a big club in Dublin.


4th Middle Section, B & C Bonnie Tallaght & District, Vel 170 flying miles winning £68

Brendan Bonnie holding the hen, best in Stillorgan Station and 4th Middle Section.


The pigeon in question, which won the Stillorgan Station was 4th Middle Section and finished in 9th National. She's a blue Heremans Ceuster hen. The sire is a grandson of Gerry O'Maras' "Rocket Ronnie". The Dam is the lofts Number 1 Stock hen, "Wild Eyes" who herself is a nest-mate to Chris Vaseys National winning hen "Milly", she was bred by good friend Chris Vasey in the Up North Combine. Chris said “The birds weren't 100% and had to be given two weeks off while we treated them. After having a super successful year last year, we've found it tough going this year. But finally, we think we have them right, with help from Donal Barry I might add.  look forward to reading the little report. That was our first time ever sending with the INFC. It turned out a great race, please god we'll go again next year”.


5th Middle Section, L Donnelly & Son, Finglas, Vel 1753, flying 177 miles winning £191

Liam Donnelly from the Finglas RPS in Dublin, 5th in the Middle Section.


Liam Donnelly & Son finish 5th Middle Section and 10th National, former winners of the INFC Yearling Nat flown from Sennen Cove. Finglas is one of the big clubs in Dublin, very competitive and L Donnelly & Son are ace racers.  The sire of the pigeon is from Thomas McGuire in Sandyhill Loft and is Stickler Donkers and the dam is from pigeons from Safet Duran.


1st North Section, I Gibb & Sons, Glenavy & District, Vel 1751, flying 146 miles winning £220

Ian and Peter Gibb, winning days in Derriaghy & District.

“MAX” winner of 1st North Section & 13th Open INFC Skibbereen for I Gibb & Sons.

 Very well done to Ian Gibb and Sons, who once again proved that quality comes through, in these big important races. The lads clocked a very good pigeon in the Irish National Flying clubs Skibereen National which was flown on Wednesday 28th of August last. The lads Stefan Lambrecht cock bred by Gibb and Byrne lofts and raced by Ian Gibb and Sons won 1st North Section with a vel of 1751ypm (1601mpm) for the 246-mile (395 km) journey to Lisburn. Gibb and Byrne have surrounded themselves with only the very best of the Stefan Lambrecht pigeons and I myself can vouch for that having visited Stefaaan Lambrecht myself with Ian Gibb a while ago when Ian went there to select pigeons to strengthen his already top team of direct Stefaan Lambrecht breeders. This cock "Max" has the genes of only the best Stefaan Lambreacht bloodlines running through his veins. His dam is a granddaughter of the base pair Blauwe Gert & Van Lock Duivin on one side and an inbred daughter of the wonder hen "Linicia" as Lincia was paired to her own grandfather "Olympic Poot " for this mating ." Max’s" sire is also absolutely soaked in the very best as his sire is "Meew" who is himself the sire of Olympic Kittle and "Meew" was again paired onto a a full sister to "Lincia" so you can see "Max" was bred to win a race like this one. Well done again Ian and Peter good pigeons and hard work pays off again. "Max" is also a double winner as his photo which was done by Thomas Hore is the result of a voucher that Ian and Peter won at our presentation night earlier this year so thanks to Thomas for giving us the voucher and for doing such a lovely job on Ian and Peters pigeon . Jimmy Hamilton Leinster Premier PO.


2nd & 5th North Section, J & D Braniff, Wheatfield, Vel 1742 and 1732, flying 252 miles winning £793

J & D Braniff from Wheatfield, best in Muckamore Station plus 2nd & 5th North Section.


The Braniff team from the Wheatfield HPS in Belfast have been racing with great success with the NIPA in their short time as members. They produced a great card at the Muckamore Centre with three arrivals in the Top 10 and the first bird best in the Muckamore Centre. The pigeon that finished 2nd North Section, the sire is Trevor Griffiths 1st Open winner, "Squadron Leader Ted" that also collected major awards at the RPRA. The dam is a direct daughter of their No 1 stock cock, coming down from the good “Drum Hen, she finished 7th Section INFC Skibbereen OB Nat last year. The 5th Section bird is also of Trevor’s cock, paired to a Van den Bulck hen that they purchased from Sheldon Leonard of Arklow, this loft was a recent Skibbereen winner. Of the early arrivals in this race he 10th Section pigeon, is bred of a pair they purchased last year from Mark Evans (Myrtle lofts).


3rd North Section, Mr & Mrs Robinson, Carrick Social, Vel 1739, flying 261 miles winning £468


George Robinson with his winner of 3rd in the North Sect from Skibbereen.


George Robinson Carrick - Cheq cock, sire is a son of Mr & Mrs McNeillys No1 stock cock and the Dam is a Ceuster x Van Mechelen hen obtained from Paddy McManus of Ahoghill. The young cock is now called “Checkmate”, because Joe Crawford asked me was it a blue, I timed, and I said no it was a cheq mate lol. George looks after the Carrick Centre in the NIPA and he and the wife have enjoyed many top seasons racing in the local Carrick Social. Well done Mr & Mrs Robinson, 2nd in the Muckamore Centre.


4th North Section, Mark Foulis Dundonald, Vel 1733, flying 254 miles winning £80

Mark Foulis from Dundonlad in Belfast, winner of 4th North Section.


The winner of 4th North Section INFC Skibbereen YB National was a chequer pied hen owned by Mark Foulis of Dundonald. Mark was the East Down Combine 2018 Fancier of the Year and has had many notable racing successes over the years and on the Saturday before the Skibbereen National he was 6th and 18th Open East Down Combine Fermoy and his Skibbereen National entry had all been in Fermoy on the Saturday and then back on the Tuesday to Skibbereen . Other successes this year include 10th open EDC in the Derek Wishart Mallow race, 11th open Penzance and from the Combines Old Bird Skibbereen Classic 19th and 36th open.


The breeding of the Skibbereen National hen is Lambrecht, Mark having obtained the parents from Ian Gibb of Lisburn who was 1st North Section just ahead of Mark in this National event. The cheq pied hen went to Skibbereen just noticing a cock and had been in every young bird race before the YB National. Thanks to Clifford Browne for the info.


The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland over the days of the race, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report, some at short notice, or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc. This report is the Top 10, results from Clubs, Feds, Combine, etc. to follow. This will complete my second season back as PO, I have tried to extend coverage as best as possible and feature as many winners as possible. They don’t all fall within the Top 10. The Annual Dinner & Prize presentation will be held at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Friday 29th November, tickets at £30 should be booked ASAP, rooms at the hotel can be booked through Secretary Trevor Topping or Ronnie Johnston Tel: (028) 90 483625. I hope to feature some of the seasons special award winners following the presentation of prizes, our Website http://www.pigeonnetwork had a dedicated board for INFC, look in the Forum, also we have an INFC History site, link for it on the front page.


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